Kerry and Terry…. Do not read if you are politically correct and/or easily offended

I feel like our entire world wants to scream in frustration from politically correct showy “morality”. Basically it is used to make the majority of people be nice to the privileged. Kerry and Terry are a perfect example of this.

They make jokes about people’s looks, accents, clothes, and basically anything that the person is self-conscious about. They have been following me around screaming out everything I have been embarrassed about to anyone within sight or sound of them. They know all kinds of private stuff about me and they do not keep it private.

Besides making fun of intimate details between me and my husband (and about boyfriends I had before that), they also use knowledge like phobias I have. They share it with every low life they can find and then watch while they torture me. When I fight back, they say a few different standby excuses. 1) She’s too sensitive. 2) She has no sense of humor. 3) She is just mean. 4) She is crazy. 5) Well, she IS a woman. What can you expect?

Now that I can look back and see that they have been micro-stalking me for my entire life and have been particularly cruel about my marriage, the things my husband has done that is not like him at all really makes me furious. I know it is from Terry and Kerry, but really mostly Terry for the really gross, mean stuff. Some of the acts in sex when I tried to pull away turned into a physical struggle. When I wouldn’t quit struggling, he would let me go, while grinning down his nose at me. That’s Terry’s stupid “jester” pose. Look at the stupid jester in Elder Scrolls On-line. That’s Terry’s persona. Well, that’s how he has tried to force me to do things I am uncomfortable with and then pretend it was a joke. How gross to realize this fool has not only been watching me during sex with my husband, but has been giving directions, like my life is just some stupid set for him to control. He would even have my husband say, “Cut! That’s a wrap!” All the time.

When I didn’t take it like a joke then the shaming would start. I just went somewhere away so I could get myself together. I really thought my husband had mental problems because he comes out of a very messed up family. But all that understanding was wasted on some idiot trying pretend my love between me and my husband was some stupid porno show for him to get off on. He would have people come to my work and blurt out nonsense like, “How long have you been married? Because after 10 years you just can’t get a woman to swallow!” I was standing there staring at the fool in shock. Then he went on and on about me, personally, as if he knew details about sex between me and my husband…which he did. There was this perpetual gang aspect to the harassment at my jobs and even just when I was shopping and in public in general. Some fool would be yelling stuff like that at me as if it was a joke and smiling while being very aggressive. The people around them would be laughing and acting like I should just take it. If I ever stood up for myself nothing in my life would work out.

I would fall out of favor with people at my job. My animals would get sick. My car would break down. People would pretend I didn’t exist and would not acknowledge me. They wouldn’t take my order at restaurants. Wouldn’t take my money for a movie ticket. I would literally scream at people sometimes to get them to acknowledge me. Then they would throw a fit and someone else would have to help me because I was supposedly such a difficult person. At classes no one could hear my questions no matter how loud I was. Acquaintances, who I thought were friends at the time, would quit speaking with me. They would barely acknowledge my existence. Even at Urgent Care or some place like that all they could do was tell me I was too fat and that was all my problems. I wasn’t even over weight for most of my life. They acted like I was obese. I am obese now, but I wasn’t then.

So it should come to no surprise to anyone that I hate Kerry and Terry. I have figured out a lot about them through flashbacks of horrific things they have done to me throughout my life. The “jokes” Terry makes are criminal. Even just yesterday I was talking to my husband and I said something like, “I’m pretty sure all those ‘starving’ kids in China our parents went on about when we were kids would not eat that garbage.” My laughed. There was a pause. Enough time for Terry to say something stupid. And then my husband said, “They were too busy picking off the bugs.” I asked, “what?” Pause. It’s like living in a world of computer lag. I hate my life. Really. I hate my life in this stupid program. But anyway, pause, loading, just a minute, awkward silence, finally my husband say, “You know, the lice.” I couldn’t figure out why Chinese kids would have lice. It was just stupid, and most likely racist. I had lice as a kid, but big deal. Everyone had it. The school had to close for a week because it was so bad.

Then I thought about the power and ignorance of my stalker, Terry and Kerry. The story that went all through town was that they couldn’t get rid of the lice because the Indians thought it was a blessing from the gods. I was a kid. I believed that. Now I realize, though, that it was the usual racist crap the IdIoTTwins and their IdIOTParents were always spouting off. I can see them spending that much money to put a lice epidemic in our school and then try to cause anger against Indians. They hated the Indians and the black people. There were so many race riots in that little town while I went to school there. It was ridiculous. Like I said…flashbacks! It literally flashes through my mind and I can’t stop it. It’s happening. I can see the school, the kids, my sister and me. We had to have our hair cut really short.

What I didn’t realize until very recently was that the IdIoTTwins are part of this white purity IdIoTMOvement. They do anything they can to act like anyone without pure (inbred) bred blood as basically an animal. Not a cute pet, but a disgusting, mangy, lice ridden, dirty animal. That’s how they see me, my husband, my family. That’s how they portray us to others. They attack me in the shower so I am scared to shower. They make the water go insanely hot to completely cold. I know people think that can’t be done, but get a clue. They have had spiders and bugs in the tub. I clean, but they spread rumors that I am dirty. They have had things said to me for my whole life about my private areas saying they are nasty and dirty. I am constantly being referred to as a dirty girl, even though I have only had sex with my husband and it was as clean as sex can be. Since I have found out these Idiots are watching me all the time, and to make it all worse, they hate me and my husband, I have not been able to have sex. It’s going on 4 years. They have people say stuff to me like, “have to have sex from behind when a woman is too ugly to look at”. “Dirty girls do it doggy or donkey style” according to what they are saying at the time. It’s disgusting.

So you can get all offended by this, but I am telling the truth based on what I have experienced from what these IdIoTTwins have done to my life. They are racist, sexist, and stupid. They only think they are smarter than most because they think they are the superior humans and we are more like animals. They believe in in-breeding rather than mixing with “animals”. The twins, Kerry and Terry, have sex with each other. I call them, Kerry and Terry Fairy. Or I call them Kerry Fairy and Terry Fairy. Terry is flaming. But he mostly likes his brother because they can have sex with each other exactly how they like it. Bonus to identical twins, I guess. It’s really more than I wish I knew about those freaks. They are British and think it’s ok to marry cousins. They have a thing for their male cousin who dated me ages ago. I am convinced they are jealous over him and that is part of why they hate me so much.

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