A Few of the Million Reasons I HATE You IdIoTTwins!

1. I hate you for killing my sister with cancer and for keeping comfort and pain management from her!

2. I hate you for not letting me have children!

3. I hate you for physically hobbling me to keep me barely able to get done what needed to be done! I thought I was weak all my life, but I was strong and you people were holding me down…and ABUSING ME!

4. I hate you for trying to make me some shared whore among you during the “reveal”! I hate you for invading my marriage and trying to take it over!

5. I hate you for putting me in horrible work situations and abusing me through the workplaces! I hate the horrible bosses I had! I hate the horrible work conditions I was in!

6. I hate how every second of every day was designed to humiliate me and make me feel I was just in everyone’s way! I hate how you made me feel hated for no reason!

7. I hate how you punished me for not being like you especially when for most of my life I had no idea you were in the shadows of my life expecting anything from me! I had no idea what was going on and you knew it! You hid like cowards and tortured me for not wanting to be devil worshipping idiots like the two of you.

8. I hate your mom and how she spent my whole life trying to hurt me. I hate how she took delight in hurting me! I hate your ignorant, jealous, envious, insecure and falsely threatened feeling, bitch mom! I hope she rots in hell! Being a “mom” means she has even more reason to try to be a decent person, but she used it to be the worst sort of child beating monster she could be and get by with it! I hate your mom! I hate your mom! And she does not get any female merit points for having two cowardly losers like you, Kerry and Terry.

9. I hate you for all the flashbacks. Every pain I feel, mental, emotional, and physical, brings a sudden flash of a lifetime of suffering that exact pain to the extreme! A whole life time of each and every pain! Pain in my vagina! Stabbing pain in my vagina, rectum, back, eyes, brain, feet, knees, and my left side! You are abusing me as I write this, you cowards! I hate your guts!

10. I hate you for the neglect! My whole life has been barren! Not just not being able to have children! But every hope, dream, effort…everything came to nothing! My whole life has been a miscarriage! My life is the miscarried life!

11. I hate you for knowing the real sicknesses I have, for exploiting them, but for never letting me get real help! I hate your guts, Terry and Kerry! I hate you!

12. I hate you for still being here! Get out of my life! Get out of my body! Get out of my marriage! Kerry and Terry, get out!

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