Lack of Sleep, Burned Off Finger Tips Torture, and Cryptic Stupid Signs from the IdIoTTwins

I’m not responding how these IdIoTTwins want me to and they are getting frustrated. But I am even MORE frustrated and I AM IN PAIN…PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONLY! I AM NOT GIVING IN AND PRETENDING THIS IS ALL SOME OVVERWHELMING COINCIDENCE.

I have been using a professional grade hot glue gun to put together wreaths for the grave sites in my family…Dad, my sister, and my mom. Basically for my entire family. Everyone is dead but me. I found all these WONDERFUL flowers in the Dollar Tree Store and the wicker wreaths to go with them. I can make them in my family members favorite colors. I have stuck my fingers in the hot glue TWICE and literally burned all the way through all the skin on top of my fingers. It felt like someone pushed down on my finger each time and held it there for a few seconds. I was screaming both times. Then I got up and got ice cubes. I threw them everywhere, but especially at the back door where people can look in. There’s no one there, but there is a shed falling down that no one ever mentions. I am sure it is like a hunting blind. People can go in and out. They can get gear they have put there, set up cameras, or just stand in there and look right into my house. I recently covered all my windows with the pretty vinyl window adhesives from DC Fix. (Got them off of Amazon.). Every since I have done that time has been sabotaged and of course, the little tree/shrub was cut down in the back yard. I guess it was to show that I would have seen it if I hadn’t covered my windows. I didn’t cover the back door screen door, though. My cat loves to lay in front of it. So they can still see through the back if I have the door open.

My cat was not back there, so I threw the ice cubes at the back door and cussed the IdIoTTwins as loud as I could like this was the last moments of my life. If they are going to torture me by burning my finger tips, I am not going to be submissive. They are abusive bullies. If you don’t fight back, then they just get worse. They don’t want attention called to them either. (I hate your guts Kerry and Terry! I know you are watching! Get out of my life!). I cussed horribly. I have learned that when people are in pain that cussing happens. I don’t care how super-Christian you are. If I am going to cuss then they are getting cussed out. I still hurt like crazy afterwards but it did feel better. I found it particularly satisfying to think of the fact that they can’t throw for crap. They throw like “girls”. They have someone else throw for them. They are so lazy that they have someone wipe their butts for them…and they gripe about the person the whole time.

The ice didn’t hurt anyone or the cat. She wasn’t back there anyway. I finally put ice on my fingers. I put aloe on my fingers afterward. Then I cussed the IdIoTTwins again. I turned the glue gun back on and finished the wreath I was working on. I had already made one for Dad and was now making one for my sister. Since they want me to honor mom, since she was a sell-out to them, I am not making anything for her now. No matter how mean they are to me, the idiots manage to make themselves look like idiots by causing me to do exactly what they don’t want me to do. Seriously? How stupid can they be? No matter how stupid they are, they always manage to be even more ignorant.

My Dad, sister, and mom feared these monsters. The only thing scary about them is how stupid they are. I want to publicly say that they are not in touch with any power spirits. All I ever hear from all these ghosts whether they like me or not, is that they think I have a deep spiritual nature. They are afraid of me. Let me explain something to all of you out there. People torturing war-lords, working seamlessly in the highest levels of drug culture, ruling over powerful murderous organizations…these are people to fear. Don’t worry. You will never meet them. If they are ever around you, you won’t know it. They have real power and know real evil. They don’t need the worship of middle and upper class Americans. These IdIoTTwins are weak, abusive, whiney stalkers picking on poor people trying to survive, kind people like my Dad and sister, who would never hurt them, and intimidating weak people like my mom, who used to tell me all the time that she could never endure torture. She said she would do anything to not feel the slightest torture. These are the people they are killing and then pretending they are tough like a 5 star general in a war-lord, murderous militia. They are not like that. They are whiney babies. They don’t have any contact with any real scary demons. They aren’t noticed by really powerful angels. People afraid of them have been fooled by them. My Dad and my sister were both very spiritual, but also very superstitious. These twin-fools knew what to do to make them think bad luck was happening to them. They scared them on a regular basis.

Also my sister and my Dad were very strong and that is why the IdIoTTwins had to go to all the trouble to scare them and try to make them do what the twins wanted. They couldn’t do it, so they killed them.

Now they keep threatening to kill me too. That is why I am making so much noise. If I am nice and try to do the “good” thing, then they can kill me whenever they want, however they want. If I am crazy and drawing all kinds of attention, then their hands are tied. They can still kill me, but I am going to make them work for it.

And, God understands. He knows. I don’t have to act perfect to have God love me. Also I am God’s daughter. He feels about those twins torturing and disrespecting me like a Dad feels over his daughter. They are not going to get by with it. They may kill me, but they won’t get by with it. I am sure they already live pathetic, miserable lives. That’s why they have to try to hard. Why would anyone really tough and winning in every area take the time to burn the fingertips of a disabled woman living in a small town? Why would they cut down her trees, try to scare her with things they know she hates, like roaches, spiders, and such? Why would someone really in touch with human elite or spiritual elite even bother with such frat- boy stupidity? They act like losers. That’s why I always call them losers. They really are losers. Don’t let them fool you. No matter how you have to interact with them, don’t be afraid. They are nothing special. They try way to hard to really be someone connected to real power.

Get out of my life! Terry and Kerry! This is MY body! This is MY life! Get out of it!

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