I have a comment to make about False Memory Syndrome

In the 80s it was in all the mainstream news that psychiatrists were placing false memories in women who reported rape or sexual abuse years after the fact. The medical community who dealt with sexual abuse issues finally made some headway in explaining that trauma memories are stored differently in the mind. They sometimes pop up as memories are explored, especially in a mental health setting.

What I have to say about false memory syndrome has more to do with these spy program mind hacks do try to plant false memories as they layer in hypnosis in the mind. These IdIoTTwins have tried to layer in lies as memories in my life. I was trusting them for a little bit when my “reveal” first started. I was trusting Kerry a little. I never trusted Terry the freak. But when I realized that they were in full control of our family as our handlers when my sister died in that horrific pain, I quit trusting them and I have never looked back. While I was trusting them they kept placing dreams and innuendos that my dad had molested me as a child and I had forgotten because it was traumatic. I did NOT think I had memories I had forgotten. The IdIoTTwins were trying to FORCE ME to think I had false memory syndrome.

I want to make that statement for the record. If you think you are targeted and you suddenly “remember” childhood memories, past lives, have a “revelation” from God in a dream or something similar…be careful. I am not saying none of that happens…well, except past lives…sorry I just don’t believe in reincarnation, but I believe in lots of miraculous, spiritual, and spirit helping us in our weak flesh bodies…but if you are having problems with confusion, fear, and the like, I would definitely say that it is not a good spirit trying to interact with you. I personally would not trust such a spirit. And along those lines I DO NOT think my dad ever molested me nor sexually abused me in any way.

Every life and experience is different. I am just adding my experience to the history of life. All I can do is report my own experiences. I hope it helps some people. I wish I had had much more help than I did all the decades of my life. Since the internet came out it has actually made my life better by people sharing their experiences. I’m not just talking about serious things like sexual abuse and targeted individuals. I am also enriched by all the crafting, games, and general information on the internet. So, I hope this helps in a general way.

Thanks for listening.

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