More Psyche-outs by Psycho IdIoTTwins

I can feel the psyche before it even begins. I know it’s coming well in advance. These IdIoTTwins do the same stupid things over and over and over expecting different results. They would make fun of other people for being so stupid, but they think they are so smart that no one could know they are that stupid. Of course, that’s not how they would explain it, but in their ever circular “logic” that is exactly what they think.

I’ve gone on to another psych since the Dr. Land fiasco. Of course, the IdIoTTwins are still behind the scenes. Therefore, same crap another day. First of all the original therapist I went to when I came down here is doing an internship in the office of this latest psyche. She was there the first time I went, which was last month. I knew it was the same crap for another day when I saw her. I already figured that it would happen that way, but seeing that cow just verified it. I went through all the motions though and the first visit went ok. Then today was the second visit. First of all the psychiatrist sat behind is monitor facing me. He was making the most absurd and stupid faces as he stared at the monitor like a moron. That’s Terry’s input. I sat there honestly bored out of my mind waiting on Terry to finish making the guy look like a moron. No doubt Terry was behind the scene laughing his ass off at the psychiatrist and me. To Terry everything is just something for him to make fun of because honestly the idiot is made insecure by everything. He has no balls and everything intimidates him, so he makes fun of everything to over-compensate. Then the couple of minutes of my 10 minutes was finally over and the fool(s) started to talk.

Asked how my nightmares were. I gave one word answers, or very few worded answers. “About the same.” “Couldn’t tell any difference with the medicine.” Then the psyche went into this long question to basically ask if I had any improvement when I started taking it. I tried to answer, but he kept cutting me off and talking over me. Just like Dr. Land did. So I finally got to answer and he was nodding his head like a bobble-head on a dirt road. Finally he got through over exaggerating that. Kerry is the over-exaggerator. Terry is ridiculous, but Kerry just can’t have anything over-exaggerated enough. He goes on and on and on. He never shuts up. Then he gets all mad if you interrupt him, but you have to or you never get a word in edgewise. Finally made it through Kerry interrupting me every second to make a big show of how irritating it is to be interrupted. Like he gets interrupted like a normal person. He has to be interrupted or no one will ever get to say anything around the jaw-unhinged-and-flapping-in-the-wind fool.

I asked if I should be on anxiety medicine. The psychiatrist was ready for this because my therapist told me to ask. Of course, she has to put up with these IdIoTTwins like everyone in my life has to put up with them. So since they knew I was going to ask, then they had the psyche prepped to say every other sentence, “You should learn life-coping skills.” Or “if you haven’t learned life coping skills” and in general worked in “learn life-coping skills” as much as possible to act like I am a complete moron for not learning basic life-coping skills. I go to get help and this is how I am treated. It’s all because of the IdIoTTwins. They do the same stuff to me for my entire life – them and/or their family.

I tried to write down the information, which I would like to say is supposed to be a “life coping skill”, but the guy tried to dismiss me. I kept writing, so he got up and left. I mean, it’s not like I wrote a book. I wrote about 4 sentences, but he made a big deal out of it. It was because the Dr. Land bitch had tried to dismiss me, but couldn’t. She hung up on me because we were on a conference call, like the spoiled-teenaged-rich-girl, she seemed to be when I first saw her.

So as usual my session wasn’t about me at all, but about TErry and Kerry imbeciles. That’s all anything ever is about. No one knows me, cares about me, or ever sees me. It’s all Terry and Kerry and their family sucking up all the oxygen. The IdIoTs on parade. And I am just the canvas for them to paint themselves on as big and bold as possible. No one ever remembers me. Honestly I think that even the people who help me are mostly just fighting the IdIoTTwins. I think even they forget me.

So even though everyone except the idiot Dr. Land for 2 months in the last 2 years have agreed I have PTSD and am still struggling, Social Security is forcing me to go and see one of their psyches. Last time their psyche was the only person who found for me. I am sure it is the IdIoTTwins forcing the issue from behind the scenes. I am so depressed. Now I have to drive all the way to Tulsa on April Fool’s Day to have the IdIoTTwins make fun of me in yet another doctor’s office. And I will probably be turned down again. Then I will have to appeal which takes about 2 years to get a court date. I had to do it before. Then finally I had my hearing and the judge did everything in her power to humiliate me and call me a crook just gaming the system while I sat there and said nothing. I wasn’t allowed to talk except to say “yes” or “no”. Then I got social security with back pay. Since the backpay was in a lump sum, I was taxed insanely on it. Another way they have ripped me off.

All of this from IdIoTTwins who say they are in the 4 percentile of rich people. They have no idea what it is like to need. EVerything is just a rich boy asshole game to them. I am worn down dealing with the fools every day in every area of my life. I want them out of my life. I am not going back to Alaska. Even if they cut my social security. I will not go back. I would rather be homeless in Oklahoma than isolated in Alaska with these monsters.

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