IdIoTTwin Rape

The IdIoTTwins make it clear that they have been watching my sex life with my husband for as long as we have been together. It’s going on 31 years. Because the perverted IdIoTTwins have been watching they have been pretending that I really wanted them and not me husband. I some how supposedly secretly wanted them all these years of faithfulness and openness in our sexual desire between me and my husband. According to the IdIoTTwins I was faithful to my husband all this time because I secretly wanted to be with them…. What the hell? And now I am a hundred pounds over weight. I hurt like someone has a million fingernails scratching on a chalkboard if I get even a little sexually stimulated. It’s like having a hundred pap-smears while I have a yeast infection all at once. It makes me feel nauseous, dizzy, and miserable. I don’t have any secret fantasies to have sex with a couple of perverted brothers, who enjoy getting high and screwing each other more than whoever they are supposedly having some orgy with.

I have never even had sex with anyone other than my husband. And I don’t want to have sex with anyone other than my husband. The IdIoTTwins act like they are here to take me away from all of that. Take me away from all of what? A husband, who loves me and considers me his other half? The security and comfortable love of a man you have been with through the good and the bad? Take me away from a man, who actually cares what I think, say, feel? A man not trying to make me “do what most people do” and a man not making me worship him, but who adores me? What the hell are they supposedly saving me from? Did I ever ask to be saved from my marriage? Did I ever indicate I really wanted to be with these sick IdIoTTwins? I mean, really? They make up stuff, like, “She’s breathing. She obviously wants me to rape her.” That’s the basis for all this shit they have made up about me.

You want to know the truth? I was easy to take care of. I do my jobs, take care of my home, mind my own business, and just keep going. They could be high, drunk, doing all the perverted and illegal stuff they do and still be able to turn in a report on the experiments they did on me. It was easy because I never got in any trouble. I was never in any of the places they might be or their criminal element might be at. They had their worlds separated. It was perfect for the lazy bastards. They didn’t do anything with me. They just thought people would forget about me.

Then when it came time to put me through the hell of “reveal”, they didn’t know anything about me. All the lies they told about me were turning out to be untrue, one after another. And even to this day they are trying to prove they told the truth when they really lied. They try to prove that I am some pervert by raping me in some way. All I know is they keep trying to get me to even seem a little sexually active by drugging me or somehow making it impossible to tell the difference between being awake or asleep. Then they sexually attack me and all of it hurts. My vagina, breasts, and even my clitoris hurt like I’ve been kicked repeatedly with steel toed boots. Since the IdIoTTwins have this sick perversion with toes, maybe I think it feels that way because that is what they are suggesting to my mind. Anyway, after it is finally over, I just want to crawl in a hole and hide from the world forever. I don’t want to ever do anything again. Not just sex, but anything at all. I wish I could just die. There’s not much incentive to live.

I’m so tired, lonely, and abused by these IdIoTTwins.

But they have always told people that I am a pervert. That keeps people away from me. All I can guess is that not everyone, who is part of the “reveal”, are buying it. So I get these awful days that are like a nightmare I can’t wake from where I am sexually in horrific pain all day. In the back of my mind there is this “voice” or “will” that is pushing for me to just lay down and do private things, that I don’t want to go into. But my body is aching with pain. I am not in the mood for anything except throwing up. There may be people out there who can feel sexual when they want to throw up. I am not one of them at all. The last thing I want is being violated while it feels like I’m walking on the moon and under the sea at the same time. I feel like throwing up, drowning, and passing out to float away all at once. I’ve never done hard drugs, or any recreational drug, but I have had some powerful meds for surgery and pain. It feels sort of like being put under for surgery. Those few moments before everything just disappears. That’s what they do to me.

I seriously hate being a lab rat. I hate this stupid program. I hate these stupid studies. But most of all I hate these IdIoTTwins! I want my husband back! I mean it! I want my husband and I want these IdIoTTwins as far removed from my life as possible! I want them gone! I do not want them being in charge of me or any part of my family at all! And if possible, I think it is really time they had a tragic accident. I know that crap is done all the time. I think the number for the IdIoTTwins is up.

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