Targeted Communities by Institutionalized War Practices

I’ve been saying that my family has been targeted. I am targeted. My husband is targeted. My Dad was targeted. My sister was targeted. I am sure my nieces are targeted. My Mom helped those targeting us. I have felt crazy saying such things, but it was perfectly clear from my point of view.

And then all the things that I have seen happen in work place after work place where I have worked…community after community I have been in. It’s exactly the same thing repeatedly in all these situations. The only difference is the scale and modern veneer. Otherwise, it is as predictable as the tides. How could that be? Is it normal for everyone and everything to be stressed to the point of complete melt down every single time? That can’t be natural for every situation.

I started listening to the book “The Phoenix Program” by Doug Valentine. It is about how the CIA targeted and destroyed the communities in Vietnam. Every bit of it is like a blueprint of what I have seen over and over for 50 plus years now. This is what has been happening. I am sure it has been happening since well before Vietnam. However, Vietnam is far enough back, yet close enough in living memory to be the perfect conflict to use as the example of how life is disrupted and reorganized into what works best for the spies.

Even as I am writing this, I keep nodding off to sleep. It’s something they have been doing to me non-stop lately. That’s why I have gotten this audiobook. I can’t read because I go to sleep every other sentence. I can’t interact well with others because I keep going to sleep. At some of the most important parts of my life, I have mysteriously gotten this sleeping sickness. There’s all kinds of popular medical theory to explain it away, but I have had the MRIs, EEGs, Cat Scans, and the like. There is nothing wrong with me. These spy jackasses just put me to sleep when they want to. It almost always happens when I am on to understanding a key piece of what has been happening to me. Since they always do the same things, I am sure I am right about this “Phoenix Program” being the same type of program my family has been in since before I was even born.

And since I keep falling asleep, I will leave it there for today.

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