IdIoTTwin Unfriendly Advice: Take at Your Own Peril

I have had to listen to my “husband” say this so many times that when he even begins to say it, I feel like screaming as loudly as possible until I pass out. This is generally what is said, “So I was talking to some idiot and he asked me my advice. I gave him my advice, but then he did something else. You know how I am about people asking my advice and not taking it. Why did they ask in the first place? That makes me furious. So now I just never help him.” Same treatment to women and children, who ask advice. Same thing to dogs, cats, and any other living creature that even seems like it would have asked for advice if it could talk.

These IdIoTTwins don’t believe in friendly conversation where people bounce ideas off of each other. They are deluded and think they really are gods. They think that even if you don’t realize you are talking to them, you should be able to sense it because they think they are superior to common folk. If you accidentally treat them like normal people in any way, you go on the list for punishment. There is a real list. Because they are easily offended over even the most simple interactions because people treat them like regular people, then they have a very long and extensive list. Have you chatted with them like they were normal people either knowingly or unknowingly? Did your life go mysteriously to crap, like “god himself was mad at you”? You have stepped on the toes of the IdIoTTwins. There is no way to make it right, either. You can beg for mercy and they will love that and be even meaner to you. You can fight, and that’s your only chance for survival. You cannot turn the other cheek and forgive, and enable them to hurt you and the ones you love. I am convinced that God never meant for us to let evil go unchallenged. People, like the IdIoTTwins, pull those types of verses out of the entire Bible and say you must enable them to abuse yourself and all of humanity. That is not what the real God says. He says to do unto others as you would have them do to you. He is talking about “justice”. So since you would expect to be treated well in light of your efforts, then these privileged spoiled “adult” men should expect to get a fight for their abuses on people. They should not expect us to just take it. And deep down they know it. That’s why they make fun of us when we do take it and let them run all over us.

I’m sorry, but life on this earth is struggle. Everyone wants to be in heaven today, but unless you die today, you are going to have to stand up for what is right. People who want what they have no right to will fight everyone and everything to get what they want.

But back to my original point – do not ask advice of anyone you think might be representing the IdIoTTwins. Even if you do what they say, you can’t do it exactly as they think it should be done in their minds. Then you still go on the IdIoTTwin list all the same and get attacked for life. Anyone or anything you care about will get attacked for all life. If you are “brainstorming” then make sure it is with people who you really trust beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If someone keeps coming around you and trying to force unsolicited advice down your throat, dodge them as best as possible. If you agree and then don’t do what they wanted you to do, you are in danger of it being the IdIoTTwins trying to force you in a direction behind the scenes. When they build a plan around having your under control, but you aren’t really agreeing with you, then it will go badly for you. They will make it impossible to say “no”. You can say you don’t agree a million times and they will keep harassing you mercilessly. The one time you are too tired to fight and say, “I guess so. It sort of makes sense.” Or some other kind of acceptance, then they will pressure you more and more over more and more. It’s crazy. When you feel you are living in an insane asylum then you know you are in IdIoTTwin World.

If they are around then it is like a pestilence in the area. You will get exposed. You will probably be sick and miserable inside and out. The only thing I have found to fight them with is from their own ways of fighting. Some things you can do will be absurdly rude. It will go against you in “polite society”, but in society fighting to survive, it will go over ok eventually.

  1. Pretend you don’t hear them. Pretend your mind wandered. Pretend you actually did not hear them. Pretend you are having hearing problems, or problems focusing.

  2. Ask them to repeat themselves. Do this as long as you like.

  3. Ask them to explain it again. Do this until they wear themselves out.

  4. You can explain it how you understand it and really explain whatever you want to say as long as you keep missing the point. They will go into “autocorrect mode” and spend all eternity trying to “correct” you.

  5. These people are like high powered salesmen who have a specific job to recruit you to their way of thinking. They will say dumb stuff, like “silence is permission”. That’s stupid. Silence is not permission. They try to rewrite the rules, even the rules of nature. Don’t let them. Just keep on saying things like, “silence is not permission”. Then they go into autocorrect mode.

  6. You will always know what they will do regarding anything you do or say once you realize they are programmed and you are dealing with a cult and not real people.

  7. They are relentless, so you have no choice but to be relentless too.

  8. They will make a game of your life, so you have to make a game of their lives. You will be more effective dealing with IdIoTTwins and their kind if you don’t take anything serious except what threatens you and yours. Otherwise play the game until you can’t play it anymore. You may outlast them. They aren’t known for patience, self-control, common sense, nor any of the other strengths you probably have deep inside.

As the Old Testament Psalms say, May “God teach my (your) fingers to fight and my (your) hands to war”.

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