Update on the IdIoTTwin-IdIoTIc Harassment to Undermine the Quality of My Life

Here’s the stupid crap the IdIoTTwins are doing to me lately:

  1. Will NOT let my husband talk to me without glaring, grunting, ignoring me for long periods of time, and in general having a long list of petty errands that have to be done just when we could have time together on the video chat. This is standard throughout my marriage for 30 years. It has never worked, but they keep trying to wear us down and make our lives a constant struggle.
  2. Excuses, excuses, excuses: Any reason to not let anything I do work the way it should. Like with video chat with my husband they are now saying that it costs money because it uses a telephone number. Skype took down my number too, but it was always free. Plus, we could just use Skype. My Dad and I used it for free for years. But it’s not just that excuse. It’s an excuse for every single thing. It’s just like when I am trying to get service from someone, like at the pharmacy, and they have to keep checking to make sure everything is right. They pretend they can’t understand what I am saying. My voice is too soft. My accent is too weird. My phrasing is weird and they don’t know what I am talking about. My own husband starts doing that nonsense to me, too. Everyone has done this to me multiple times throughout my entire life. They are still using that same one.
  3. I have nightmares to the point that when I get up I haven’t had any real sleep at all. It goes on for days and days and days before something I am looking forward to. When it finally happens I am so groggy and disoriented that I am not even sure if it is happening. I got some things for crafting I was looking forward to and they did this to me until I could not focus at all when these craft items came in. Also they make my hands shake. It feels like when you are a kid and someone takes your hand and helps you write your alphabet. BUT this is to keep you from accomplishing something. I was shaking so hard that I could not work on my projects. I could hardly hold on to a controller and play some video games with my husband. They also kept forcing me to fall asleep, like narcolepsy. I’ve had all kinds of brain scans and tests. There’s nothing wrong with me, but I still have these sickness symptoms all the time and I can’t control them. Before I lost my job in 2015 I was carrying around little vials of smelling salts to break and put under my nose while I was driving. Now I don’t have to drive, so I wait until I have had sleep and apparently the IdIoTTwins are on a break because I seem perfectly normal and people around me seem normal, including my husband. But when nothing can work at all for no reason…when stupid happens…the IdIoTTwins are in charge. It’s not safe for me when the IdIoTTwins are in charge.
  4. The IdIoTTwins are once agains trying to act like they are just charmingly stupid, but have the best interest of people at heart. They act like they were trying to help my sister by having her die of cancer without any pain management. I am supposed to believe that they are just that incompetent and meant well. I don’t believe that for a second because of the personal horrendous and intimately cruel things they do to me and my husband on purpose.
  1. The IdIoTTwins rape me with their idiot-machines. This is a common thing targeted women report. I have gained a hundred pounds trying to get the IdIoTTwins to quit being interested in me. They send dumb signals that since I gained weight, supposedly my self esteem is low and they have won some point in some idiotic competition they have with me that I do not understand at all. I don’t want to compete. I don’t want to participate. I don’t want to understand. I just want the IdIoTTwins OUT of my life, my marriage, and my family. But the pretend every time I say that I hate them and don’t want them, that I really mean something else. It is classic abuse and rape. There’s no other way to interpret it. The IdIoTTwins are so stupid and entitled that they think they can call rape flirting and people have to accept it. They think they can call torturing my sister a charity that no one else was able to do, when Hospice and real professionals exist to help families with the death of a loved one. How did the IdIoTTwins help the kids deal with it? They had everything of their mother taken down in their house almost immediately and forced their soon to be stepmom, the IdIoTTwins’ plant, into their lives. They tried to make me act like my sister’s death was just a natural part of life and no big deal while I was reeling from flashbacks and crippling fear and loss. There are people, who could help with that too, and the IdIoTTwins made sure none of them could get close to any of us. All that mattered was that the IdIoTTwins look like some kind of heroes for torturing my sister, who was already dying of cancer. She didn’t need help to hurt even more. They are lazy, arrogant drug addicted, alcoholic, disgusting perverts. They aren’t just “boys being boys”. They are rich people taking advantage of all of us…the suckers in their story. They just consider us all marks for them to con. I literally mean they consider all people marks to take advantage of in elaborate con jobs where they pretend they are brilliant for hurting people, who trust them. They are pathetic losers.
  2. These fools have kept me sexually stimulated until I was in pain for weeks and was not able to have a bowel movement for over 2 weeks. Then they sent all these gross joke signals to me. It’s disgusting and humiliating. They think you won’t talk about it and they will get by with it. I will talk about it. These fools have an absolute obsession with bowel movements and sex. They believe all the grossest parts of Freud’s theories. They are that old and out of date. No one believes that a toddler wants to have sex with a parent, but the IdIoTTwins believe stuff like that. They believe in “penis envy” and that all the things women do have to do with sex. You can’t talk to them about anything without them acting like they understand your real meaning which is always interpreted by them as you wanting to have sex, poop, and have oral gratification all at the same time. It’s a recipe for rape. It’s a recipe for them to do the most disgusting stuff to women and girls. But they also really love the parts where Freud said that boys want to have sex with their moms. They make out incest as a “normal part of life” and their mother encourages them in that.
  3. Seriously…. How well do you know these IdIoTTwins? They aren’t a goofy morning talk show. Nor are they some silly pub personalities to entertain for no reason other than pure entertainment. These people have real power over a lot of real people. They are depraved and stupid. They have sickening beliefs. They always have some people they alienate from others so they can abuse them because they are addicted to abuse. Don’t give them energy to use to hurt others. And if you are getting a thrill out of helping them hurt others, you are just scum exactly like them. Parasites on humanity.
  4. I spend most of my day saying, “Get off of my hands. Let me use my hands to make things. Get out of my life!” “Get off of my vagina and my female self. I do not want you. You are raping me! Get out!” “Quit messing with my marriage and my interactions with everyone! You have no right to interfere with my life! Get out of my life!” And I say things like, “If you can interfere with every second of my life, then you can do something useful! Do something USEFUL! Quit doing only mean things and do SOMETHING of real use! You can’t! You are too stupid! You tear things and people apart to pretend you have power and know what you are doing, but you are whining babies throwing fits and putting on shallow, stupid show. You KILLED MY SISTER! GET OUt! That’s all there is in my opinion! Get OUT!”
  5. K equals Kerry and number 11 in alphabet. T equals Terry and the number 20 in the alphabet. They also use the 10 codes from police radio communications. 11 or K equals “on duty”. 20 or T equals “location”. Y is 25 and means “meeting” or “prowler”. So when they send signals with all of that is says something like, “On duty meeting at your location, prowler stalking you.” And it’s Kerry and Terry prowling at my location, stalking me. These guys are creepy. It’s done in front of everyone like a joke or a game, but these IdIoTTwin bastards are really hurting people. They are really hurting me, my husband, and my nieces.
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