What’s up with skunk smell in my house and making me miss an important doctor appointment

Last couple of nights and tonight there has been this over-powering stench of skunk mixed with onion and garlic smell. I can’t get sleep. Horrible sleep deprivation. And all of this is building up until later this Monday morning when I had an appointment with a stomach specialist. Anytime I have an appointment with a doctor all kinds of bizarre crap happens so that I can’t make it to the appointment. If I push myself they will have people swerving at me when I drive. People will cut me off in traffic. Cars will do stuff like be going the speed limit, but changes lanes quickly leaving me to almost hit someone going way under the speed limit. The entire drive to the doctor will be filled with every bizarre and stupid obstacles ever thought of. It was exactly the same when I used to work, except it was every single work day. Every day I was sick, like right now I am having an allergic reaction that has been going on for days in spite of Benadryl throughout the day and Zyrtec every day. The lack of sleep is the same. And the embarrassment of having to call in because of skunk smells, stomach problems, and a never-ending run of extremely implausible coincidences that I have no control over. At least now I know it’s all bullcrap. Everyone involved are just actors. I don’t really have a skunk problem. It’s just something they want to make me say so they can laugh behind the scenes about me saying that I have a skunk in my house. It’s the stupid kind of pun humor that they love. They think it has the power of suggestion to make me feel like I am some skunk. I don’t feel like that at all, but they will just go on acting like I have low self esteem and am somehow fixated on skunk as a psychological fixation. Also it makes it seem like I can’t function if the smallest thing happens. It’s not always the details of what is happening now, but the pattern is always the same. I am just sick of the whole thing. I am depressed and just feel inside that I have to wait until the IdIoTTwins have forced their stupid skits on me. It will finally end. Then I can get on with life for a little bit until the next battery of abusive tests.

I hate having anything scheduled. The IdIoTTwins just use it to build this elaborate, over-done, braggart, self-worshipping fake expensive expression of stupidity that keeps going way too long. It’s all about them getting attention.

It’s the middle of the night. I am exhausted. I have been having a severe allergic reaction to something. I have hives and other symptoms. I haven’t been able to sleep from skunk smells every night. I’m up in the middle of the night because of the IdIoTTWins. I just wanted someone to know that this is my stupid life because of the idiots in charge of my life.

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