The IdIoTTwin Campaign is in full swing to send me running back to Alaska

It’s just one set of coincidences with only one conclusion after another. All are set to get me to waste all my money, which isn’t much, on medical costs, exterminators, mechanics, home repairs, yard work, pet costs…the list never ends. There’s always one more urgent matter which needs to be taken care of right away and is extremely coincidental and eventually costs hundreds of dollars.

The latest is this “skunk” smell, which really smells more like vinegar, onion, and garlic to the extreme. I would say the key thing that would really make it smell like skunk, but why should I help them perfect their stupidity.

Also I have this weird rash inside my upper arm on my inner bicep. When I Googled “hives”, it came up with pictures of what I have and the allergic symptoms I have as well. But the pictures on all the pages I looked at had ads about insect bites that also looked like the hives I have with a gross bug sitting on the skin.

So between the skunk smells and the hives, which could be insect bites, I am to only come to one conclusion — I need my home fumigated and the skunk exterminated. That would cost hundreds of dollars. Also I am sensitive to harsh chemicals which really do give me migraines and allergic reactions. I would have to leave the house and go… where? Stay with my poor pregnant niece so she can be micromanaged and hounded out of her senses by the IdIoTTwins? Go running back to Alaska because it is all too much for me?

The IdIoTTwins have no patience. When I don’t respond they will be on to the next emergency needed to force me to do what they want. So I will keep my money, endure the stink and the allergic pain, and outlast them. My Dad used to tell me all the time that we can beat “their game”, but it takes patience. “Slow down. Slow down. Think. Don’t just do things. What are you doing? Say it. Explain it to me. Calm down.” That’s the kind of stuff my Dad would say to me when I was panicked as a child and a teen.

So weird that while Mom was destroying me, Dad was making me think through impossible situations. Sometimes the answer is that there is no answer. I just have to be patient. Life moves in a pattern too big for the most powerful to really control. They only get one life time. They may get their way on some things, but they can’t get their way on everything. I won’t get my way, but that’s not important. What is important is the core things of life and being part of the bigger pattern that cannot be controlled by any person nor any people. People like the IdIoTTwins don’t get the bigger picture. They are forever frustrated and whining that everyone else is causing their misery. But, really, they are trying to be gods and they are just people. They make themselves stupid and insane. I don’t have to do anything but patiently wait for them to self destruct.

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