Thoughts on Why…???

Why? I can’t help but wonder why…all the time. It’s like a life mantra because NOTHING makes sense. Not one thing in my life makes sense. My entire life is like a puzzle or game designed by insane people. Not genius insane, like the legends of geniuses, but real, senseless insanity. I’ve thought of all the obvious – the needs of bullies and abusers to have victims, the flaunting of power by choosing some to make examples of, plain stupidity and access to invisible power…none of it nor all of it explain the unreasonable, cruel treatment my entire life has been. The point that keeps being made to me through all of the misery and abuse is exactly what you would expect an abuser to demand; I am supposed to fulfill their every desire, even when I don’t understand what that is. I am supposed to be impressed with them to the point of shock and awe. That sounds stupid. That is stupid. That is exactly what these idiots want. — WHY?

As I experience this on a completely personal level, not at all theoretical, but the entirety of my life, I start to see all encompassing patterns. I have been made to know that I am something the government has done in conjunction with “allies”; other governments. I’m stuck with these arrogant British fools trying to force me to be in awe of their use of language, their grasp of the classics and what they have contributed to the classics, and their pomp and circumstance. It’s so dumb and fake, desperate and forced that I brush by it every time as being completely unimportant. Now I see that as a big pattern in my life that I have not paid attention to. I also see that as a big, globalist pattern. The United States is not part of the United Kingdom and we don’t want to be. This is an immense issue to the British apparently. We are not Canada or Australia. And until relatively recently the British had South Africa and India along with a lot of island nations and miscellaneous holdings.

These British are trying to take us back into their empire in order to have real power. They have not changed one bit in hundreds of years. They want to rule the world. They want to influence and control everyone. The more I brush that off like it’s not even worth taking seriously, the more awful crap happens to me and my family. Are we some family representing basic American values? Are they trying to a.) prove we are backwards, cruel, racists, which incidentally is what most of the British are; b.) prove that we don’t have a real identity and want the British to educate us into seeing everything the way they want it interpreted? Are they breaking down the American Heartland, where the real strength of America is? Everything good about me the IdIoTTwins have demonized. My independence and strength they represent as stubborn, arrogant, backward, and anti-social. My wisdom and common sense they treat as base and unimaginative. My imagination they treat as childish and crazy. My religious beliefs they treat as uneducated, lacking in the deeper points of theology and philosophy. My American look is not European. That is apparently some point in their stupid world. In my mind I think every single time, “Why would I look European? I’m not European.” When I say “European”, I mean they call me fat, which I am now. I wasn’t for most of my life, but they still called me fat because I wasn’t as skinny and small as an European. So what? I could care less if I don’t look European. I have country taste, not sophisticated urban taste. I certainly don’t have rich, snob taste. I don’t envy them for all the stuff they have. I am happy with a modest life. In fact I would feel weird with all the excess those people have. It just screams out with the voices of the oppressed and the people they have stolen from. They think it’s like some warrior bragging rights, like Vikings of old. Americans are real warriors. They don’t think we have the right to say that to them. They take it like a threat. They are scared of us and they should be. If the US in general every catches on to what they are trying to do to our very real and very dear culture, they will have their culture of monarchs and arrogant rich, lazy, useless snobs wiped off the face of the earth. They won’t be able to remember their culture after a generation. And that is exactly what they are trying to do to our culture.

I had suspected for most of my adult life that the British were lusting after the United States. I saw a documentary on Corbett Report where he found proof that the British wanted to bring the US back into their empire since at least WWI. It resonated as true to me.

Interestingly, probably the only people to hate Britain more than the US is China. Say something about British rule or British Empire to a Chinese person. Watch popular movies from Jackie Chan and others like him. The British are always bumbling idiots or absolute goons and monsters trying to enslave people to their way of doing business. China does not want the United States under the British Empire.

Everything the British did under Colonial Rule, they are still doing. They don’t come in and make rules, but they fight through business, cultural influence, psychologically. They do exactly what they have always done. They make the indigenous peoples speak like them, dress like them, believe like them, and think like them. They want to be the standard for everything. It’s like being the steering wheel in a car. They want to be the steering influence to the entire world.

And lucky me…rolling my eyes…. I have two of their worst and dumbest dogging every step I make for my entire life. I find that it has only made me hate their way more than I could imagine possible. It’s like rich, snobby nags criticizing and sabotaging everything in my life. Ok. It’s not “like” that. That “is” my life. They are the pettiest, whiniest, most spineless idiots I have ever had to have anything to do with. Every single time one of their representatives shows up in my life, I instinctively go into fight or flight mode. I have never accepted them. I have never liked them. I have never been able to stand them at all.

I will never change. They are in for more frustration through the end of my life that all of the first part of my life. They have made it where I either have to accept them or fight them. I choose to fight. Even though I can’t win, I will die fighting. I’m not a posing snob, like they are. I have real beliefs that I am willing to die for.

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