I Am Kept Separated from My Nieces, My Husband, and My Great-Niece When She Arrives

Due to the miracle of coincidence that is a reoccurring, shockingly focused aberration for something that is supposed to “just happen”, I will once again not really be a part of a very big and important part of my life. My late sister’s middle daughter is having what would have been my sister’s first grandchild. I talked with my niece just weeks ago while my husband visited from Alaska. That’s the only time I see my niece who lives in the same zip code as me. I only see her when my husband comes down from Alaska. Then the whole encounter is to spend time with their uncle by marriage to me, rather than me, their actual aunt – the only sibling of their late mother. Everything possible is done to make it seem like I don’t exist and mean nothing in my own family. This is a long, long tactic that has been waged on me from birth. Even in my own family I was reminded all the time of what a burden it was to have me, feed me, clothe me, shelter me, and any type of entertainment and frivolous money spent was not worth even living. I would be screamed at by my mom for hours on end for how ungrateful I was to be allowed to go see a matinee movie maybe once every 6 months. We didn’t have much and didn’t waste money on silliness. And I was in particular punished for every smile on my face. “Wipe the smile off of your face” has been hissed, growled, and sneered at me from various cruel women, including my mom for my whole life.

So to pick up the thread of this latest part of my story on this earth, when my husband was down and I got to see my pregnant niece, she confided that as this is her first baby she is scare sometimes and alone sometimes when her husband is working out of town. I told her I could go over there or she could come here. All she has to do is call or text. The can have my bed and even bring her pets. Or I could just go over there to be in the house when she is afraid. She really thanked me. Apparently between her family, her husband’s family, and a bunch of friends, they had not worked out something like that for her. She’s only 8 months pregnant, so what’s the rush, I guess is what the IdIoTTwins cult followers, ie her family, his family, and the friends, were thinking. The IdIoTTwins in charge of her life and the babies are the fools who had her idiot dad let my sister die of cancer at home with no pain management. So, of course, I should not question anything that such “magnanimous”, “genius” idiots would come up with. I am constantly referred to by the IdIoTTwins as a nag. I hardly ever get to talk to anyone. The few minutes a year I am with them I ask common sense questions and am treated like I am flying off the handle accusing everyone of everything horrible on the earth. If for just one time there was a real, thought out answer, I would probably die of shock.

So, I asked these basic questions about her health and safety. That was the answers I got. Now I call her after about a month of getting a vague text here and there. I am told that my invitation to the baby shower was lost. I am told that my nieces useless dad can finally take care of her dog and that her sweet sister, who unfortunately still lives with the idiot dad, will watch the cats. My nieces useless, interfering cruel grandmother, who tortured her mom endlessly all the way up to her violently painful death of neglect and cancer, suddenly is doing so poorly from her alcoholic idiot husband dying last year that she needs my niece to come stay with her. That way MY NIECE CAN TAKE CARE OF HER GRANDMOTHER AND GREAT-GRANDMOTHER OF THE CHILD SOON TO BE BORN ON THE WEEKS LEADING UP TO THE DELIVERY DATE! And when the time comes my niece will be driven to the hospital in Muskogee from Checotah. My niece lives in Muskogee, but they are going to have her stay with her elderly grandmother around Checotah instead of just staying in Muskogee and calling an ambulance if she has to. Really, her husband should be off work and there to drive her if at all possible. But if not, then someone should come to Muskogee to sit with her until time rather than have her leave town to wait for the time.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! If it is stupid, it is the IdIoTTwins! You are IdIoTTS Terry and Kerry Dumbasses Young! You are a disease on mankind that should be eradicated! I hate both of you vehemently, and that idiot family you forced my sister to marry into! HATE!

So as usual, since I asked questions no one liked, and questioned people who pretend they are above questioning, at least my niece and her unborn child are safer than her just sitting around alone and hoping it all works out somehow…. I just want to scream and never stop screaming. I am frustrated, angry, and highly offended that I am just trying to do normal things and the IdIoTTwins have to force trauma on our family at every turn. Every TIME there is a chance to hurt us, big or small, they put on all the pressure they can. Then they act like I am some ranting crazy person. Fine! If I have to take up the mantel where MY Dad left off and be the family nut, then I will. I am not going down quietly. I am not asking “by your leave, your highness”. I am saying, “In your faces Kerry and Terry Dumbasses Young brothers! You and YOUR family can kiss my butt! Or fight if that is what you feel you have to do. But no matter how crazy I seem, I will not let you silently and covertly destroy my sister’s children and her grandchildren. I am not letting you take my real husband from me. I will fight you to the death. So spread your lies and smear campaigns, but I will be in your faces every step of the way!”

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