Valentine’s Day IdIoTTwin Style

The blithering idiots, Terry and Kerry, spend their entire lives either talking to each other or pleasuring each other. They know exactly what they want to say, exactly what the other one wants, and also, as it happens with twin power; they know exactly what the other one wants when it comes to pleasure. That’s it. All they know is themselves. Essentially twin Valentine is just love of themselves. I’m not saying all twins are like this, but these twins are like this. They talk to themselves when they talk to each other. They have people lining up to see their IdIoTTwin shows, like all cheap, crowd entertaining idiots’ crowds they have drawn since the dawn of more than one human on the earth.

I know what every Valentine’s Day will be like since the identically minded, self obsessed same two IdIoTTwins are behind the scenes every year. It’s boring by this point in my life. First of all, my husband and I can spend no real time together. If we are going out to eat, even with reservations, we are held up in the waiting area of the restaurant for most of the night. Or one of us has had to work or both of us. Or we are together, but we are both miserably sick. Or my husband, who is from the exact same place I am from, suddenly can’t understand what I am saying because of how I pronounce it. Or everything is bad…the food, the flowers, the card, the car ride, the whatever…all bad.

So I’m thinking this earlier this week, “How are they going to ruin Valentine’s this year? We are in different states playing games and talking to each other daily through the Xbox. Well, obviously somehow the Xbox won’t work. And since they keep “pranking” my toilet and my cat’s box, poop will have to be cleaned up. And they will have to gloat.”

So what actually happens? My husband has to work in Alaska. The time we should get to spend together on-line can’t happen because satellite AND cable are out of service for my husband. We got to talk about 5 minutes on our phones. The cute on-line present I bought for my husband in the game we play…he can’t get to that. My toilet has black poop sticking in the bottom of the bowl, which I cleaned up. My cat pooped in the back room, which I cleaned up. I am sick. Not from cleaning up poop, but from being “kicked” in the lower back and “punched” in the stomach at the same time while I was cleaning. My glasses have been readjusted where suddenly they have having problems with coming close to falling off several times while I was looking down. I don’t want to touch them while I am cleaning, but have to keep stopping and pushing them back with the back of my hand. The fumes make me dizzy and give me a headache. And how do I feel about all of that? Well, mostly I am bored. I have this overwhelming depression that comes from knowing I will always be bored out of my mind, miserable, and beaten down from these IdIoTTwins. Every holiday is a cruel joke from them. Every time something good happens to me a hundred horrible things “accidentally” happen. Very often I am physically abused in various ways from them; smells, extreme pain in various parts of my body, nausea, crying, loneliness.

I also wonder how bizarre idiots like these twins get in control. They don’t know how anything works. They don’t listen to anyone but themselves. Their whole life involves forcing others to do petty pranks on people they don’t like for their stupid entertainment.

They are functioning idiots and the whole world has to pay. I got on line for a few minutes and what are the idiots spamming to people in chat? They are whining about not having a Valentine and making perverted, and violent jokes about Valentine’s Day. They get all the whiney, unhappy, cruel, petty people to rally around them. Then other’s get swept up due to peer pressure.

They love to use forums that teens, early twenties, and lonely hearts types frequent because it is easy to con people like that for various reasons, most of which they cannot help. For instance we all survived our teen years. It was hormone hell. It was hardly possible to have a full, coherent thought, and supposedly you are becoming an adult. Really, you should be put in a sick room for 4 or 6 years until the hormones start regulating themselves. It’s just too perfect a time for predators to feed off of young people. And they are all mad at their parents. They are actually sick and miserable in their bodies, like they never thought could be possible.

All the “you have your whole life ahead of you, positive thinking, and you can do anything you set your mind to” craziness is the last thing they need to hear. It’s like a cheery morning person to a person with the worst case of the flu you ever have seen. The positive morning person would be killed if the person with the flu wasn’t so sick. So anyway, I hope that example made sense. That’s the kinds of people these IdIoTTwins pick on. They are just easy marks to the con-artist IdIoTTwins. They don’t think about them as real people, but something to use how they want. And flocks of people get fooled.

Alaska is known to have the most gullible people of the US. They don’t know about all the scams and crime we have to deal with in the lower 48. They are still amazingly trusting. It’s sad, but also annoying to see them falling for the same nonsense over and over by these IdIoTTwins. I mean, I like the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” If you don’t get anything else from my blogs…please work on critical thinking skills. Don’t get so “critical” that you are destroying every initiative before it gets a chance, but on the other hand, have some healthy skepticism. If someone wants a resource from you…money, time, emotional support, etc… then think about it. If you feel rushed by the person/people, then it is almost always a scam of some sort. Don’t enable the stupid and all of us will have good, strong lives.

Another thing I want to say while I am communicating through this medium. I had violent, gory, horrific nightmares over and over last night. They were all about lions stalking, mauling, and killing me. Yes. I died in my dream. I know that’s not supposed to happen. But I died…for a second…then I breathed. That’s all I could do was breathe. For a while the people around me were talking about burying me and I could not make a move or sound to show I was alive. I have a phobia of being buried alive and the IdIoTTwins know it, because they listen to all my conversations including my therapy sessions.

It’s ironic that they would use lion attack to “kill” me, when I think they are like the cowardly lion minus the real courage that he finds he had all along when the end comes. These are rich, powerful “men”, who use all their resources to prank my toilet and my poor cat’s poop. These cowardly idiots spend their time torturing women, children, and animals, as well as the elderly like when my dad got old. That’s who they use to abuse to feed their addiction to extreme, dangerous bullying.

But I know they used the lion because lions represent my husband and a person in charge behind the scenes…the person trying to help me. I had twin lions scratching me apart from both sides at once at one time in the dreams. Then I would actually hear, like a voice from heaven, “These are not twins, but the two to kill you. They seem like twins, but they aren’t.” Seriously?

The IdIoTTwins are fools who like to command and not be questioned. They stink at subtle. They basically try to command me, like they are God, in my mind, especially when I am asleep. Supposedly this is schizophrenia, but I have been found without schizophrenia many times. I do not have it. But IdIoTTwin rich men with more gadgets than brains have access to stuff they can use to do these weird things.

It always makes sense in a way, also. For instance in this case they don’t want me to follow my husband and this other spy. So they bring in blatant representation that has been taught to me over the years. Then they have it hurt me and I almost get buried and left for dead. And the voice of “God” said it wasn’t the IdIoTTwins, but others. So I am supposed to feel I got a premonition to not trust my own husband and this other guy. The problem is that I do trust my husband and I don’t trust the IdIoTTwins. Who is this message most likely from? God or the IdIoTTins? No matter how outrageous the belief of electronics they can use in your thoughts, it makes more sense than God or my husband warning me about my husband of 30 years. It’s just stupid. If it is stupid, then it is the IdIoTTwins.

Wishing y’all an idiot free Valentine’s Day!

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