The Saga of Stupid to the 2nd Power Stretches Ever Ahead Lest Something Sane Accidentally Happen

For the last few days I have been putting up self-adhesive vinyl window treatments that look somewhat like stained glass. These IdIoTTwins have people filming me, like some kind of paparazzi nightmare. They live to get a picture of me picking my nose, stumbling over something in the floor so it looks like I am staggering, shouting angrily because I stubbed my toe, and an entire collection of meaningless documentation they can pretend means something monumental. And no matter what they are analyzing, it always ends up determining that there is something severely disturbing about me. It’s not enough to put pictures of my staggering together and pretend I have an alcohol problem. They have to add something sickening to it. They add a lie about some perverted deviant behavior. They love to use the Freud junk to make every single action some perverted sexual thing that makes normal people cringe and keep their family away from me. I sometimes think Freud was paid to come up with the “scientific” stuff he came up with in order for rich people to be able to use it as “proof” of whatever stupid thing they wanted to say about someone, especially someone employees by them because they would have some incriminating eye witness accounts of the things the rich do. That’s one of my little conspiracy theories. So far, I haven’t seen it proved wrong. I wish I did, but not so far. I’m in my 50s so they have about 2 more decades to show me, but I don’t believe they will be able to. The IdIoTTwins may love Freud, but he’s so outrageous and bizarre that mainstream is rejecting his nonsense. Even rich people are rejecting him. The IdIoTTwins are off in their own little world as usual.

But back to talking about the vinyl stained glass installation. The smell did make me sick and kind of dizzy. I took Benadryl according to bottle instructions and it worked out ok. I was miserable, but I got it done. It’s nice to just live without feeling people outside are using zoom equipment to film or take pictures of me. Overall, it was a very positive experience. I couldn’t help but think that about how I couldn’t even get out of bed anymore by the time I finally escaped Alaska. I was dizzy and it felt like someone was kicking me in the lower back where the back meets the tail bone. Still, I felt better than when I was in Alaska. It was obvious someone else was in charge of me while I put the adhesives on the windows.

Then I started cooking in the kitchen. I keep “going to sleep” while I am doing stuff, like I have narcolepsy. I’ve been checked for it. I don’t have it. I think it is something these IdIoTTwins can do with the gadgets they have access to . Hard to concentrate, breathe, and stay awake as I cook. This is all because one of the IdIoTTwins has had formal training as a cook. So in some ignorant way he has control of my food and how fat or skinny I am. It’s more of the silly self-righteousness of the phony IdIoTTwins. I am tired of dealing with these idiots at every turn.

But if you keep getting sick or confused every time you try to do a specific thing, it could be that you are trying to do something in an area of expertise in idiot world. If they are mad about you, then they make it a disaster.

Well, I can’t concentrate anymore, so signing off.

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