Day after day. Minute after minute. Second after second. Idiot Twin after Idiot Twin. The redundant ignorance of the self obsessed IdIoTTwins never ceases. I could not possibly document every single stupid thing these IdIoTTwins do. I would have to document every second of every day of all of my life. I know that sounds exaggerated, but it’s not. Take into account how I cannot live with my real husband because of the IdIoTTwins. Think of how I will always have the screams and cries of my little sister echoing inside of me, while the emptiness of life without her demands that I think of how these IdIoTTwins tortured her while she was already dying of cancer. I fully believe they gave her cancer, as well as blaming them for her suffering in excess of any humane treatment…even if she was an enemy, which she wasn’t. She was a United States Citizen and did not deserve to be tortured to death by two British, titled, flibbertigibbet fools. Think of how spies have been killed with radium in their tea in London over the last few years and then you will see it is not a far fetched idea that two fools with access to real power might use it to torture a sweet and honest person, like my sister. Kindness and honesty just disgust and offend the IdIoTTWins. They want everyone to be “smart” and lie, cheat, and steal constantly in the most painful and gross ways possible.

I call these IdIoTTwins flibbertigibbet because it means foolish, immature, poor judgement, ignorance, idle, useless, pointless, silly and non-consequential, annoying, and stupid. Flibbertigibbet is the kind of word that dismisses a “joker” or court fool as being of no real consequence at all. Someone to not take seriously. Someone to ignore and avoid. That’s how I feel about these stupid, preening, whining, small minded, cruel hearted IdIoTTWins.

If these idiotic twins had not tortured my sister to death and been excessively cruel to my dad as he grew old…and managed to separate me and my husband, though we do not want to be separated…If they had not been able to actually accomplish doing some seriously harmful things to me, I would have simply ignored all their stupidity as pathetic, desperate, and socially challenged. But since they got mean enough that I could no longer dismiss them without a thought and they finally managed to really hurt me…well, what can I say?

They are still IdIoTTWins! They are pathetic losers with nothing better to do in life than pick on women, children, old men, and helpless animals. They are fools with real power and no idea in the world what to do with it. They are alcoholics, drug addicts, perverted male whores, who go beyond regular sick practices and include incest with one another. These are rich, idle, stupid people who can hire an army to kiss their butts, but have no idea how to command an army. These are CEOs and CFOs who waste their lives away believing in UFOs and Luciferian worship and not bothering with the practical, real aspects of life. These fools think they feed on negative energy, like they are demons and not men. These fools don’t understand how anything works. To them when there is change they only see chaos and then order comes and their is improvement. They aren’t intelligent enough to recognize the difference in the chaos of change that occurs when things change for the better; and the chaos from destruction that doesn’t lead to something better. From their stupid perspectives that arise from having no understanding of anything, they think all chaos is the same. They go about causing chaos and destroying things and they are actually dumb enough to think they are doing something useful. All of the order natural to life has to work around these IdIoTTwin fools to survive.

These IdIoTTwins do not contribute anything to life. They tear down life any way they can. They feed of the pain of the helpless to make themselves feel powerful. They are cowards, who do not dare upset anyone with real power. They only hurt the helpless. Am I supposed to be impressed or intimidated? What a joke! That is a real joke! I can never be impressed nor intimidated by the fools, Terry and Kerry IdIoTTwins. Never…. Tired, worn down, and thoroughly hating the fools? Yes. Impressed? No. Intimidated? No. Think they should be killed and I should be reunited with my real husband? Yes.

It’s like these IdIoTTwins are determined that I will not get to have my marriage. I guess I was supposed to be separated from my husband by force, and then they keep him too busy to hardly talk to me…and what? Was I supposed to leave my husband and go running into the arms of the assholes who tortured my sister and my dad to death? Am I supposed to get so beat down by having the last thing I have in my life that I worked so hard for…my precious marriage…am I supposed to be so broken I give in to the IdIoTTwins? Am I supposed to beg? Am I supposed to kiss their identical, stupid asses? Fuck you, Terry and Kerry. Go fuck each other, you identical IdIoT-Incest-Twins and shut the fuck up!

Get out of my life, you monumental fuck ups!

Give me back my husband!

Get off my body! Out of my life! Out of my marriage! Out of my spirit, mind, money, and social life! Get out! I am not intimidated! I am furious! I want you both killed! But at the very least, GET OUT OF MY LIFE COMPLETELY!

Grammar-ize that! Terry Dumbshit! And get a clue that I hate your guts! And I do not care what you think, say, do…you sick sack of shit!

I watched a show of PBS Masterpiece Victoria. In it a very beloved wife dies of cholera in horrible pain. I was trying to tell my husband about it. When I got to the part to tell about her dying, he interrupted by laughing very loud. Apparently a bird had supposedly done something funny outside of the window. Obviously the IdIoTTWins were sending a message that a wife dying is just funny and not something to take seriously at all. They were just being assholes and trying to make me mad. Well, big YEAH! For them. They pissed me off. I can see that really accomplished a lot. Dumbasses. They are just making me more determined to be steadfast and fight them any way I can.

My husband and I play games together on the Xbox. Lately he has started saying, “Go on. I don’t expect you to wait for me.” And, “I’ll go this way and we’ll double-up on them.” The IdIoTTwins believe in subliminal nonsense. They are trying to be clever and make me magically think, “I don’t have to wait for my husband. I wonder how I came by that brilliant idea. It’s like it is magic.” I write in sarcastic tone. And the double-up is just perverted twin talk. Can you imagine having sex with first of all, more than one person, and second of all, one of those people being your sibling? It makes me literally feel like puking every time I even think of it for a fleeting moment. They are incestuous, perverted, sick butt-brothers, who are jealous of me and my husband having a real marriage for 30 years.

Hey?! Kerry and Terry…my husband and I have been married 30 years in spite of you trying to ruin our marriage the whole time. Who is the loser now? Go screw your brother and shut the fuck up! IdIoTTwins!

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