IdIoTTwins and the Pharmacy AND the Nightmares

My prescriptions cannot be sorted out. They are of such a monumental mess that all the pharmacists I use cannot ever figure out what I am saying. They keep saying, “huh?” , “what?”, “uhhhh…..???” As if I am speaking to them in a foreign language. In Alaska it was supposedly because of my Oklahoma accent, which is not a strong accent like Cajun. But now I am in Oklahoma, so what is the reason now?

I just called less than 5 minutes ago to the CVS pharmacy in Muskogee. I told them I am seeing a new doctor so my refills and prescriptions should go through him. They told me that I already have a prescription through another doctor. I said I was no longer seeing that doctor. Kim, the woman who “helped” me said that it was just easier to use the existing prescription. I told her that I am having meds double and tripled filled and she told me that it was just easier this way. Since she’s supposedly a professional I said, “Well, if that’s how you do it? But I am not seeing that doctor anymore. I am getting too much of some prescriptions and not enough of others. I am just trying to work it out.” Her answer, “It’s just easier this way. It will be ready this weekend.” End of “conversation”.

I will move all my meds to another pharmacy soon. I will ask around and look on-line and decide. I’ve even talked to the head pharmacist at CVS and told him months ago this was happening with my prescriptions. He said that he would fix it, but nothing changed at all. He acted more like I was attacking his staff than trying to fix a glitch in the system. I am so tired of being honest and up-front with people and being treated like I am attacking them.

And before I figured out that they were filling some meds through doctors both in Oklahoma and Alaska, I was getting a ton of meds. They started saying little things that seemed to indicate I have a prescription drug problem. All this crap is scripted and set up via the IdIoTTwins, Terry and Kerry Young, 9-9-65. If it is stupid, it is the IdIoTTwins. I also recognize the arrogance in the people “helping” me. They have this haughty attitude, as if they cannot get in trouble for anything and that they are under constant accusation from everyone. The proverbial chip on the shoulder mixed with arrogant, untouchable rich power backing them. It’s sickening. I probably need half this medicine just to deal with all the crap service the IdIoTTwins shovel down my throat by force.

These people are double and triple filling prescription meds. They should all be in prison including the IdIoTTwins. They have no business being in charge of important things like medications and people’s health. I have only seen atrocious health care from the IdIoTTwins’ camp. They really should be locked away like torturers and murderers.

It makes me afraid to grow old and weak. I’ve seen them give horrendous “care” for the sick and weak for my entire life. Life is cheap to them. They don’t want to spend money on it. So when people aren’t useful anymore they rush their end in all kinds of tragic and unthinkable ways.

On top of all of this I had a nightmare last night of a momma bear holding me down in an apartment while her idiot cubs tried to escape. They were destroying my apartment, but I knew if I moved she would kill me. Finally I rolled my shoulders to push her off. She looked astonished and stepped back in shock. I got up and started screaming at all of them to get out. They were breaking everything in my house including window to get out, but they didn’t have the sense to climb up on something so they could walk through the windows.

I was furious. The momma bear was furious. She started growling threateningly at me and the cubs went completely hysterical trying to get out. I could only think that this is my home and these things have got to get out of it. I was screaming directions at the idiot cubs. Finally one noticed where I was pointing and climbed to the back of the couch and got out the window. Then the other one followed. The momma bear was still standing over me. I was standing up, but she was tall enough to tower over me even when I was standing. We had a stare down and finally she turned and left.

I was furious and started kicking the broken furniture and other debris in the house. I wanted to get a gun and go shoot the bitch, but I knew I probably couldn’t kill her even with a gun. It would be better to just be grateful she is gone and focus on cleaning up my home.

In my head I kept hearing, “You weren’t supposed to move!”said in a low, angry voice in my head. I woke up eventually because of it. I remember flipping them off and falling back asleep.

When I woke up I in the morning, I thought about how I am supposed to be all broken up because mom died last year. I don’t feel bad at all. I feel exactly how I did in that dream. I had to fight her to have my own life and the fight never ended. She also thought I wasn’t supposed to make a move unless she approved of it. And like I was furious, but relieved when the momma bear in the dream finally left, that’s how I feel about mom. AND mom, just like the mom in the dream, always held me down so other people could destroy anything I cared about.

She let me up with a look on her face that said she disapproved of me and therefore, I would never have anything. She was a monster to me and my husband and our marriage.

And I am aware that the mom of the twins is also my mom and the momma bear in my dreams. I want that bitch out of my life too. I hope she dies soon. It will be a great day of freedom when she finally dies. Those IdIoTTwins don’t have her focus or determination. They just want their little whims and perversions pleased. That’s it. They have no powerful vision and they don’t have the discipline to make anything happen. They are babbling idiots. I want them out, too, like I wanted those idiot cubs out of my home.

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