My Marriage is NOT the IdIoTTwins’ Marriage

The IdIoTTwins, Terry and Kerry, are determined to pretend they can’t understand simple reality. They keep pretending I have some stupid marriage with them. They have never been married. They don’t have a clue about real marriage. They have my husband say stupid things to me that a guy in his early 20s in first year of marriage might say. They have him tell me that the wife should ALWAYS agree with her husband. Every little thing I disagree with him/them about they are highly offended and “punish” me. “Punish” is the actual word they use. They have all this goofy Punisher symbolism around me. It’s like I’m being “punished” by a 5 year old boy throwing a temper tantrum, but it’s from two grown idiot men. I keep telling them straight out to get out of my marriage. It’s not complicated. Get out!

These IdIoTTwins have got to quit inserting themselves in my life. They don’t even remotely follow the rule of distance and detachment that is supposed to be the way a science experiment should work. They insert themselves in every single aspect of our lives. We can’t talk, look at each other, touch each other without both of us being “punished”. The IdIoTTwins just want to own me like a doll, but I am a real person who really loves her real husband, not some wackos with money and no sense. I do not accept belonging to identical twin idiots who are alcoholics, drug addicts, and incestuous male whores. I am not submitting to that. And on top of that they orchestrated my sister dying in complete misery and agony. They wouldn’t let me have a real visit with my dad before he died. And they used their stupid machines to rape me before my dad’s funeral. Like I wasn’t crying enough without being hurt in all my female areas and my rectum. I was writhing on the floor with pain. I go to doctors and there’s nothing wrong with me. It’s all these IdIoTTwins. I want them out of my life!

My husband and I went to visit my nieces and their husbands. We had to play games like, “Cards Against Humanity”. This is exactly how my whole life has been. I told them that I didn’t want to play a game like that with my nieces and their guys. They pressured me, so I went along with it. Then it was as horrible as I thought it would be. If I was a normal person who could just go along with the crowd sometimes to get along with people, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. But these IdIoTTwins are still bringing up minor mistakes I made in high school in the early 80s like that is a complete expression of who I am. They use it to ruin my reputation. If I laugh at those off-color joke, then they will use that against me. If I don’t, then they act like I am a snob and have no sense of humor and no people skills.

My husband bought that “Cards Against Humanity” game for one of my nieces husbands. I asked her before I gave it to him if it was ok. I also specifically said I did not want to play it with my nieces. They said that was fine. I saw it as the trap it was the minute it came into my home. And the IdIoTTwins finally managed to force it to happen. I just threw out one card after another. I didn’t even try to win. I just shook my head at the gross, racist, and perverted answers. It’s not funny. Terry and Kerry aren’t funny. They are bullies. They get mad if you don’t laugh at their lame jokes. They get mad if you don’t laugh while they are pretending to joke, but are really hurting people’s feelings. If you don’t go along with it, then they just look like the assholes they really are.

And here at the house they have James looking down his nose at me, like snobbing me and showing disapproval. I know that isn’t my husband. My real husband loves me and is proud of me. I have seen it in his eyes every once in a while. These IdIoTTwins are such assholes that they won’t even let him look me in the eyes very long. They don’t want him to look deeply in my eyes in a meaningful way. Everything has to be anger or cruel clowning around…the IdIoTTWins. And every day all day I tell them straight out that I DO NOT CARE what idiots, alcoholics, drug addicts, incest brothers think, feel, do…. You name it. If it has to do with the IdIoTTWins, I DO NOT CARE.

Terry and Kerry, get out of my marriage, my life, my husband’s life, my nieces’ lives. Get OUT, Terry and Kerry IdIoTTwins! Get OUT!

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