The IdIoTTwins’ Show Continues

I have to sit in my home with these IdIoTTwin bastards acting like they are my husband. They are probably supposed to just watch, but they have to micromanage and be the center of attention every second of every day. I am just worn out from separating my husband from them. I can’t scream at my husband and tell him to get out. I have to go into other rooms in the house and mouth for the IdIoTTwins to get the hell out and shut the F*** up. At the very least I can irritate them as much as they are irritating me. Since they have to be treated like they are gods who can’t be questioned, it’s pretty easy to make them angry and then they get really stupid. They have no concept of self control and maturity. They worship anger, hate, murder, death. They are useless at life. They are completely incapable of having real relationships.

These IdIoTTwins make us be in different rooms in the house all the time. For the few minutes we are in the same room they go over the top to be complete annoying jackasses until I need a break and don’t complain when my husband leaves the room. They make us sleep under different blankets with pillows between us. We can’t do anything together, not even talk. My husband either makes puerile jokes or does not respond. He plays his iPad and watches tv and ignores me. We get to visit more when he is away in Alaska. At least we can talk for free over the Xbox. They fight against us being able to see each other then, too. When I try to get my husband to set up something where we can video chat there are all these excuses why it can’t work.

I am sick of the IdIoTTwins trying to insert themselves in my life in real life. They are IdIoTTWins who happened to inherit ownership of me, a person in a very top secret program. They should be happy with that. It’s not enough. They have to be the center of attention at all times. They have to force themselves in my life so they get even more attention. I supposedly have been able to choose my own way. Bullshit!! Every single thing I have wanted they have destroyed.

I love my husband and I want this marriage. It turns out now that my whole immediate family is dead, that I was really right to give my all in trying to make my marriage work. If I had known those assholes were behind the scenes the whole time, I would have been fighting them directly.

They get high, drunk, and beligerent. Then finally they are out of the picture for a few days. They are really pushing themselves to be in the way all the time every day while James is here. That’s probably one of the reasons that he could only come home for 2 weeks. I haven’t seen him since July, he has a ton of hours of leave, and he could only come home for 2 weeks in January. Bullshit! These IdIoTTwins are completely full of bullshit. But eventually I win because they have all kinds of sick addictions. They can’t function if they aren’t drinking, getting high, and whoring, as well as incest, weird death worship, and lots of really, really horrible addictions like that.

These IdIoTTwins are just making me madder. I am getting meaner and meaner. That’s what they wanted. I am directing all it toward them. That is not what they wanted.


And they keep hurting my body. Still getting the stabbed/broken arm feeling attack, lower back hurting until I can’t walk, and various sexual stimulation that both hurts and is disgusting because they force it to happen at the grossest times. I cannot express how much I hate my abusers. I will fight them to the death. I am not submitting to abuse. And they are not ever going to make up for all the abuse and torturing my sister while she had cancer. Nothing is going to change between me and them. The IdIoTTwins have to get out of my life because I have no life with them in it.

IdIoTTwins, Terry and Kerry, get out of my life completely, like you never existed. Get out! Not only do I not want you in my real life, I don’t want you behind the scenes! I will fight you every time I even suspect you are part of what is happening in my life. Get out of my life! My husband is my life. Get out of my marriage! Leave my nieces alone and let me have relationship with them! Get out of my nieces lives! Get out of my life you perverted, alcoholic, abusive idiots!

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