Five Minute Motorcycle Ride versus 30 Years of Marriage

More lies and spin from the IdIoTTwins. When I had been married 12 years in 2000 the IdIoTTwins tried to destroy my marriage. I won’t go into all the details but they tag teamed and tried their hardest to destroy me and my husband. I’ve written some about what the IdIoTTerry did, but the IdIoTKerry was just as stupid. He came to my place of work on a motorcycle. I rode around with him for 5 minutes and then I went back to work. I didn’t even spend my lunch hour with him. We didn’t have a conversation. It was just weird and idiotic like all the things the IdIoTTwins do.

Now they keep sending motorcycles around me everywhere I go. I guess that 5 minute motorcycle ride was more real than my 30 years of marriage. Both the IdIoTTwins went on and on about how marriage isn’t real anyway. It’s just something cowards do was their spin on it. They sounded like middle school boys to me. With 12 years of marriage I knew how hard it was to really make a marriage work. It’s certainly not for cowards. Running around getting drunk and riding motorcycles was stupid and cowardly. It’s much easier to never make a commitment to anyone. But I was NICE to them and politely listened to their rants.

Kerry told me repeatedly that he could leave his live-in girlfriend and their child they had together at any time and it would not matter to him. He didn’t care if he never saw either one of them again. I thought he was drunk a lot and just spouting off, but it turns out the IdIoT meant it. Then I thought about how I would never want to be with someone as callous and shallow as him. All his ranting and Terry’s rantings just made me appreciate my husband more.

I went to the grocery store. I had to put up with motorcycles, chili powder in my car when I got back in it, emergency vehicles, and people blocking me in and driving crazy slow. The chili powder is what my work office-mate used and it makes my eyes water, makes my nose run to the point I feel I am going to drown, and makes me dizzy and tired. After I breathed that in people were pulling right in front of me and cutting me off as they made turns. It was all obviously to get me to hopefully have a wreck. Then they could argue that I should not have a driver’s license. I know I have written about their campaign to take my driver’s license in these blogs. It’s a clear and present danger.

I’ve been putting up with their garbage for a long, long time, but the way they take one tiny incident and try to spin it into a whole relationship is exhausting. It’s exhausting in the stupidity of it. How can I defend myself about every little conversation I had with the IdIoTTwins. They were setting the stage every time so that they would catch me at the mall job while I was alone. They set that up. They set up the conversations they were going to fake while I politely nodded along. They used all their gadgets on me and their drugs. Every conversation, interaction, even writing the emails to them, felt like it was a nightmare and not my real life at all. It was a nightmare I could not wake up from. They were obviously conning me and I could not figure out why. Meanwhile, I was working at a store when they were talking to me all the time. It was my job to smile, nod, be polite and helpful. They use any kind thing I do against me, since they think it is a sign of weakness. They are forever trying to toughen me up to act like a jackass like them. I don’t want to be a jackass, so I keep doing the nice thing and they keep calling me a lemon and stuff like that.

I want to make it clear that my 30 year marriage means infinitely more to me than my 5 minute visits with either or both of the IdIoTTwins. I could tell why neither of them had real relationships. I felt guilty for thinking such bad things about them at the time, but as usual, I was right. Those two only had eyes for one another. The rest of everything was just a game they were playing. It’s still true today. It will be true until death does them part…the IdIoTTwins separated at death. And whoever is left behind will be a complete mess, needing the attention of workers and servant-types all the time. I am not hanging around for that horrible, nightmare job. And I certainly would not think that anyone could really have a relationship with either of them, even with one of them out of the picture.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish.” “Don’t let the door hit your twin asses on the way out.”

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