The IdIoTTwins Toilet Joke; Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Those damn twins had my toilet mess up. I knew it was coming. From the first week I moved in here my husband emphasized that he put a plunger under the sink. The place where the toilet is at is tiny. It’s really made for a child. I looked and saw that there looked like there was a knob behind it to turn it off. And this season of the comedy I am watching has a whole bit about Mrs. Upper Westside not being able to have her own apartment and having to plunge the toilet. Also throughout the show there are all these plumber jokes. So this is something stupid the IdIoTTwins have been working up to for a year.

When it started backing up I tried to turn the knob. I couldn’t see it. It’s on the left side and I can only get back there by getting on my knees and reaching from the right side with the tub right in the way. But on the other side it is a solid wall. I couldn’t see the knob. It turns out it was actually clear, see-through plastic. Finally I felt it and turned it. At this point my head was right against the toilet and it was about to overflow any second. It would have poured right on my head and my whole body if it had run over. I turned it off, got the plunger, and plunged the damn thing out. Then I got a bucket of water and flushed it again to make sure it was working before I turned the water back on.j

We lived in a house at one time that had a broken toilet. We always flushed it with a bucked. Toilet paper had to be put in the trash. And we had to plunge it out all the time. That’s one of the myriad shit-holes I grew up in thanks to these rich idiot assholes. Shit just makes me think of what shitheads those IdIoTTwins are.

So I cleaned up my toilet. I was ok. And the IdIoTTwins are still Kerry/Terry pieces of shit. Actually they are worse than that. At least shit is the cast off of food which had nutrition and was useful. These assholes don’t do anything that is worth anything…EVER! When the guillotine is brought back out I hope those two aristocratic monsters go first.

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