Hypocrites Who Are Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, and Male Whores

These jackasses are taunting me with signals like, “Pain Killer, TY”. If they want to make jokes about torturing my sister to death and put their initials on it, then I am naming names. “TY” is Terry Young. His IdIoTTwin brother is Kerry Young. Two more depraved idiots have never walked on this earth. They are forever preening and posing, pretending they are something amazing when they are the absolute scum of the earth. Their birthdays are 9-9-65. Feel free to look them up and do any awful thing you can think of to them. You are doing the world a favor.

These hypocrite assholes are always on drugs and have been drinking. For Terry to talk to me on the phone he drank half a bottle of whiskey. Then the IdIoT said that most marriages only last 7 years and that it was about time that mine failed. At the time I had been married 12 years. He tried to get me to renounce my faith. He whined and pitied himself like he was doing a Shakespearean tragedy. This asshole made my sister die of cancer without any pain management. He sits around drunk and high all the time, spouting self-pitying stupidity and acting like he’s some actor/philosopher. He’s been educated. That’s all. He’s just spouting stuff he has read. He has never had an original thought in his pathetic, stupid, cowardly life. I hate him more than I could ever express. He should be in prison for what he has done to our family, especially my Sister.

Every single conversation I had with that IdIot, he was high/drunk and whining about how hard his life was. I hate whiney people. It sets me on edge. I want to tell them that they have no real reason to whine. If you are sad, it is authentic. If you are whining, you are just manipulating. Terry and Kerry are just con-artists. That’s all. You can’t believe one thing they say. You can’t count on them to be reliable about anything. You can’t count on them to be men and step up and take responsibility for anything. You can’t even expect them to be semi-human and realize that all people are basically the same and should be treated like people who belong to a community should be treated. If I was in charge of them and they were dying of cancer and I denied them medicine and pain management, the whining and self pitying they would wallow in would be absurd and unbearable, until someone would get them their drugs and alcohol and act like they are something more than human. My Sister tried to not whine. She tried to take as little medicine as she could. She tried to not be a burden on anyone. For all her good qualities these whining, self-pitying, alcoholic, drug addicted cowards made her hurt until she could not even communicate anymore. She was screaming and crying for days incoherently. That’s what the British Aristocracy IdIoTTwins did with all their power.

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