Fumbled, Bench Warmer, Space Cadet

The stupidity of the IdIoTTwins is escalating as the Christmas Holidays reach their peak. My last therapy session was all about my ex-brother-in-law and when he met his current wife. I did not know when my sister died that he already knew her. They already had a relationship. Immediately after my sister died her husband got rid of everything that reminded him of her. When I came back from Alaska 4 months later there was a huge painting in the living room from his current wife. That’s the first time I heard about her. It was New Years Eve. The ex-brother-in-law worked nights. So he worked all night and I kept expecting him to come home. I sat with the kids all day. Then it was New Year’s Eve night and we hadn’t seen him. By about 8 pm I started asking the kids where their dad was. They finally said he was going to a New Year’s Eve party. I asked if the woman, who gave him the picture, was going to be there. Finally I got one of them to answer, “yes”. And he worked with her and had worked with her while my sister was dying. And the whole family was now going to the church where this new woman went. Her dad was a preacher there.

I still could not sleep because I was having constant flashbacks of her screaming and writhing in pain for days. To find out this jackass had been in a relationship while he let her die like that made me want to kill him. I kept remembering, and it still haunts me…my sister would tell me she was so lonely. She was in the house all alone all the time. When her husband could have come home, he went to the gym to exercise. I remember him doing that while we visited one time. He wasn’t at the house 5 hours out of the day. Our dad and the kids were mostly the people she saw.

And then to find out these rich IdIoTTwins were behind the scenes all along…. They could easily afford to make sure she had pain management as she died of cancer, but they didn’t. They sat there on their useless butts and watched her die in all that pain….. I want to kill them, too. I won’t, but I believe they should be put in prison for murder, torture, mis-management, cruelty, inhumane treatment of a dying woman in their care. They are useless pieces of garbage.

After I left therapy, I went to a store. They had the Snickers bars at the counter that have words on them. I had already put up with driving with all the traffic signal nonsense they put in my path constantly. There had been this angry biker revving his motorcycle; a dump truck spewing smoke and stink in my face; and all kinds of other obvious irritations. After all that I walk up to the counter and the words I see on these neatly lined up Snickers bars in a display that was otherwise in some disarray. They said, “Fumbled”, “Bench Warmer”, “Space Cadet”, and there was one other I can’t remember right now. —– Just take a second and let it all soak in. ——- Seriously? They put me through all that hell? They torture my sister to death in front of me? They harass me constantly? And they blame me…saying I have fumbled, am a bench warmer, and a space cadet. I’m suffering from PTSD from what they did to my sister, but they pretend I am lying. They say I went through all of the hell of watching her die like that and it didn’t affect me at all. They say I pretended PTSD to get money. I didn’t know the IdIoTTWins were behind the scenes at the time. The PTSD cost me my job, my social life, and seriously stressed my REAL marriage. It cost me money to have PTSD. They say I want to have attention. I am almost always alone. Every single thing they say I SO STUPID. It doesn’t make any sense at all.


There’s really nothing more to say.

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