Weaponized Children

The stupidity never ends. I have put beads in an empty Coke Zero can and put tape over the opening. I pick it up and rattle it like crazy when the IdIoTTwins are really on a roll. I grew up with the term, b-b-in-a-can. It was referring to b-b guns and the b-bs that went inside them. If you put them in a can and rattled it, that was an aid to use as an example of what it is like to listen to stupid people prattling on all the time. Well, the IdIoTTwins take it to a whole other level. So I put a bunch of b-bs in a can and really shake it. It’s still not even remotely expressive enough to make people know how irritating and senseless these IdIoTTwins are. I would have to shake two cans with b-bs non-stop, day and night, for the rest of my life for anyone to even get a tiny indication of what it is like to live with these IdIoTs in charge of your life.

I even took a can in my car to rattle during all the stupid stuff that happens when I am driving because of the ignorance of the IdIoTTwins directing the traffic in my life. I know people are all connected through all these listening devices. I saw “twin” look alike vehicles, people pulling out in front of me to cut me off, and emergency services vehicles which still make me tremble remembering them racing to my sisters house but she was already dead. I picked up the b-b-in-a-can and started shaking it as hard as I could while screaming what was making me mad. Then I kept shaking it and was screaming, “Focus! Don’t make a mistake! Don’t lose your focus! Don’t screw up or they will tell everyone you are crazy and incompetent! Come ON! FOCUS!” All the cars I could see in each direction slowed way down. You could tell they were having trouble focusing. Everything was going in slow motion. I screamed, “This is how every second of every day is for me while the IdIoTTwins are attacking me while I try to live my life!”

Then in the stores some people were just horrible. I did the signal of horns down. Oklahoma recently played Texas for a football championship. The refs made it against the rules for any player or people with the team to make the horns down sign. Texas is the Texas Longhorns and the wave the horn sign around all the time. Why the big deal? Because the IdIoTTwins and their cult are devil worshippers. They use horns up as a satanic sign. They are so superstitious and arrogant that they can’t bear to see the horns sign down. So when they had people annoying me, I would make the horns down sign with my hands while they were just hanging at my sides. The next day they had a woman walking around the grocery store in a big Texas jacket. Like that is going to stop me from doing the horns down. She can go back to Texas if she doesn’t like it. And the IdIoTTWins have chosen to go to hell, so they can just go ahead and go to hell, if they don’t like it. They are complete and total idiots.

But they will always go even lower. They are the lowest gutter-crawling, idiot scum on the earth. In therapy on Tuesday I talked about how my mom never bonded with me at all. I never once looked in her eyes and had that connection people have with their moms. I knew how I wished she would treat me, and when I saw my sister suffering because of mom, I started treating my sister the way I wish mom had treated me. I was nurturing, supportive, and tried to use as much common sense and good judgement as a kid could come by. I was only 3 years older than her. And my sister and I bonded very deeply. We bonded where we should have gotten to bond with mom.

That afternoon after therapy I played the on-line game with my husband, friend, and her child. The IdIoTTwins had her child constantly running ahead and screaming, “Save me! Save me!” They know I agonize over how I could not save my sister. Then they would have her die and she would say over and over, “I’m dead again! I’m dead again! I’m dead again!” And then after we got her character back up she would do the whole thing all over.

I’m sitting here still trembling over it…days after it happened. And then the IdIoTTwins complain because I don’t interact with people enough. They only want me with people so they can torture me. They have tried to ruin my marriage the whole time. They have destroyed every friendship. Their family never lets me have friends or any ties to anyone. They tried to keep Dad away from me, but he wouldn’t abandon me completely, even though he disowned me several times. No doubt they made him do that. Looking back I have mostly painful horrible memories of life and it is all the fault of those IdIoTTwins and their family. They weaponized their kids in setting up the IdIoTTwins and then releasing them on everyone. Now they are weaponizing their kids and all the kids in their influence.

Glad they want to go to hell. Torturing women and children…they already have a reserved spot in the lowest place. They may think the devil is going to praise them. He is going to laugh in their faces for being the biggest idiots of them all. They had everything and threw it away on the proverbial “magic beans”. Terry and Kerry are complete and total IdIoTTWins.

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