After the Show Down with Spy-chiatrist

The spy-chiatrist did pretty good at seeming human through most of the appointment. Most of the appointment being under 5 minutes. Then I told her I am under a plan of care that was given to me when I got disability. I told her that I noticed that she didn’t put PTSD in my chart. She stopped and read the information I had faxed to her 2 weeks ago. Then she said I had not done some DSM something or other. I told her that it didn’t matter. All of this has been gone over an I even had to go to an appeals hearing. The federal level expert for Social Security found PTSD all of criteria A and part of B in the psychiatrist DSM. The woman was an expert psychiatrist witness against me, but when she looked at my entire file that is what she found.

The Spy-chiatrist told me that she would talk to my therapist and, “You can go now.”

I said again, “I am under a plan of care. Are you able to work within those parameters or do I need to get a different psychiatrist?”

She kept telling me that she would talk to my therapist and she would talk to me. I told her, “No. Not acceptable. It’s my health. I want to know if you are going to help me with the guidelines I have been given for having PTSD or not. If you can’t do it, I am finding someone else.”

She kept saying the same stupid thing, that she would talk to my therapist. I’m in charge of my health, not anyone else. When I ask a direct question, I expect an honest answer instead of perpetual run around.

I talked over her and told her that I saw my EOB and that she charged my insurance company $400 for 5 minutes and she doesn’t even know my case. She hung up on me.

I can’t describe how unprofessional it is for a mental health professional to just hang up on an upset, agitated client. I was just sitting there in a room by myself. If I was the homicidal type, that’s probably where I would have lost it and gone out in the waiting room to start trouble. It could be detrimental to me as a patient and to the well being of others. She was horrible. Unprofessional, stupid, rude, arrogant, insensitive, and unable to handle a patient talking to her in a professional and adult manner. She has all kinds of issues. All the same issues the IdIoTTwins have. That’s the kind of rich, useless people they have representing them. They want to live in a dictatorship where they are never questioned and never have to explain themselves.

I went in with my therapist and told her what happened. She started doing the DSM thing with me. It was the same questions I have answered a million times. Like I wrote yesterday, it was like witness testimony. I’ve told the same stories so many times that there is no way it isn’t already in my medical history. That spy-chiatrist was lazy or lying. I think she was lazy and lying. I don’t think she bothered to look because she was just parroting what the IdIoTTwins told her. The IdIoTTwins are not psychiatrists. They have no business telling a psychiatrist what to say.

They have no business being in charge of my life at all. They think that there’s no such thing as mental illness. Isn’t that ironic? Two of the most hopelessly messed up people on the earth and they think they are fine and that there is no mental health issues.

They think the whole mental health profession is a bunch of quacks. I can tell they get briefed on what I’m struggling with and that’s exactly what they start wheedling at mercilessly. They are the opposite of responsible people. They go out of their way to be abusive. Part of abuse is isolating the victim and having power over the victim. That is how the IdIoTTwins use all the information they receive about me.

But my therapist called another psychiatrist that doesn’t take new clients anymore. She said it sounded like they will take me…AND she said the first thing their office did was ask what my diagnosis is. That was a relief. From what I have experienced, that is how professional psychiatrists work. The IdIoTTwins have been having people give me the run around, talk down to me, and dismiss me so they could make sure I don’t get good care. They don’t want me to get well. They want me beat down so that I mindlessly do what they want.

In all of the facets of this odd program I am in, I think there is a control group. I think some people get briefed about the program and others don’t. I’m one of the people who is never talked to openly about it. It’s all signals and hints. So I can give honest reactions to these weird situations. I’ve heard the IdIoTTwins say around me that “she” just says anything and gets by with it. They have other people sour and angry because “not everyone can get by with saying those things”. That’s their excuse for being cowards and not speaking up.

They are insane if they think I do not pay for being an honest witness. I am in trouble all the time for stupid stuff that I have no idea about. It can be anything. In school and at jobs people have picked fights with me and kept on at me until I had to respond. Then I got in trouble. When I didn’t let a manager tell me I had to sit there and accept verbal abuse, they would praise the person who attacked me and pretend I wasn’t talking. When I was persistent, I was written up for insubordination. It’s just one ridiculous set up after another. They can’t tell me to shut up about what I am witnessing that they want to get by with. So they have people make up stuff and attack me, trying to shut me up through cruel attacks from people they place in my life for the express purpose of hurting me.

Thank God for the handful of honest people I have come across in life. Good, honest people are very rare. There’s a lot of people who put on a good show until it is inconvenient for them. But there are a few people who shine like stars in the darkness. I appreciate them so very much, but will not name them. I don’t want to bring more pain to them.

But I will name the horrible psychiatrist I just got rid of. If you are in the Tulsa area stay away from Dr. Land, if she is a real doctor. She can also be a front for this secret bunch. But I would not trust her with anyone with any real struggles. She’s worse than useless. She is harmful. Nobody suffering in their heart and mind should have to put up with being treated like that by a leech getting $400 for 5 minutes out of my insurance company.

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