Trying to Take My Driver’s License Away from Me

This is a nonsensical battle the IdIoTTwins keep pushing on me. They act like I am not fit to drive. Their evidence is because they have purposely not let me sleep and made me sick until I feel too tired to drive, or too faint, so I don’t. It’s like anyone else deciding they have the flu and not driving. People are driving every day with cold medicine in their systems, allergy medicines, and any number or other medicines that can cause them to have impaired driving. But when I have the sense to be cautious and not drive when I am sick and haven’t had enough sleep, I am pressured to drive when I don’t think it is safe because they threaten to take my driver’s license away from me. People can be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and they can’t be forced to give up their driver’s license. It seems clear to me that the IdIoTTwins are pushing for me to drive when I am not feeling well and when there are impaired conditions because they are going to try to kill me that way, or at least cause me to wreck and everything about me be called into question.

These are the same idiots who drive Harleys and huge trucks while they are drunk and high. They drive like they are on a race track. They don’t bother to pay attention to any safety precautions, but they supposedly can judge if I should drive or not.

It was suggested on the noon news that people have neurological testing if their driving seems impaired. I had neurological testing in 2016 and 2017 and I passed with no problem. My medications have been monitored by psychiatrists since 2016. I’m not some alcoholic, drug addicted, careless fool like those IdIoTTwins. I am being safe. That is exactly what is making them mad. They want things to use against me so they can always get their way. And what they want for me is to destroy my life. If it wasn’t for my husband and those helping him to deal with these IdIoTTwins then I would be homeless and probably dead. The IdIoTTwins act like that wouldn’t be true, but it is true. They are the danger, not me.

In Alaska they have horrible mornings where there will be 200 to 300 car wrecks in the morning from the ice on the streets and the lack of treatment on the roads from transportation agencies. I was in one of those wrecks. I spun and did a complete circle at the top of a hill completely covered in ice. I slammed into a wall of snow and I was facing the wrong way. Traffic was coming straight down towards me and I couldn’t get out of my truck because of the snow. Then a street sander started down the hill and even it was sliding. It missed my by a foot. And I could not get the car to run or get out of the car. Both the tires on the passenger side blew out when they hit the curb and the snow bank. How do two tires blow out when they hit a curb going all of maybe 5 miles per hour? I’m sure they were over inflated. I think that is also why I was sliding while going as slow as possible.

I can just imagine what the IdIoTTwins had prepared to say…”Oh what a tragedy. Well that’s what happens where you are stupid and try to drive on ice.” Or one of their favorites was to have people walking through the workplace talking about all the wrecks that happened because people were driving too slow. If everyone would just go the speed limit no wrecks would happen.

The closest person I can compare these twins to is unfortunately Pres. Trump just blurting crazy stuff out and acting like everyone else is crazy. Anyone, even a child old enough to read fluently, can fact check the crazy stuff he says. He lies or makes things up constantly. He just tries to pass things off quickly with a snappy comeback, and does not bother worrying about if what he is saying is even plausible, much less whether there is any truth to it. These IdIoTTwins are exactly the same.

And when I logged into my game today they had the nerve to have a female character in my way with the name, “KYSkorned Mom – Just Wait”. Kerry’s mom threatening me. Bring it on, you cow! This is exactly what you have been doing with my mom to me. I know what it is like to be abused by you, you old cow! And I will not have mercy on you or your loser sons. Just wait!

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