Teasing or Bullying?

Now the IdIoTTwins are sending pairs of people to with ridiculous names like “TeazingYew” or some variation on that. My sister’s death is not a game to me. It’s not funny to “tease” me about it. Making fun of my Dad’s drinking problem is not funny, especially coming from two alcoholic, drug addicted, reckless fools like those ignorant twins. Using personal things they know about me to exaggerate in street theater and public forums, like the games I play on-line, but also any discussion I get in on Band or GoodReads.

They hound me and stalk me constantly. I can’t breathe without these jackasses trying to act like they are monitoring me. And on that point, they love to make me feel like someone hit me in the stomach and knocked the breath out of me. Abuse is not “teasing”. Making my life into a cheap joke is not teasing, but torture. Turning me and my family into exaggerated characters so that people don’t think of us as real people with feelings is not teasing. It’s torturous abuse. And twisting my words non-stop, like I don’t know how to talk or express myself, is simply a form of lying. They twist my words to make them mean anything they want them to mean. And a perfect example will be this blog. They will take it and butcher it the way they butcher my life and pretend it doesn’t make any sense because of the absurd way they will interpret it for everyone. People do not get a chance to have their own opinions with the IdIoTTwins around.

They had my Dad’s name on a character and the word “splintered” after his name. I have no idea what that means, but it disturbs me. Of course, the character was swaying around like he was drunk.

They have a constant attack on me from every angle imaginable. They have vilified me until people don’t even see me as a human anymore. The irony is that the IdIoTTwins gave up their humanity. They prey on humanity, like a pestilence. I try to be a quiet, decent person, who minds her own business. They are in everyone’s business causing nothing but chaos, which they think they gain energy and strength from. I want to have a peaceful life. They think causing chaos in my life gives them chaotic energy to feed off of. Their belief system is destruction and chaos and more destruction and chaos.

That’s part of why my sister ended dying like she did. They wanted to just get her death over with. She was slowing them down and they were going to destroy her as much as possible no matter what path she was on in life. When she got cancer it was not something the IdIoTTwins even took into consideration. She couldn’t work anymore or do anything, so they isolated her until she didn’t have anyone, and they didn’t give her any medicine, which they thought was prolonging her life. They just wanted to destroy her and move on. And that is exactly what they did. We are talking about people with money and power beyond anything we think of on a regular bases. They are the elite privileged, crooked jackasses who get by with anything they want to do. There is no way my sister, my Dad, or I could give them any problems. We are not important enough to create the problems they pretend we caused. We don’t have enough power to make any difference to these elite freaks.

They are stereotypical bullies. They love using their power to crush us. They joke about it and taunt us as they destroy our hopes, dreams, jobs, creative pursuits, relationships, and ultimately our health diminished painfully with no help around until we die. Then they blame us for dying like we did. They lie as a matter of course. They point fingers and cast suspicions and doubts. They do their stupid fool act to get people into a joking mood. Then they hurt people deeply in front of this laughing audience they have put together.

It’s not funny. I am not laughing. I am not joking. I am not one of these types of people who throw their lives away on drugs, alcohol, parties, gambling, or whatever else. I don’t think my life is a joke and it doesn’t matter if I just laugh it off. I seriously want these monsters killed. They can’t be rehabilitated. I want them dead. Let them joke about that, the idiots.

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