The Mental Health System Can Drive You Crazy

I am going through more nightmare-horrible “care” from the mental health community. I am diagnosed with PTSD from two independent health professional systems. One is from a group out of New York that reviewed my entire medical history for State of Alaska. They found PTSD from childhood and then triggered to level of disability when my sister died in 2006. Then the Social Security system called in an expert witness to review my case. Their own witness found for all DSM Criteria A and part of Criteria B for PTSD. Every time someone who cannot benefit from the IdIoTTwins reviews my case, they find that what I am reporting and suffering from is real. The influence of IdIoTTwins always finds that there is nothing. That is because the IdIoTTwins should be held accountable for what happened to my sister. They at the very least did an absurdly negligent job with taking care of her.

So, since I have moved to Oklahoma it has been medical mental health establishment insanity. The only psychiatrist I could get in with to begin with kept changing my meds every month to stop nightmares. The last on I tried really messed me up. When he tried to up the dosage on that I refused. Instead of discussing options, the psyche cancelled all nightmare meds and prescribed an anti-psychotic. When I took that it had me crawling out of my skin. I was going crazy and could not sleep at all. I called his office. They said that it wasn’t medicine to treat my night terrors, but to treat my anger issues. Basically, I felt he was saying that if I disagreed with him that I must be crazy and needed to be put on anti-psychotic.

Then I went to a woman who does psyche through the same place I get my therapy. My therapist is very good, thank God. At one time I was told I couldn’t see her anymore, but I said I would pay out of pocket to see her. It is almost impossible to find a good therapist. But this psyche they have is horrible. She put in my file that I had anxiety issues that started a month ago. She has a horrible attitude and is hostile. That is the hallmark of the IdIoTTwins. They meet every challenge with destruction. If I disagree with them they get offended and beat me down until I can’t function and then blame me. It’s run of the mill abuse. I don’t have a relationship with the jackassses, though. It’s like living in domestic violence anywhere I go. I am fighting the same IdIoTTwins every single part of my life.

Disability is currently re-evaluating my claim. And this crazy psyche has written that I don’t have any PTSD, but anxiety. I am having night terrors to the point I think they are real. I can’t tell the difference in when I am awake and asleep sometimes because I am so exhausted and having such real nightmares. Well, it can’t be cured and hasn’t gotten better because it is directed dreaming. It is the IdIoTTwins attacking me in my sleep both through physical pain and directed nightmares. Those stupid psychiatrists have got to know that. They can’t prescribe anything that helps the nightmares when it is directed dreaming. Punishing me because their meds don’t work is insane.

And when my experience doesn’t match what the IdIoTTWins are saying, then the psychiatrists start correcting me, or just don’t listen. I talked to this last psychiatrist for about 5 minutes each time I have seen her. I talked about very specific things. She didn’t bother to note any of it.

The mental health care I am getting from the psychiatrists down here in Oklahoma is insane. They are making all my symptoms worse. They are causing me to get worse, not healthier. The treatment is abysmal, neglectful, arrogant, unsubstantiated, and just plain stupid. The psyche names are Robert Hensley, Northeastern Medical Group, and Sara Land with Mind Spa in Tulsa. They are incompetent. Don’t go to them if you have any real problems which are more complicated than neurotic, insecure upper class tranquilizer like issues.

My therapist wants me to try again with Land. I will give her another chance, but I don’t trust her at all. The patient confidence level from me to her is absolute zero. But I faxed to her the independent report from the New York health care review to show her what my plan of care is that I am following for disability. She has to be part of my plan of care. She cannot do a sloppy, half assed job and try to write her own “findings”. If her findings are nothing like what I am really dealing with and the plan I am trying to follow, then she has to go. I personally don’t think she is intelligent enough to understand what is going on with me.

I think the IdIoTTwins talk to these people in their British accents, pour on the charm, and act like these psyches are in some special, elite level of society with the IdIoTTwins. From there it is all downhill. The psyches are so busy being in this elite circle of the IdIoTTwins and getting all the perks, but carefully not taking any actual money. Suddenly, everything in their lives gets easier. If they disagree with them even a little bit then life gets harder. These people don’t have the guts to fight those IdIoTTwins. They crumble. Right back to agreeing with the IdIoTTwins and then their lives becomes easy again.

It is amazing how little strength and conviction there really is in people who are supposed to be pillars of the community. No wonder bad and crazy things are happening every where all the time. There is hardly any protection for people from these pillars in the community. It’s very disheartening. There’s an ancient story about a man going through all the world looking for one honest person. The Bible speaks of horrible curses on false witnesses. I understand both of those points in a very private, sensitive, and real way. But no matter what happens I am still going to be an honest witness about my sister’s death. All of this has nothing to do with me except that I am a witness against the IdIoTTwins.

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