I Left You! Quit Stalking Me!

In Alaska the IdIoTTwins kept sending people in my path to say things like, “If you don’t like it, then vote with your feet,” or “Time for you to move on,” or “you should move back to Oklahoma,” or “What you say in the privacy of your own home doesn’t give you a right to say anything you want to say,” or “You’re not a team player,” or “If someone is suicidal (because people thought I was suicidal), then they will just kill themselves. There’s nothing anyone can do about it (spoken by co-worker at lunch break sitting facing me at the same table while speaking to people around her),” or “You’re not welcome here,” or …. It went on and on for years. People speaking to me under their breath, people yelling and talking to someone else in street-theater, people in meetings who I didn’t know but were clearly talking to me. I was under constant attack.

Sooooooo I MOVED back to Oklahoma. I voted with my feet. I left you, Terry and Kerry Dumbass. I LEFT YOU! I could no longer function up there in Alaska. MY REAL husband and I decided to buy a small retirement home in Oklahoma and to send me down here. I lost my job because of you two. I guess you thought you had me trapped. Well, you don’t know how much my husband and I truly love each other. It’s a sacrifice, but I left Alaska, not my husband. We may be thousands of miles apart, but we still love each other. And I still hate you, Terry and Kerry. I left you. I LEFT YOU! Stop Stalking Me!

They have access to doing directed dreaming on me. All night last night they spent making me sit in my dream in one place while they repeated the same lies over and over and over until I wanted it to just be over. They kept saying that the people I trust are the ones who are lying to me and hurting me. They used their real names, which rarely, if ever happens. They kept on lying to me and hurting. The same dream would happen and I would wake up to just grogginess by my left arm feeling like it was being smashed by a baseball bat, then I would dose off again and have the exact same dream to end up semi-waking up by the extreme pain, then repeat the whole process again.

I am so exhausted that I can’t think. I walk around in a daze. I am not getting my chores done. I sure can’t get the yard mowed. I’m not doing well enough to use a lawn mower with all its safety issues. And the gas fumes make me even dizzier and more ill. I’m just going to let the lawn grow until it freezes. Then it will cover the earth and protect it. The yard will come back even better in the spring. I hope for that kind of renewal in my core self some day when these IdIoTTwins have to get out of my life.

I left you, Terry and Kerry. I can’t stand you. I voted with my feet. I got out. Let me go! Give me back my husband! Stay out of my family’s lives! Quit stalking me and torturing me! Get out of my life forever, Terry and Kerry!

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