Halloween Dumbassery vs Halloween Fun

Just now I started playing an on-line game.  The person’s character name I saw where I couldn’t miss it was my sister’s first name and “HedShot” with the number 630.  They openly taunt me and brag about torturing my sister to death all the time, but especially at Halloween and on the birthday of me and my sister.  We are not twins but have same birthday 3 years apart.  If you think the “mischief, mayhem, and tricks” these monsters are doing are just jokes, then the joke is on you.  These IdIoTTwins and their cult are killers.  Protect yourselves from them as much as possible.


Pranksters and just plain mean people have chosen Halloween as their holiday, like none of the rest of us should be able to celebrate. We feel in the autumn that we have a harvest of sorts. We have another year we took care of what we needed to and have a right to feel some pride in our labors. These pranksters and mean spirited people can’t stand for anyone to have a sense of accomplishment or any satisfaction in life. They cannot enjoy their petty lives, so they are not going to let anyone else enjoy their lives.

Then there are the dumbasses who want to pretend they have a religion and a right to kill, steal, destroy in irrational hate. They think they have a right to hate like other religions have a right to love. These fools actually act like good couldn’t exist without them. I’ve been around groups of good people. None of them needed a dumbass being mean to remind them to be good. In some sick, stupid way these mean people act like we couldn’t enjoy our season of harvest if we didn’t have them stealing our joy and destroying communities. They are not trying to keep good alive in some weird twist of logic. They are seriously trying to destroy lives. And we would all be better off without them.

I was watching this new show on Netflix called “Sabrina”. It’s about a half witch, half human girl. It’s a coming of age show, and as a show I thought it was very good. I think the girl playing Sabrina is the daughter of George Clooney. She did a great job. Maybe better than her dad, but that’s how it should be. Give the next generation encouragement and support and you get an even better “harvest”. On a side note this is another example of how hate and destroying families does not help. Families helping their members are doing the good work that matters most.

The show is full of blatant witchcraft and devil worship. “Praise Satan” is used a lot. Very conservative Christians may have a heart attack watching it. But I think we have to know what the other side is doing as much as possible. Knowing that these devil worshipping freaks like to revel in fictional tales of how amazing they are, and considering how they have entangled themselves into every single type of entertainment, I watch with the perspective of looking for artistry AND the blatant evil the mean people flaunt in our faces. In the second episode, I think, the high priest of the Dark Lord tries to smooth over Sabrina’s concerns with signing a contract giving her life to the Dark Lord.

The high priest tells Sabrina that she will be completely free. She will live longer and no longer be concerned with petty daily things that regular people care about. She will get power and be able to do what she wants at all times. She asks about her soul being condemned to hell after she dies. This is a revelation to me, but I believe this is what these people are told. She is told by the high priest of the Dark Lord that if she is faithful to do the bidding of the Dark Lord, then she will escape hell. In the end the Dark Lord will save those who serve him.

…OK. Time to let that sink in….

Let me get this straight. These people are serving the devil, doing killing, stealing, and destroying…doing things we don’t even think of like murder, rape, mass destruction…and they are all going to get a pass and not go to hell if they stay faithful and do the bidding of the devil.

…I literally started laughing. How could anyone be stupid enough to make that deal? They are supposed to lie, cheat, and steal for the devil, the father of lies. They know he expects lying all the time from them. But they think he is telling the truth when he says they won’t burn in hell if they serve him. It’s the deal with the devil found in the simplest fable. Little kids know not to trust the witch, the boogey man, the creepy stranger with candy, but these idiots can’t figure out that they are on the fast track to burning or eternity. ETERNITY! You can’t live on this earth forever. I don’t care how they extend life. They cannot stay on this earth forever. Besides, if they are going to be honored by the Dark Lord and spared from hell, then why would they want to live longer on earth?

We all have to live according to our own conscience in the end. I believe there will be a day of reckoning. A very scary day where people will answer for what they have done, like the responsible adults God expects us to be. That is a hard thing for people to think of. It’s hard for me. But it makes me do my best. I may not be right about parts of my beliefs, but I believe I am in the general ball park. This world cannot survive and thrive with a bunch of people running around trying to do meaner and meaner things to get the devil’s favor. Whether the devil is real or not is irrelevant on a practical level. The earth cannot survive this downward slope being created by people worshipping all the worst aspects of humanity.

Like parasites they eat the host until they kill it and then look for another person to feed off of. They will eventually kill too many people, animals, plants, destroy resources…they will destroy all of us trying to do our best.

When I refer to people doing their best, I do not necessarily mean the high achievers. Honestly, a lot of the high achievers have amazing accomplishments because they just do one thing in life. They have one focus. Everyone around them has to pick up the slack while they focus on achieving whatever goal. The people I am talking about are the people who are good to others in general, takes care of their families, do as good of a job as possible, have time for their neighbors and those in need, are good to animals and the land…these people are the heart of the world and are what keeps life flourishing. If you are in this category of people, then enjoy your autumn celebration of another harvest of life thriving on earth. Be ware of the mean ones though. Even in celebration we have to remain vigilant. There aren’t very many awake on the side of the good. Every one of us has to stay alert even when we celebrate.

My way of celebrating this year will be very simple. I am not handing out candy because I will be home alone and I am not taking a chance. These mean ones who feed off of my life have been more active as it gets closer to Halloween. They are doing more and more things to shock me, hurt me, torture me, and out right abuse me. I’m not going to drive today and tomorrow. They are horrible on the roads. I believe they cause wrecks, send cars to break down in traffic, and all kinds of wickedness. The people causing the problems on the road ways for all of us may or may not know that their car was going to break down. I often think they don’t know and these mean people messed with their cars. That’s just one kind of example.

The mean people seem to set this stuff up everywhere. You end up in line at the grocery story for a long time because the registers are suddenly not working and no one knows why. Every little errand you need to run takes so much time that you can’t get anything else done.

It’s a statistic that during this season more children end up missing, more animals missing, more property destruction, and in general more violence.

The mental health professionals will tell you to enjoy your life. They say it is a choice. Maybe for someone who have problems with not enjoying life. But I find that attitude rude and dismissive of what a lot of the good people are going through. In fact the mean people love to get us to “enjoy life”. Eat more, drink more, be around people all the time who end up defining you. While a good person is in that party, fun-time crowd, they are being killed step by step. But even if personally I try to live by positive vibes and pretending that everything is alright when nothing is ok, then I just become a fool and an enabler. Who needs me to be happy all the time? People manipulating and hurting me in this long distance abusive relationship. It becomes like an abusive relationship, even though you never know who the people are who you are in “relationship” with. They need me to laugh, enjoy my life, and seem vibrant, like a good little abuse victim, so they can point to me and say, “See. She is still enjoying life. We haven’t been that bad to her. She’s fine.” I don’t know how many times this has been said within my hearing throughout my entire life.

I am an introvert who likes a peaceful life. I don’t care if I have a lot of friends, or stuff. The friends I do have, I want to be sincere and add some meaning and peace to my life. I never brought attention to myself when I was struggling in life. I tried to weather through everything and hope I could thrive on the other side. My sister on the other hand was an extrovert. She hardly had an unexpressed thought. She was loud. She was extrovert for an extrovert, over the top. Everyone noticed her. When she was upset, she showed it. If she was hurt she screamed and cried as a kid and into her teens. When these monsters hurt her, she complained, cried, screamed, and wouldn’t let it go. She got a lot of attention and care while at the same time there was always someone around to hush her. There was always someone to disapprove of her vocal nature. They, the powers behind the scenes doing all this crap to us, did not want her bringing attention to what they were doing. I see that now.

Of course, in the end the monsters tortured her to death while she died of cancer and her idiot husband kept shushing her and telling her to not be too loud. She was dying of cancer without pain management, and this idiot was telling her she was too loud. He is always going around shushing his kids too. They are her children, too. They can’t be quiet all the time. The expressiveness will break through. The noise they can create without realizing it will probably be key in their quality of life.

The girls and I were safer when my sister was alive because she brought attention and other people behind the scenes were looking into our lives very closely. I have no idea how the IdIoTTWins and their cult isolated us enough for her to die like she did. I guess it is because she got too sick to make sense. Then everyone thought her husband knew what was good for her. But he already had another woman from his work place. We didn’t know anything about her. If I had known, then me and my dad would have taken over. It changes everything knowing he had his future wife waiting in the wings and was married to her before the year was up after my sister died. Talk about a dirty trick that was designed to destroy our family. I was still unable to go through a day without crying all day and he had moved on to his next wife. His excuse was that he couldn’t raise the kids alone. Well, that was true, since he didn’t have anything to do with raising them in general. My sister did almost everything with the kids. Her husband was told when to show up and what to do. He resented her for it, but she was unyielding on the point. Now he gets all this credit for what my sister made him do. He and his current wife are opportunists and really put on the Christian act, while they are selfish.

Hindsight is 20/20. I now know that everything I have been pressured to do has been bad. Good people do not keep pressuring and pressuring with no regard to your wants and needs. Good people do not tell you to be quiet when you are hurting. But I remember politeness and the do unto others Golden Rule. “Wise as serpents, harmless as doves.” New Testament. I know if I am polite and I have to get rude with someone, then they are pushing all my buttons and trying to force me to do something. If I have to be rude to someone after trying and trying to be polite, then I am done. There is no relationship with such a person. I will never change my mind. I will not be pushed to breaking point over and over again while they seem to get some kind of sick rush from it. I celebrate as much as I can, and I deny them the thrill of pushing my buttons.

I will finish with a favorite story about my Dad. He was fascinated by computers, like they were some how sentient. He got me a Simon light game. One afternoon he was in the living room laughing, quiet, then burst of laughter again. When he could get his breath he said, “Come in here! I’m making this thing go crazy!” We went in the living room and Dad was pushing every button on the game. It was flashing all the lights in various patterns. “See that! I’m driving it crazy!” He did that more than once. He thought it was hilarious to set the game off into frantic combinations of colors flashing. As cute as my Dad was in his sincerely joyous fun, these psychopaths feel exactly about other humans as Dad felt about the Simon game. They get sick joy from pushing all our buttons and “driving this thing crazy!” Do not play along as much as possible. Try to get help before all your energy is randomly flashing signals of panic. No one will be able to help you at that point, and you won’t be able to stop your own panic any more than the game could. If you are isolated and no hope of help, then be extra careful. Take care of yourself. Safety first, then you can get help.

Happy, safe Halloween!

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