Mind Spa?

Tomorrow is my second meeting with the new psyche. She runs a business called Mind Spa, but it’s more like mind-assault-and-battery with her. I am scared and dreading it. They will have the lights on in the room extra bright so I can see her on the computer monitor. They will announce my height, weight, and blood pressure like the court cryer. It feels like giving your personal vital stats to be allowed into the presence of her highness to be judged and traumatized. It doesn’t have anything to do with justice. I won’t be able to get sleep tonight, so it will all be like a very bright, surreal, chaotic dream, which is what my life has become. All that will matter will be what the IdIoTTwins have on the agenda. I will be treated in a way where I feel I have to defend myself and then it will be noted that I am defensive. Apparently the whole goal is to get me on anti-psychotics, which I am not taking. If they could accomplish that, then it really would drive me insane. And they would tell everyone that I snapped because I was hooked on drugs.

Seriously? This smear campaign from two of the world’s biggest drug addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, perverted incest twin brothers? Now they are the moral compass? Has everyone lost their minds and their backbone? This cannot be allowed to keep happening. Not just to me, but to all of society. If you read this and you are “normal”, you better pray you never have so much stress you snap. Then you will find out the dark truths about how the mental medical field is corrupt all the way true with people who will hurt you and take advantage of you. Finding a few good people along the way has made all the difference for me, but I can tell they come under horrible stress for being honest, good people.

The psyches have sort of accepted the internet as a way of socializing. I’m sure if I was playing Bridge on-line or even the slots and talking to other people, that it would probably be middle class enough for them to be comfortable with it. Since my husband and I play role playing adventure games with other people, they feel that is too strange, but are sort of accepting this. They accept it because these twins are completely into the role playing games. Makes since with the Satanic corruption of many of the underlying King Author type tales these games are more or less based on. Or some people say they are more like “Through the Looking Glass” which is “Alice in Wonderland”. At any rate the twins are into it. I am sure they have tons of money invested in these big on-line games. So once again I am trying to socialize in a place I am allowed and all that is there for me to interact with is the same two dumbasses. I cannot explain the boredom, tediousness, and frustration that only being able to talk to the same two idiots all the time can do to you. Especially as all the interactions are one-sided with the twins basically talking to themselves and everyone else is supposed to just be the audience. I am sick of being the audience to the most ridiculous stupidity I have ever had to endure. It’s like not being able to escape some low budget, horrible acting horror film. This is not what I wanted for my life. It is absolute crap. And the IdIoTTwins always want me to wade through their garbage and pretend it is the yellow-brick-road.

In the game the guilds I can get in to sell and buy from other characters and be successful are the Sauce Guilds with cooking type names. Obviously Kerry’s. And now I got into one called “Lunacy”, which is obviously Terry’s. There’s a whole group of those guilds. I get put in instance after instance with people with the most ridiculous character names who get in zone chat where everyone in that area can hear and go on and on about stupid stuff. It’s the same exact ignorant-twins-talking-to-themselves that I have to listen to every where I go in the game or in real life. It is complete garbage. I dread it. I can’t find a way to avoid it if they are always stalking me and setting up everything in my life. I finally stuck with the guilds in general so I can participate even if I mainly have to be a captive audience, literally.

I actually made a friend on the game. I know that is messing up everything for them. They don’t like me to have any bonds with anyone. I am not supposed to have needs and thoughts. I am supposed to just watch them and listen to them all day and in my dreams at night for every day of my life.

The monumental spoiled child syndrome I am dealing with, times two makes me want scream. They still whine and act like they will run and tell mommy when they are really mad. It’s embarrassing to watch. If you are a person of any normal feeling, then you just feel embarrassed for them, but they cling to the mommy apron strings. They have no idea why anyone would think it is weird and embarrassing for older men in their 50s to be clinging to mommy.

Freaks. They are freaks. It’s funny that they embrace the mean clown and mean spirited court jester personas. That is exactly what they are. Once again, though, they don’t see the irony. They act like they are original and creative and came up with that persona. No. They are expressing what they really have been created to be. Their family from the beginning planned on them being jokes and fools. Mean jokes and cruel fools, but jokers and fools just the same. That’s what they really are. But they are so vicious that no one with any sense is laughing. They should be afraid of those twins. And the twins need to be confined as much as possible. They will hurt you. They will hurt your family. They will hurt your community. They are destroyers and have no interest in building anything. If they put something together it is supposed to run as fast as possible without maintenance until it can not longer function. Then they put money and time in something else. They don’t do sustainable unless it is to sustain working-poor sweat-shop industrial slavery.

They make you laugh some times, but please take a closer look with critical thinking. Nothing about them actually fits logically and makes sense. While you are laughing they are destroying another person, another town, more land, and anything else they can get influence over.

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