Hell Experiment Halloween Season 2018

I haven’t written in a while because I have been sick and under extra-special attacks since my last post. One of the things they have started doing is giving me writhing pain by making it feel like they are breaking my left arm. I am left handed, which is most likely why they keep attacking that arm. Night before last I woke up screaming in my sleep. It felt like my bone was being split in two. How perfect for the abusive psychopaths to have access to technology that can hurt people without any evidence of the person being attacked! I dropped a napkin yesterday. When my auto-reflex to grasp at it kicked in it felt like I had slammed into a steel bar in a car wreck. I was screaming and crying before I could even think.

I am under extreme abuse while the IdIoTTwins doing this are whining that I have hurt their feelings. What feelings? They don’t have feelings. They imitate other people’s feelings. The tiny amount of time I knew them, they acted just like my family. I thought they were somehow related to me because it was amazing how much they acted like my dad and sister. Now it makes perfect sense. They knew my dad and sister. They had information on our family back to when I was born. Of course they could fool me into thinking they were people who could understand me and who I could understand. Layer on layer of pain and lies. That is the only thing they take pride in. If you know them and think they are ok guys, then you are currently being duped. You will live to regret it. They will get what they want out of you and enjoy betraying you and destroying you with all the things you confided and all the things they have learned by stalking you.

They have also screwed up my finances from behind the scenes. Yes. They have that much power. I have emails showing that I informed state disability of the fact I moved to another state in April. The state continued to over pay me cost of living through August. On top of that the cost of living adjust should not change until I had been out of the state for 90 days, but they didn’t seem to take that into account. This is the same state that had it’s retirement finances hacked with a lot of people’s information being taken. Mine and my husband’s were two of those who got hacked. They also miscalculated the retirement money, supposedly, and could not pay the retirees like they should. For that reason they were cutting positions in state funded programs like the one I worked in. Alaska is owned by oil and rich idiots like those twins. If you were destitute and dying, they would actually want your organs. They cannot take enough away from people. They are disgusting, psychopathic monsters who need to be stopped.

Also, I have three insurances between my husband, the work I did and still have benefits from and government. I owe a thousand dollars to two medical places for tests doctors with my insurance, who should have known better, had me undergo. Of course both tests came back saying there was nothing wrong with me.

And they keep harping on and on about another guy in their group, who I admire. They will not shut up making references to him in a negative light. Seriously. I really believe that those twins have a sexual thing for this guy. They are way to obsessed with this guy’s sexuality. And I know by reputation that the twins do incest in orgies. I’m sure they’d like to gang up on this poor guy. All they are doing is making me think even less of them than I do, which I really didn’t think was possible. In that way it is amazing. But it’s ridiculous. In the same way that they attack me is over-the-top unbelievable, they attack this guy. I am completely convinced they want to have sex with him and are jealous of him.

Everything they say sounds like a jilted lover. I might think there was something to that, but they went around telling people I was married to one of them. They kept complaining about their “wife”. I couldn’t figure it out since they weren’t married until one day they blatantly were having some guy I never had seen before call me his wife. I thought they were trying to tell me that my husband didn’t love me. Well, in their sick minds I guess that might be what they were saying and saying they were the husband. They are literally insane. They don’t do some insane things. They are insane all the time. Everything they do is insane, if we knew the real reason they were doing it. Even a crazy person can seem sane sometimes.

And like every truly insane person they spend a lot of time trying to convince people that they people around them are insane, but not them. Supposedly they are the pinnacle of what a human can be…in fact even better than the best human because they are gods. If poor people say they are gods, then they are wandering the streets with no care whatsoever. If rich people say they are gods, everyone explains how they don’t mean it literally and keep kissing up to them. It’s amazing how stupid so many people become when they are around money. Amazing and shameful.

People need to think for themselves and not feel bad about it. There is no shame in not agreeing with everyone. There should be shame and consequences for not thinking for yourself and following monsters, who are actively destroying everyone they can who do not agree with them. Sure. It’s scary. But you have to disagree and not change your mind. Every time you give a little, they take a lot from someone else who doesn’t deserve it. You are enabling them. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi are well known examples of passive resistance. So is Jesus. Bad things happened to them, but look at all the people they helped. We cannot take the easy path just so we don’t feel pain.

I, personally, will live in pain and poverty for not agreeing with these monsters. At the very least I will not be giving them my energy to use to hurt other people. I don’t want my nieces and their children living in a world where the rich psychopaths have complete control over them. That is leaving them in a world of slavery. So many peoples in so many places and times all around the world have fought so that the next generation can have some kind of freedom. We can’t let that be destroyed in our generation. We have got to disagree. I don’t care what it costs us. We can’t let humanity slip down this slope right into a hell on earth.

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