“Hand of Glory” Autumnal Equinox: 2018, September 22nd

These monsters attacking me have really been tearing me apart. Big spider under my favorite chair. Snake under dining room table. Monster roach by my clothes and bed. Wasps. Various bugs. I have Raid down, boric acid, the plug in electric emitters that are supposed to deter the creepy crawlies. Crickets die almost instantly when they get in the house. There are random other bugs that die in the house almost instantly. There is no way all this gross stuff the last week was not planted in my home to scare me.

So, going to my rule-of-thumb, if it’s stupid it is the IdIoTTwins, I went to look at what the witch, devil worshipping calendar said. Autumn Equinox coming up at the end of this week. This is a big time for these idiots. On one calendar it said, “Hand of Glory”. I had never heard of it. I looked it up and one of the first sites that came up was a site for teachers of mythology. It explains how to make a pretend Hand of Glory.

And what is this weird Hand of Glory? It’s the mummified, or pickled hand of a murderer. Then they used the fat from the person to make a candle. From there they turned the person’s hand into a candle that is made from his own fat. Talk about insult to injury!

Why go to all the gruesome trouble to make this Hand of Glory? Well, you could use the candle to put people to sleep so you can rob their house. Or you can use it to light your way, but darken the area of everyone else, basically making you invisible. Or you could use it to open all locked doors, helping yourself to areas that are closed off to you. Or it may come form as an invisible hand around a person you want to trap.

I know when I think of classical education for children, I hope they have a part about how to make disgusting, horrific keepsakes of body parts…Seriously? Shocking!



I also found that I thought I was going to a site on Wikipedia at one time in my search, but I ended up on Witchipedia.com. That’s how subtle this stuff can be. I would never think I could stumble on a witch site, much less a witchcraft encyclopedia. I didn’t think people could be teaching a little fall festival fun as a real hand of a dead person. I will include the picture. The picture for the curriculum on the site is a picture of a real, pickled hand. Disgusting! I know the kids would be making a simple craft project based on it…but NO!

And in my nightmare waking-up phase of life, I discover another disgusting thing that hints that my mom was a witch. Her anniversary was Sept. 22nd. I know it is not always the day of Autumnal Equinox, but it often is and is in that general time of year. Also, this is the month where these crazy people have “marriage to the beast”, marrying children to the devil.

Back to this last week leading up to this Autumn sacrifices and murders, they had the psyche (I call the psychiatrist psyche, because I think he’s mainly there to psyche me out, but make sure no “real” damage is done to me) take me off of sleep medication and put me on respi…whatever medication. It’s in the same medication family as clonzepan, which this psyche took me off of and said the doctors in Alaska didn’t know what they were doing.

On these days going cold turkey off of my sleep med and putting me on the schizo meds, which they are already proved I don’t have…Suddenly, I am hyper. I can’t sleep. I don’t have nightmares except for a little bit because I only got a few hours sleep a night. It was hyper manic hysterical energy all the time. I felt like crawling out of my skin. When I realized this is a big deal time of the year for these devil worshippers, I realized they are putting me on the wrong meds and are actively trying to scare me senseless. Thank God, I could still think enough to realize it. I haven’t been able to write a blog since they started all this stuff. I cannot get my thoughts gathered. I have’t been able to stick to a train of thought.

I know this blog is a mess like most of mine are, but I am doing the best I can.

So I did not take the respi-med yesterday and went back to a little sleep med. I felt like a human being again this morning. I am completely worn out and exhausted, like I have lived five lives in the last week. Still, I feel a lot better. I will deal with the psyche and the med dispensers after I get some energy back. I don’t want to snap. God knows that of all the things you can do, never act threatening.

Side track: I often note that people without money and power cannot be threatening, overly opinionated, too aggressive. People who are loud, entitled, opinionated, rough are almost always rich people. The people without power know they can never get by with acting like that. And to take the observation a little further, when I have seen people without power demanding something or hysterically acting out whatever is bothering them; then they really are that upset. No one without power would bring attention to themselves in such a way.


Looks like someone flipping someone the bird.  I bet that is what that gross gesture really does mean.




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