What is the thing with Freemasons?

In keeping with my general observations in life, the Freemasons are both gruesome and good. At high levels…even higher level than you are thinking of…we are talking about Rockerfellers, presidents and people who are rich enough to boss them around, queens and kings, rich people we will never hear of…way up at that level — it is said that they have some weird old pagan religious beliefs similar to Egyptian/Roman rites. They started out as stone masons way back, maybe even to the time of building the pyramids. Obviously these people were not the slaves actually dying to put those pyramids up for the generations to wonder at. They have a philosophy that the commoners, slave laborers. can do the actual work. They are expendable. These elites have to live to keep all this secret archaic mystical knowledge preserved for all of human history. Have to make sure they keep turning the tides of humanity back to the rulers-and-the-slaves-scenario. But it’s all secret knowledge, as far as I can tell, to keep the billion slave labor humans from realizing what they are up to and killing them. Or at least stopping them.

But on the local level they are mostly white men in the community. Ok. I am going to get to the good, but I have to say here that if an area has established corrupt communities, then the lodges in the area are corrupt and covering for each other. It’s a fact. I wish it wasn’t. That’s how you have all these people all over the place covering for each other, but you know they don’t all go to the same church, or belong to the same social group, or really have anything to do with each other.

If they are flashing their old man gang signs, (or old woman gang signs, if they belong to the female order) it will look odd, like harsh angles made by their hands, fingers, position of feet, patterns on clothes and a million other ways. They will make sure you can recognize what their old guy gang symbol that refers to you is. It’s usually just crossing arms where there is a perfect 90 degree angle for the arms, or feet positioned to make the 90 degree angle. They like to straighten things because it represents them putting building materials in place, and they are putting you in your place…….I will let that sink in for a minute.

I know! Crazy, right?! All these years the old people were flashing us gang signs and disrespecting us, and we didn’t even know it. The funny thing is they seem to really think they told us. I have heard them talking, “And I raised my eyebrow at her. She knew what I meant.” I think to myself, “She thought you were a crazy old cow, who probably was off her meds.” But they really think that crap works. Then they get all offended and bent out of shape, acting like you have been disrespecting them, while you are wondering what the hell was going on with some snotty old woman raising one eyebrow at you all the time.

Now I am on the cliff edge of becoming an old woman. But thank God for YouTube, even if it is not “cool” anymore. I never would have known what the eyebrow raising, weird body language meant without it. And they never tell. Some people have gone in and become whistleblowers. That’s how any of us unsuspecting people have a chance to know what we are dealing with when these types get involved in our lives. And believe me, they are involved in your life. If you don’t know it because your life is pretty normal, then if you believe in God, give a special thank-offering.

But in general the Freemasons are a lot like the Red Green Show. If you haven’t seen Red Green, I will add one to this blog. You can search for it in YouTube and watch hundreds of videos.

The first time I saw Red Green I was flipping through channels on my tv, bored, just wanting to veg in front of the tv. I saw “Handyman Corner”. I stopped to watch. I like home remodel shows and tips for dealing with things around the house. He actually goes step by step. I was intrigued and sort of scared. As he kept going it kept getting more dangerous and absurd. Then I was laughing, but wondering who this crazy old man was. I thought he was some old guy who had got on a public access channel, like the old swap meet shows, when they would talk about stuff they had at the house. I wondered if I needed to call someone to go check on him. Or check out his show because he was sure to kill himself on accident eventually. I turned it off after the segment thinking he had made it this far, so he would probably be ok.

But later I found another “Handyman Corner”. I was calling out to my husband, “Is this guy for real? Come look what he is doing with this car?” My husband took one look at the screen and shook his head. He wasn’t sure what was going on. Then after pledge week break Harold came on the show and saved me. After that I laughed until I was actually sore. The whole show was such fun. And what a relief that the crazy handyman wasn’t really in danger of accidentally killing himself.

Basically Red Green is a retired FICTIONAL man on a PBS comedy show, not on free access. He putters around his house and is always “improving things”. The guys at the lodge spend a lot of time hiding from wives, complaining about taxes, and trying to do things like make a car pothole proof. If you run into the masons like this, you won’t realize it. They don’t bother with the intimidation stuff unless they think there’s a real threat to the community. In that case this is America, not Canada, where Red Green lives. The funny older guys bring real guns to do the original homeland security.

I am afraid of them. I mean, I joke with them if they start it. If they are serious, I am serious. All playing aside, they notice everything and have a strong opinion on everything. Old guys with guns and medication?! And the older women can be the same. It’s all hilarious, but also dangerous, just like how Red Green Show portrays “retired” living. Also for those of you who may wonder, it’s sort of how it feels to live in America.

The prayer at the end of the Red Green Show by the lodge members is, “Lord, I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess. Amen.”

Red Green TV “Handyman Corner – Pot Hole Proof Car”

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