Dishonored in Death

I’ve come across the story of the death of Allen Dulles several times in learning more about the shadow government. His wife threw a Christmas party, but Dulles didn’t show up. People kept asking where he was, but she said he was just upstairs sick with the flu and didn’t feel like joining the party. She said he was fine, but too ill to attend. A couple of the extended family members went to check on him. He was wallowing in his own feces and urine, mumbling to himself, out of his mind. The family members wrapped him in a clean blanket and took him to the hospital. Later he died there. His wife was angry that they had dirtied one of her clean blankets when they took him to the hospital.

Apparently Allen Dulles, as head of the CIA during the Cold War Era, took control of the US government with the help of his brothers. Dr. Eric Karlstrom said in one interview that he thought Allen Dulles was the most traitorous American who had ever lived. In order to subsume the power of a world power government, Dulles had to have made many powerful enemies along the way. And on top of that he had all the nasty addictions that come along with living a life of legitimized crime. His philandering was probably particularly wounding to his wife. James Corbett speaks to all of this in “Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster”. I will add that documentary to this blog.

What I have to say is from the perspective of a targeted individual from a targeted family. It is my observation that when the spooky powers behind the scenes are punishing me or others, especially if they are expressing they are throwing you away and your life doesn’t matter…your suffering doesn’t matter…and you deserve to be humiliated…Their favorite way to do that seems to be vomit, diarrhea, loss of bladder control, and if you are a woman in her menstruation that will also play a part as often as possible.

Looking a little ways down that disgusting rabbit hole I cannot help but notice all the information I am seeing about the possible planned virus released where masses of population may be infected and die of vomit, diarrhea, bleeding, loss of bladder control. James Corbett did a documentary called “The Ebola Effect: Hyping the Next Bioweapon for Fear and Profit”. I will add it to this blog also.

What I have experienced and seen:

Even as a kid I never was one to care about peer pressure. These people have to be able to make you bow to peer pressure. They don’t have anything real to offer. So even as a kid, when everyone was doing something and I kept resisting, I would come down with “stomach flu” and be home a week at a time, vomiting, diarrhea, and as I matured having horrible, painful cramping periods. I have no idea how this stuff is done. I suspect that in good old military style, there are several things used; drugs, alcohol, microwave, sonic waves, gases, and of course, actual contact with flu germs of one strain or another.

As recently as last year when my husband moved me to Oklahoma, hoping I would get better, we were both sick all the time. Constant diarrhea, bladder control issues. I have had problems in Alaska of not being aware of anything and staying in bed muttering to myself all day, out of my mind angry and scared. I didn’t know my own husband many times. I thought people were in the house who weren’t, like my dead sister. I would forget my sister died. When I would come out of it, I would go into shock realizing that my sister died. It felt like it just happened. Also when I was in those insane throws I begged the powers talking in my mind to bring my sister back and would think that they did, sometimes. I had all kinds of insane hallucinations externally and horrifying nightmares I could not escape internally.

When my husband and I are not in the same house together, we both hardly have problems with the stomach flu.

But I have had violent, hallucinogenic, insane vomitting, diarrhea, and loss of bladder control at college night class in 2008 and at my workplace in 2013, I think. The years blur. I went to a night class. I broke out in a sweat in a night class in Alaska where there was a foot of snow outside and hardly any heat inside. It looked like the screen of the teacher’s presentation moved down to me and was inches from my face. I had tremors. The colors were blurring. It was a fine arts class and we were learning about Michelangelo. Then I knew I was going to puke. I ran to the bathroom. I didn’t make it to the toilet. I was on the floor puking my guts up.

At work it was the same thing only I was alone in my office. I started sweating. My stomach bloated out to where I felt it was going to explode. I had tremors. I ran to the bathroom. When I shut the door, I fell down on the floor, like an epileptic seizure, and started violently throwing up with the seizures. I could not move my arms to lift myself up from the floor. I just threw up and was laying in it. My clothes were soaked with vomit. My pants were soaked with feces and urine. I could not move for a while and just laid there moaning, thinking I was going to throw up some more. Eventually I could move my arms. I had my phone on me. I called my supervisor, who was about 3 offices down from where all of this was happening to me. Then she showed up with most of my co-workers. They were laughing and “joking” with me. I was completely helpless, so I had no choice but to go along with it. “Oh, it’s so funny.” But it was not funny at all. I was scared. By that time in my life, I knew that it had been done to me on purpose and they were in on it.

The office Big Mouth announced, “HOW EMBARRASSING! I WOULDN’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE ME ALL NAKED IN MY OWN VOMIT LIKE THAT!” Then they got me down stairs to the shower. My boss stood in front of the shower while I cleaned myself off and people “helping” were going back and forth and seeing me completely naked. Then they took me and sat me by the back door to the whole 5 story building. People were walking by and making jokes, like it was funny. I laughed because I had no choice, but I wanted to kill those people. There are no lower people than those who will kick you when you are down. They are utterly scum and do not deserve any consideration at all.

When my sister was dying at home with no professional health care, she could not stand up. Her husband just pulled her up and she would pee on herself and it ran down into a 5 gallon bucket. Then he sat her in a chair on a blanket. My husband and I saw that, then we went and bought her adult diapers and a diaper type runner to put under her. Her husband acted like we could do that if we wanted to do that, but it was a waste of money. They charge so much for those things. Also there was this attitude in the family that it was a lack of faith to buy her anything that admitted she was ill even though she was peeing on herself and it was running into a 5 gallon bucket. Like that made sense and my husband and I were just crazy.

Obviously she was having bowel movements on herself. It wasn’t much because she couldn’t really eat. She was dying. She should have had clean health care, but her husband said that she didn’t want that. Can you imagine? He was holding her against his chest while she peed herself in a bucket, but he thought she was sane enough to know what she needed at the end? I think the sick IdIoTTwins behind the scenes wanted her humiliated. Really, she was so out of it, she didn’t really know what was going on. But, I knew. They knew I knew and so did my husband and her husband. Her husband helped them humiliate her to let my family know that we better get in line. He is even lower than the scum from the workplace I was at.

Well, my Dad never got in line. He always said that everything was wrong with how my sister died. When he was dying they had me in Alaska out of my mind, hallucinating and going crazy. After I finally got to talk to some people to help Dad, and then after he died, I was told that he was found in his apartment. He was too weak to stand up. He was rolling around in his own feces and urine. It was all over the walls where he tried to crawl and get up, but he couldn’t. Now I know they had cameras on him the whole time. I guess those IdIoTTwins sat there watching my Dad dying, laughing at him so sick and weak, not able to get up. He was filthy and screaming out for help. They left him like that. One of his brother’s daughters, who is a nurse, came and helped him. A lady from the local nursing home where he went, cleaned the apartment up for him. In the end he got to die with some dignity, cleanliness, and pain management. Thank God.

These monsters pretend to care about life, but it’s all a joke and a game to them. Our suffering has no real meaning to them. They think it is funny. They are real psychos. They are the kind of people who laugh at animals suffering. But there is some kind of theme around the feces, urine, blood. If you start seeing a pattern of it in the extreme, then you are probably dealing with one or more of these psychopaths behind the scenes.

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