Your Reality is a Game to Control Freaks

Imagine never having to work, no consequences for anything you would ever do, anything you do hailed as something amazing no matter how mundane, and never needing anything. What do you see? I see bored immature old men, who think everyone else’s lives only exist for them to play with, like a game.

How do you know when you are dealing with the rich and useless? There are little signs, like when they act like your sister’s death from cancer was not a big deal, but the fact that you said something that cast them in a bad light is the unforgivable sin. Or the husband who is such a puppet to someone of power that he watches his wife die in horrific pain, while the immature IdIoTTwin powers have another wife lined up for him. He just lets my sister die any way the bored immature IdIoTTwins want it to happen, like some sick cancer snuff film and within 4 months the husband is going steady with his soon to be next wife. Another sign is when you have to hear over and over how hard it was for the ex brother-in-law to take care of three kids after your sister’s death, but no one ever breaths even a hint of how horrific the pain was that your sister died in. Once again, the normal day to day living adjustments of getting to live cancer free and have a beautiful family is cast as the most horrific burden that could barely be endured so that the brother-in-law got it all easy and kushy all the way through…that is supposed to be the big heart wrenching melodrama we are all supposed to focus on and go out of our way to praise his valiant cowardice. Meanwhile, my sister died with cancer all through her entire body and with no pain management. She died in excruciating, horrific, nightmarish, terrifying pain that cannot be described. She suffered valiantly. She should have all the praise and blessings on her memory. The coward ex brother-in-law got everything he wanted and is still getting everything he wants. There’s no reason to feel sorry for that sell out. He is taken care of for life. Just the thought of him makes me want to puke. And the IdIoTTwins behind him…acting like this is some cheap melodrama that they are the stars of…acting like it’s some stupid game to entertain them since they don’t have the guts to really live their own lives. My sister put her all into every second of her life every day. She was the most sincere person I ever knew. These IdIoTTwins try to get by with as much as they can every day. They are the most insincere people I have ever seen.

I watched this video, “The Most Disturbing Presentation Ever – Our Tech Nightmare”. This man shows how our lives can literally be turned into a game. I believe it already is a game to the powerful. These cruel research projects…they are sick games. The sick, stupid stuff that gets research with money from the rich shows how little regard they have for life. I know that my life is already a game since I have these IdIoTTwins in my life. Every second of every day is just a stupid game to them. They do mean stuff to me all the time. They plan stuff for every second, every day, every week, every year, every decade, every milestone, every eventuality, everything…everything. My whole life is watching grown immature psycho idiot men jumping around in joker costumes basically screaming, “Give me attention! Give me attention! Give me Attention! Give me attention! Give me attention! Give me attention!”

They do the directed dreaming to me, too. I never escape them. Every second of my life is just them using me to get attention for themselves.

I cannot describe to you how much I hate Terry and Kerry 9-9-65. I hate them. I want them out of my life, their proxies out, and their proxies out. I want the IdIoTTwins gone. I hate them with every fiber of my being past, present, future, in any space or time. I hate them and want them out of my life. I am not their slave. I am not their friend. I am not even an acquaintance with them since 2000. I got away from those psychos, I thought, and I never went back. To find out I can never escape them does make me feel I will never have any quality of life and that I would be better off dead.

This video is a light hearted look at using as many things as could be thought of and conveyed quickly to “interact” with our lives. Imagine all of this sort of thing used by people who hate you and think it’s funny to hurt you every day of your life and you will have the tiniest glimpse into what it is like to be attacked by the IdIoTTwins day and night every day all the time.

“The Most Disturbing Presentation Ever – Our Tech Nightmare”

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