Agenda 21 and Tree Branch the Size of a Small Tree Falls Perfectly to Block my Drive Way Right at the Street! Amazing Coincidence!

The most amazing coincidence happened the morning after I wrote the Agenda 21 blog. A very large tree branch, about the size of a small tree, fell perfectly straight, across the end of my drive way. Will wonders never cease? It’s like a statement was being made by vicious tree fairies, or maybe tanked terry-kerry, about something to do with the rich people having all the land and the poor people blocked from it. It’s like they didn’t want that brought up or something. I get confused, though, so what do I know? It was probably just the high winds from a few days before the limb fell.

My left arm has been killing me. I can hardly straighten it, so it was very hard to move the tree branch. I finally got it away from the street, parallel with my drive way, into my yard. I aired up the tire on my van that gets flat whenever the wannabe gods get angry. Then I moved my van by pulling out onto the extra lots of land I bought for no real reason other than to have them, turned my van around, and parked where I can safely squeak by the “tree” that is laying parallel to the drive way. Glad I had those extra lots of land just in case. You really never know when some extra land might come in handy.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of one of the worst dates in history. Not the tragedy of 9/11, but the tragedy of the birth of terry-kerry IdIoTTwins. 9-9-65. Like that wasn’t planned. Twins on 9-9, how cute…gag! As in choke on puke and die. I have had some dark moments when I was hoping both of them were partying hard and doing just that. Wait. I’m having that moment now. I’m actually always having that moment.

What kind of world is it where these IdIots murder my sister and torture everyone good in the world and get by with it? What kind of world is it where my beautiful, sweet, kind, joyful sister is dead and those useless alcoholic, drug addicted, male whores are walking around free on the earth and sending me messages like “blood reign” today? What kind of world is it where I have been married to my husband, who I love, for 30 years, but I can’t be with him because these IdIoTTwins find every way possible to keep us apart? When we are together they keep us sick constantly so that we can hardly function.

This is not a happy birthday, but a birth tragedy, “9-9 terry-kerry more blood-sucking sick rich idiots are born day”. I hope both of you die horrendous deaths. I know the darkness of this will disturb some, but these rich jackasses need some truth spoken to them. I am not being “nice” about it. I’m not being “the mature one”. I’m not doing any of the social niceties where scum like that gets by with murder and destroying lives under a veneer of me being forced to act like they are something special. They aren’t special. They are sub-human. They are not even average human. They are like diseased animals, like dogs with rabies. You can’t reason with them, or teach them lessons, or any of that nonsense. That’s civil discourse between real people. They are actual murderers, rapists, liars, abusers. Every second they are alive on the earth is a second they are hurting all the people they possibly can as much as they possibly can. And it’s a good day to them if they can make someone be nice to them while they are hurting the person. They aren’t getting any good days from me.

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