Agenda 21? What is that? Sounds Boring? Who Cares?… Only Humans Need Worry

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this Agenda 21, Sustainable Energy, Agenda 30, Global Warming, Environmental Preservation (may have accidentally made up the last one, but it has that feel to it)…What are all these people freaking out about? And why should I care? I mean, I am more worried about PETA deciding I am some abuser of a living thing for having a pet and throwing me in lock down than whether the polar caps are melting. It seems like a bunch of stuff a lot of rich, entitled, well provided for — well, basically homeless people, travel around the world fighting with each other about. It all seems kind of pretentious. It feels like something rich people do to make it look like they really do something. This bunch didn’t want to raise money and lay policy for anything useful that would get noticed, like kids, so they picked wilderness areas no one has hardly ever seen and never plan on bothering with.

But, to me, Agenda 21 is like when you hear kids in the yard fighting over a toy and you hope they just move on to the next thing and forget about it, so you don’t have to go outside and listen to a lot of sniffling, yelling, witness finger pointing accusations, and wrestling over the toy, until you just take it away from all of them anyway. The noise about Agenda 21 became deafening, so I looked into it. Ok. So it’s a lot more serious than kids fighting over a toy. In fact it is more on the scale of someone taking your home, land, car and killing your family and pets because they are polluting the air. Seriously. It is that awful. It is that stupid. And it’s time some people get some stuff taken away from them.

I will link some info in this little blog in the hopes it helps someone out there, especially anyone working so hard they don’t have time to keep up with crap like this. That’s how I didn’t know about all this stuff.

But basically what is going on is that in the name of resource management for the good of the planet and mankind the governments AND NGOs (Non-government organizations. As God is my witness I thought it was like MSG or some other food thing people are always freaking out about.) will take all the land, water, mineral, and air rights to run for us. They are going to herd us into “smart cities” and make it illegal for us to go on the land. I’m sure the government, oil, and other big brother monster monies will only do what is good for all of us and not ruin the entire earth and end up killing all of us and their stupid selves in the process. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud. At least they would end up killing themselves in that scenario…but…it’s really not worth it. It’s time to take everything that is ours and to start fighting for what should be ours. They are already stealing from everyone on earth.

Some of these people not only want rights to everything on and in earth, but they want the space around earth too and literally the moon. “Shoot for the moon” and all those old sayings…these people are really trying to buy the moon and have rights to all of it. And some talk about some of the other planets. “Agenda 21” leads to some very odd and strange places if you peek behind the curtains, but this is the bottom line…they don’t get our land. I don’t care if it is a shared sandbox in a group of condos, they don’t get it. Land is everything. Well, after water, but the likes of you and me will never have water rights. See what I mean. We just accept that. That’s one of the things we should have rights to. We should never worry about not having water. No one should own water. Or we ALL should own water. But we let them steal that a long time ago before any of us were born. We cannot leave to our children a world where they can’t even own a yard and a house.

One of the things I detest is over crowding. It does all kinds of horrible things to people. It’s just like thirst, hunger, or sleep deprivation in that if people are over crowded all the time it brings out survival instinct and people can’t completely control it. The “smart cities” will be death camps. People will be packed in like commodities on a grocery shelf. There won’t be quality of life.

After I listened to some documentaries on Agenda 21 and some lectures, read a little, and looked at some maps, I realized that I have been living a form of Agenda 21 in Alaska for 25 years. I will put a map of Alaska at the bottom of this. You can see how much land there is, but the people are all piled on each other in Anchorage for the most part. Anchorage is surrounded by mountains and has Cook Inlet on one side. There are massive parks in the city which are more like national parks than what you imagine city parks. That adds to the land of the city, but not to the land zoned for people to live on. The Air Force and Army own a lot of the land around the city, so that looking at a map that usually will show JBER Military Operations as the Northwest side of the city, it looks like part of Anchorage, but civilians can’t go on the base or it’s forest areas.

My husband and I bought a house there in 1993 for $67,000 which was insane at the time, but cheap up there in Anchorage. It was 900 square feet, 2 bedroom, with one city lot, like a trailer lot, for land. Our neighbors on each side were 3 yards from our house. There were no windows on one side of the house so that you couldn’t look into your neighbors house. We still have the house. It is worth $180,000 now, and that’s cheap for Anchorage now.

The town of Anchorage has filled up on the parts that are zoned for habitation. Now people are having to build up. There are earthquakes in Alaska every day. No one wants to live really high up and no place wants to insure that either. People trying to move there, or move to a bigger place there are mostly having to move out to Palin-ville, Wassila. Houses still cost twice as much as in the States, but you get more land and less regulation. You also get to drive for miles and miles to work in Anchorage every day on the only roads in and out of the city. It is a parking lot on the main road that is worthy of California rush hour. There are no alternative routes because we don’t want to mess up the land with roads. Also there are hardly any lights on the road because we don’t want to disturb hibernating bears and such while you wreck for the 2nd time in 5 years on the poorly kept winter roads full of packed snow and ice and a dusting of sand. There aren’t billboards either, to be a nuisance. None of those annoying signs that tell you want emergency stations to tune into and all of that either. Most of the year is spent sitting in traffic for various reasons; road conditions due to weather, wrecks due to weather, road construction all summer to fix what the weather did last winter…. It is a vicious cycle.

But on your down time for a few weeks in the summer, you can go fishing. It’s fun. But it’s not what you are picturing unless you come from such a place. “Combat fishing” is a real thing. Whole gangs of people run the river banks, especially the easy access ones in Anchorage. These people really live off of the fish or sell it. I’m ok with that, but fights, threats, even shootings now and then…. It’s just not what I consider fun fishing. Then there are the rural rivers. Still lots of tourists, but not as combative. There you have to watch for bears. They are literally fishing with you. Since we live in this enlightened age if anything happens to the bears because humans were fishing in the bear’s river, then the human gets in trouble.

I’ve come to notice two amazing things about the environmentalists’ philosophy. He happens to think that of the two parties in the disagreement, the man and the bear, that there is less chance that the animal will sue for ownership of the land and the man is the only party that can pay a fine. Therefore, the animal gets to “keep” the land and the government/NGO holds the fine money for it. None of the animals have complained so far.

On top of all that fun, there is the Wildlife Guidelines for Hunters and Fishermen. No one understands the things. No one. The people who wrote the things do not understand them. I knew a woman whose ex-husband was one of the main people involved in developing them in the 70s and 80s. He took them with him, of course, so he could cite offenders while he was out on the land. Even he could not figure out what they meant after they were put in legalese and made into the book. He would actually have to get out a compass and figure out longitude, latitude (probably can figure that with your phone now, but…) and then according to precisely where you were on the map it decided what kind of fish you could catch, how many, how long, etc.

Our favorite, my husband’s and mine, was the boat fishing for white meat ocean fish, like halibut. Because of the rules though, we had to throw back fish that were going to die anyway because they came from too far down in the deep and it had killed them. But they went to waste because of the rules and we threw them back in the water. It was a shame to see. The halibut and fresh shrimp out of Whittier was the best, though.

I am publishing my items quickly and kind of messy. Sorry about that. If I don’t rush it, then it give Terry time to destroy it before I get my say. He thinks he’s a writer, but he is a destroyer. There’s a huge difference. It’s easy to sit around tearing stuff up and making counter-pieces to nullify a persons work. It’s especially easy to do when he can read this stuff as I write. Well, him and his pathetic shadow world. No one can be a real person around him. He sucks the life out of any room. Boring and irritating. But he has those who do his bidding. He’s so far out in drugs, alcohol, and elite entitlement that he has no idea how stupid he is. And furthermore, he will really hate what I have to say in this. He’s such a sissy, he wants all animals in a wall outside the city. He’s too prissy to be around an animal, even a tiny vanity pet. He’s a real freak.

But, thank you for listening. Hopefully, it has been somewhat entertaining and useful.

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