Planned Parenthood Exposed

In the quest to prove that I am some sort of racist, two people from Planned Parenthood where sent to my house in I believe 2015 after I had a complete break down and was no longer working. I thought it was weird for two people from Planned Parenthood to be going door to door like a religious group or a political group. They asked me if I agreed with Planned Parenthood, but I heard planned parenthood (lowercase letters). I said, yes. They laughed and stared at each other like they had won the jackpot. They thanked me profusely and left. That was the easiest door-to-door nonsense I had ever had to put up with.

After they left I wondered what the big deal was. All I remembered about planned parenthood was high school and all the fights the teachers and parents had. Should teenage girls have birth control? Should they hand out condoms at school? And back then they were still fighting the Catholic vs. Protestant fight of whether God intended for us to use birth control or “be fruitful and multiply” as much as possible. I thought birth control was fine. Parents should know if their kids were given birth control. I figured the fight was probably over who was paying for the birth control and literature and stuff.

I have not kept up with politics. Basics, sure. But in depth, no. People are always talking to me about political stuff and I could never figure out why. Really, they just talk at me. I pretty much smile and nod politely, while I think about something else. I think it is incredibly rude to talk about politics or religion or personal matters in public. I thought people who want to spout off a lot of junk found me an easy person to get to listen politely, so I seemed to be condemned to being hounded by the nuts for life. I felt sorry for them, because I thought they weren’t very balanced, so I was nice to them. When I started waking up and realized that I am literally a platform for them to spout off their nonsense to these rich jackasses behind the scenes, I was furious at both sides. If you want to talk on the phone then pick up the phone. Don’t use me as a phone. And since the internet, just email, but don’t use me as email! I am not patient with this nonsense like I used to be. I have lived an entire life of listening to what everyone else has to say and being told what “you ought to say the next time they say something like that”. I haven’t gotten to have a real life at all.

I want the IdIoTTwins and all the people using me as some political pawn on the board to get out. I just want a little time on this earth where I get to live MY life. This is MY life, NOT the twins’ life. Get out Terry and Kerry Idiots, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer.

This is the alternative news I listened to today that explained what a racist mess Planned Parenthood is. Of course, Oklahoma is specifically mentioned in it. I wonder what the Planned Parenthood operators in Alaska would have said if they’d been asked the same questions. The same, exact thing, I am sure.

Corbett Report, “Planned Parenthood Exposed”

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