Learning is a Humbling Experience

I have learned more about the history of the world and how the world really works in the few years since I completely had a break down and could no longer function, than in all my life before then. After something like that it almost seems like learning about anything contrary to what I had previously believed is easy. It’s hard because I spent most of my life believing one way. But with a total break down, I know for a fact that unbelievable things can happen in ways that no one will really understand or believe. It’s my personal life experience. And that makes it easy for me to be able to believe that things happen in ways I wouldn’t be aware of in my regular life.

Some of it really hurts, though. Like I was raised partially in the faith movement. My dad was thoroughly against it. He wasn’t against Christianity, but was against faith healers and anyone flashy pretending to be Christians. My mom liked the faith preachers. My sister and I being respectively 11 and 14 when we came into this kind of religion took it very seriously. I felt cold shock when I read this passage out of “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”, p 189, about half way down on the page:

“The Son of Apollo is the Illuminati’s own terminology for the Anti-Christ, and Aesculapius is the god the Illuminati Grand-Masters posing as Christian faith healers use to heal people. These secret Satanists who pretend to be Christian faith healers use a combination of secret electronics, hypnosis, and demonology to heal people. They perform secret occult rituals to gain healing power, and these rituals are directed toward Aesculapius, the snake god.

“The use of drugs to create “religious” experiences was developed to a fine art by various occult fraternal Mystery Religion groups in the Turkey area. …controlled parts of Turkey and Lebanon in Medieval times. They used drugs and deception on recruits to gain their total allegiance.”

This eventually would be how my sister would die. But they wouldn’t supply her any pain management for her death. It’s coming out now that people who are targeted are denied the care they need by covert means. Everyone is told behind the scenes not to help them. This horrific practice matched with my sister’s determination to have “real” faith and not take medicine led to a death I am not able to think of without having a break down. I can’t stand that she hurt like that when there are medical facilities everywhere in America. On top of that we have 5 nurses in the family that I can think of off the top of my head. I think we have more that that. Our Aunt and Uncle were begging my sister to go to MD Anderson in Texas, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Mostly because of this faith healing stuff and because her cheap husband whined constantly about how much her dying of cancer was costing him. He keeps having his political ads ran for himself through my nieces, his kids. Slimy politicians, I do not trust. I was there when my brother-in-law sat there without any expression while my sister died. The little he showed was annoyance, like she was being too noisy as she screamed out in pain and muttered incoherently. All the ads to make him look good in the world could not change my opinion of him in the slightest.

But back to the faith, Charismatic Movement in Christianity. I remember when my sister and I were indoctrinated into this. One of our Aunts and Uncles came down from Missouri. We all went to Tulsa to a faith convention. It was exciting to be in a big convention center with all the people and the energy that goes with that. It was sort of like a concert.

There was a lot of emphasis on what I later would hear referred to as “naming and claiming”. The idea was that you go through the Bible and find the promises. You say them in first person, like “By Jesus’s stripes, I am healed” and then you say, “I claim this promise in Jesus’ name”. The preacher said the first thing he prayed and believed for was a pair of socks. The way this worked was that you use the verse that says something to the effect of, “Ask the Lord for anything in faith and you will receive.”

This is the scene: In my home as a 14 year old in 1982. My sister is with me. Our home is a trailer house that sits in a tiny trailer court with a small, home town rodeo arena in it. There is literally a pasture full of bucking stock bulls right across from my house. I am in the middle of nowhere. My sister and I have a JC Penny catalogue. I don’t even know how we got it. We never had the JC Penny Catalogue or the Sears Catalogue because they cost money just to buy something to shop out of. So we had this catalogue. We decided to go through it and pick out some stuff and pray for it in faith. Now, who would think anyone would overhear that prayer or know anything about it?

We went through the whole catalogue and picked out items. It was a lot of fun. We never got to shop. Dad didn’t want us into material things although he spent a lot of hunting, fishing, drinking. A little time goes by and I had sort of forgotten about praying for that stuff. One day one of my Aunts shows up and has a bunch of hand-me-down clothes to give me and my sister. Everything except for one item that we had believed for was in the clothes she brought to us. Dad was furious. I could not figure out why Dad even cared. He told her to not bring us anything else without letting him know first. Our Aunt tried to get us on her side by asking if we liked getting clothes. We were supposed to always be polite, but we were not supposed to ever go against Dad. We just thanked our Aunt. Dad sent us to our rooms. Obviously, through this program, it was known what we prayed and what we believed for. Our parents were spies on us. Christy was in a way a spy on me. I was the only one who had no idea what was going on. All these years I thought a real miracle happened, but it didn’t. That really hurts.

Of all the abuse I have endured from this stupid program, this spiritual abuse is the worst.

I always kept a belief hidden in me that God gave me a brain to use. I didn’t believe in blind faith unless you had nothing to go on. And there are plenty of times we are faced with so much overwhelming information and circumstances that we are operating in blind faith, but if at all possible, I believe God wants us to really interact with him. I don’t think he wants mindless zombies. I also do not think that you can just chant verses, like a spell, and force a miracle. I have always thought that way. I sort of went along with the faith thing, because I felt when faced with real need for decision, anyone would make a sensible decision. I was really wrong about that.

I believe in miracles, but I don’t think you can force them with some formula Christianity.

In the end the IdIoTTwins used my sister’s faith against her to torture her to death. They are Luciferians (devil worshippers) and hate Christians. It wasn’t enough that they abused us all the time through churches and fake Christians, they had to kill my sister by using her beliefs against her.

True learning…not just learning how to impress a certain group…but real learning that tears you apart and makes you into a different version of yourself is not for the weak. So, if you walk the way less traveled, take care of yourself. There’s always more to learn. Give yourself some time to heal between battles with wrestling with the truth. Don’t be afraid to be humbled. Breath. And go conquer some more truth.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

While I am writing about shatter preconceptions and evil people using good against good people, this is a very good video from The Corbett Report to watch. “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”.

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