Hell Experiment: Day 18855

Another bizarre day in my life. One of my niece’s came over to get a birthday present I got for her. This is another one of the weird realities of this life. I know she has already been told what I got her and been given a script of what she should say and do. It really makes all gift giving and celebrations boring and sad. I act out my part, like I am happy. I want to hunt down the IdIoTTwins in the street and tear them apart with my bare hands, but this time they aren’t completely to blame. This is where I am not exactly a targeted individual.

I’m part of some damn government program. I don’t know what. The rest of my family knows. Apparently my whole family is aware, even my nieces. I have never been told. I have repeatedly been told to “speak truth to power”, “there have to be some to speak truth to power”, “there has to be a control group”, “someone has to set ’em straight”, “I wouldn’t want to be you. Be careful what you say.” And a lot of other things that have indicated that even when I am joking around everything I say is being taken seriously by someone in control. It’s been a truly hellish burden since I have real life Luciferian/satanists listening to every word I speak, watching everything I do, listening to every prayer I have prayed, reading every word I have ever written, and have been trying to force me to agree with them in every situation I have ever been in.

On the tamer, but just as bizarre, part of that there are people in chains of power collecting what me and others like me are saying, writing, doing and they are developing ways to deal with the public at large, I think. I know that at a workplace level that has always been the case wherever I worked. Usually one group gets furious with me for not siding with them and go all out to destroy me. Words I say in private or write in a private journal would be said by some person quoted in a local paper as a point to be made. It would infuriate people. I would be surrounded by people all day, no doubt planted people, who were insanely furious about the point of view in the paper, which was word for word my point of view. But other people would start arguing against them a lot of times. On top of that people in the community who were known and respected would just end up where I worked and start talking about my exact words. I would not say a word. I thought I was going crazy for my entire life.

And then there’s the whole thing where some people keep acting like I am “one of the group” and “have a place here”. They send people to talk to me while doing the weird coughs, hand signs, talk with lots of numbers thrown in, and lots of repeats. Also they use wierd eye language, like looking away at odd angles. I take it that I am supposed to be getting some message from this nonsense. I don’t get it. They seem convinced that I will catch on to it eventually, but I doubt it.

There are several reasons why I will probably never catch on. On a very practical level I have a learning delay in processing information. I process information more slowly than most people. The IdIoTTwins are always saying I am “playing dumb”, “hold grudges and stew about stuff for days”, “never let anything go”. They slam me with information, which could be a very vicious attack, but that’s still information. It really does take me a few days to process it. It takes even longer to process information that is shocking, so slamming me just slows me down that much more. And eventually I am angry. That has a very real and practical reason. The delay in processing information. And imagine how much more angry I am when I process all of it and it’s just more abusive garbage from the IdIoTTwins. I’m not much less angry when it is just nonsense from some mysterious “group” I supposedly belong to. Exhausting. I seriously do not have the energy for this.

This is a lot of why I lost my job and couldn’t function anymore. Every second of every day is about this stupid program I don’t really know anything about and the IdIoTTwins can never get enough attention. Then I am supposed to take abuse at work all day, watch skits every where I go, AND get anything of real use done in my life. It’s impossible. What’s even stranger is that I had to go through the battery of tests that showed I had the learning delay because the IdIoTTwins had lied about me so long and did so much V2K on me, that the therapist wanted to rule out schizophrenia. It turned out I did not have schizophrenia. Did not have an anger disorder. That’s another one the IdIoTTwins tried to bring up. No. When I am mad at them, I have every right to be as mad at them as I am. But it came out that I do have a mental processing delay. I am always behind everyone else. But the IdIoTTwins never mention that result.

Besides that, though, I also do not know who this “group” is. I gather from street/work theater that there are many stakeholders and sponsors. A ridiculous amount of money has been spent on all of this. Many countries are involved. Government, civilian, financial, and religious are all involved. Supposedly, I can get out if I want to. I do not believe in a program that subsumes my entire life from conception. That’s better known as slavery. No. I do not want to be part of it. I not only don’t want to be part of it. I want it stopped.

Supposedly I can pick what group I am in. I do NOT want to be in the group with the IdIoTTwins. Seriously. People who don’t know me at all and have read a few posts could tell the people behind the scenes, “She doesn’t want to be in the group with the twins in it.” How many time and in how many ways do I have to say I want those IdIoTTwins out of my life completely? I want them out. I do not want to be in a group with them. Such a joke that they act like I have any say over my life at all. This is slavery and I hate it. No one should be subjected to this kind of “life”.

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