A Customer by Any Other Name in Gang Stalking is a Target! Abuse at the Local Vet

Today has been one of the classic stalking/targeting days. I knew it was going to be rough, but this has been above and beyond for these scumbag stalkers. Now that I know I am being lied about all the time and sabotaged, I have a better chance of guessing what will happen. I can prepare somewhat and interpret what is happening.

My cat has allergies. I got her from the animal shelter in November. She was 5 years old. I have been taking her to the same veterinarian since then. Since literally the first day I got her, I have been taking her to this veterinarian. The people at the animal shelter said she already had a file there and they knew all about her allergies.

From the very first time I took her there, the people acted like I was speaking some foreign language. They had never seen her. They didn’t know what was wrong with her. It could be a couple of things. They would give her a shot and see what happens.

I took her back in a few months. She still didn’t have most of the hair on the lower half of her body. They looked at her and said it could be allergies or from flea bites (in January when it was around freezing often) or some other mysterious skin ailment. They could give her another steroid shot but it wasn’t good to give her a lot of steroid shots. Steroids were bad for her.

During both of those first two visits the outrageous, extreme smells in the place were making me faint feeling. The fluorescent lights were flashing which was making me dizzy feeling. Pretty sure some of the smells were medicines or covering medicine smells and were making me sick. I could barely even think to ask any questions. And the few responses I got seemed odd and disjointed, so I thought I misunderstood.

A few months later and no real progress. She would get better for a little bit, but then go right back to the way she had been. She was miserable and not making any progress. I took her back. I was told I could take her to Tulsa and have these expensive allergy tests run on her for about 3 thousand dollars. I said that I couldn’t afford that. They said there were some topical but they have steroids in them. Also she could have another shot, but it wasn’t good for her.

After that I found on Amazon a medicine for horses, cats, and dogs, which you would think a vet would have that worked great on her. Her under coat mainly came back and then some of her over coat. She still had callous spots, but she was doing much better. Then she started breaking out in small, perfectly round sores. I get those kinds of sores. I think it is from lasers or something like that. My heart sunk when I saw those on her skin. Tufts of her fur started falling out.

I tried desperately to treat her fur and not have to take her back to the vets. The vets were ok, but the people in the office area were just obnoxious, or so I thought. That’s how it had seemed to me. But as I said, I was under heavy attack every time I went there.

Yesterday I told a friend of mine and my husband that I would probably see if I could get my cat in at the vets today or possibly later this week. I knew the stalkers would attack me. They especially like Monday attacks. They are lazy. If they can get a big attack in on me on Monday, they might even take the rest of the week off. Sometimes I sort of catch a break for the rest of the week if my Monday is bad enough. On the other hand I didn’t want my cat to suffer. Either way, she was going to suffer. Either big attack on Monday or drag it out though out the week and then still an attack.

The vet could get me in at 11 am or 1. I chose morning. Appt. 11:15. First I had remembered that every time I have to go some place my tire is low and I have to air it up. I went outside and the tire wasn’t just low. It was flat. I have a generator in the van. I blew up the tire. Then as I was getting ready I had sudden diarrhea. It would not stop, so I had to take prescription strength anti-diarrhea. I was weak and exhausted. Had to chase my cat around and wrestle her into the cat carrier. Got her out to the van. Drove to the vet with her yowling all the way. It’s just a 9 minute drive but it seemed like eternity.

As I drove people kept getting in front of me going half the speed limit. Then when I got there this old woman came out of the building holding her Pekinese. She was hugging and kissing it and really being extremely overly theatrical. My grandma had a dog like that which she loved very much. She never acted like that about him, but she certainly loved him. The stalkers should not know all this about me, but they do because they have been stalking me all my life. My sister and I used to take him swimming with him. Later he drowned when he got in some water by himself. We felt bad about it. Now that I know what I do. The IdIoTTwins and their people probably killed him to traumatize my grandma. The dog climbed into a covered pool. He had never done anything like that. He climbed in during the cold part of the year. It didn’t make any sense that he had gotten out alone, that he had ended up at a covered pool, that he had supposedly torn the tarp to get in the pool, and then drowned himself. It sounded like those stupid stories of suicide that could not possibly be suicide. They made it sound like dog suicide. That was in 1985-ish. They just keep harping on the same stupid stuff that never even made any sense to begin with.

I got my cat into the waiting room. It was choking me with the overpowering perfume like smell. Eventually I got put in a medical room with my pet. It smelled like they had dumped a whole bottle of bleach in there. The fluorescent lights were too bright and flashing. I covered my eyes. It made me wish I had a baseball cap. My head felt like it was splitting. I felt weak.

After a while the vet came in with the woman who is usually at the reception area. He kept telling me to get my cat out of the cage while he stood right in front of it. I tried and then said he could do it. He stood in the same place and said, “No. You do it.” I couldn’t get her out from the side and being so weak from the smells, lights, and sharp sounds. Finally the vet helped. I think this was done to try to prove that I didn’t know what I was doing. I also think that he and the woman were hoping I would lose my temper with my cat. I felt sorry for her having to deal with those idiots.

They looked at her and said the same stupid stuff. They said she had “awful sores on her”. I said that she was doing much better where they were pointing because I had been putting the medicine on them I got off of Amazon. I showed them the medicine. They kept saying that was for fungal and couldn’t help because that was allergies. I finally did talk over them and say, “I has helped her a lot! Why is that?” Finally the old man vet stopped and said, “Well, it has medicine for anti-bacterial. That’s what worked.” Like I was just supposed to know. Also like he would have never explained if I had not asked.

I mouthed to the IdIoTTwins, who I knew were watching, that I was trying to get along with these people. They should quit pretending that they are the saints of the century and never did anything bad in their lives, but were just misunderstood, while I was some monster to them. I am trying my hardest while they abuse me in public with professional people and while they hurt my animal. I’m sick of fighting with these IdIoTTwins. Quit fighting with me. They are baiting and abusing me and then acting like I am so hard to get along with. Just like the information about the medicine for the cat. They acted like me asking for information was me attacking them. They acted like me asking for information was somehow combative.

They have been doing that stuff to me for my entire life. Even my main health provider in Alaska used to do that to me when I asked to understand what she was saying. I’m not going through years of that kind of incompetent abuse anymore. I am never going back to Alasaka. And I am never going back to that stupid vet, either.

Since the vet finally gave me some medicine, they charged me way too much for it and pretended I should be grateful. Then on the way out the door they had a very tight space for me to pull open the door and wrestle my cat carrier out with my cat in it. The IdIoTTwins sent such a shot of pain through my arm that I felt like it had broken. It took my breath away. They have been giving me pains like that lately, so I kept breathing and kept trying.

Now I am home and I am furious on a number of levels. Apparently these fools have been running some stupid campaign that I am a drug addict. That’s why they have the vets warning me against using drugs too much. Why the would pretend I use steroids? I don’t know? Who knows what kinds of stupid lies they have told? They give me symptoms of being on drugs with the extreme smells and flickering lights that bring on migraines. I become light sensitive, eyes water, sniffles, headache, confusion, etc. And, of course, argumentative since they start this ridiculous double speak and overall treatment of me as if I am trying to sneak something by them and am being uncooperative.

Also recently medicine was mis-shipped to my address. I tried to send it back, but it got mixed up and came back again. The only way to properly dispose of it around here is to take it to a police department of a town of about 10 thousand people and say that medicine magically appeared at my house and it is very confusing. There is no way I am doing that. They will think that I am a drug addict. Also, the people who planned to have it mis-shipped know it is here and keep telling everyone that I kept those drugs.

The older I get the more I understand why the Bible says that a false witness is like a murderer. There are very harsh words said about false witnesses. On the other hand I also understand why these liars, thieves, and murderers need to kill all the honest witnesses. One honest witness is powerful. In this day and age it is exhausting and painful to be an honest witness. And all those around us suffer too. Even innocent little animals. I try to keep reminding myself that their lives would be even worse if there were no honest witnesses left on the earth.

I will never go back to that vet practice. So far I have hardly found any good service in this town. I will have to take my poor cat to another town for help, regardless to how car sick she gets.

If these monsters think they will force me back to Alaska, though, they will not. They had chemically restrained me up there. Only bad things happened. I can tell the holidays are coming up and they are not going to let my husband visit me. What’s new. They had us work every holiday anyway because we never had kids. No matter where we worked the management would say that we could work because we didn’t have kids anyway. And like I have pointed out before, we are not allowed to have fun holidays, birthdays, or any fun at all. I will never go back to Alaska. That was a prison and a horrible institution for me because of these twin monsters. They didn’t even let me get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the place except on a few occasions they made a very big deal about. I didn’t get to have any personality, any freedom, any preferences, or any dreams. I was just supposed to pretend I was grateful for everything, not ask for anything, and look as pretty as possible.

I don’t want to ever be a trapped prisoner to people like that ever again. I don’t want to have to be nice while they treat me like garbage in the hopes that things will some day get better. I don’t want to live under constant threat and reminders of being “owned” as my “wake up call”. I don’t ever want to be afraid I am stuck forever and could not possibly get a plane ticket and flee. Down here I will most likely never need to flee, but up there, I had no hope of leaving. I think my chance to get out of there came at a dear price to some sincere people and I am not going to waste it.

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