All Will Be Destroyed

I have written about how there can be no holidays, nothing special can happen, no encouragement can come your way if you are a Targeted Individual (TI).  I was listening to this interview of Barbara Hartwell by Ramola D today and it was validating.  It was such a relief to hear a person who had worked on the other side of this government-civilian phenomenon validate my every day life experiences that I felt like crying.  I am attaching the interview to this post.  It is worth taking the time to listen to, especially if you are being heavily targeted.  I am grateful to people like Barbara Hartwell for coming forward and for Ramola D reporting the information they have.  We need to capture the information they have now, while the internet is still open.  It will get locked down.  Eventually it will be heavily regulated, I believe, and will become expensive.  We will get used to it and then not want to live without the convenience…then they will turn it all on its ear and get as much of our money as they can.  They will get our money to use the internet while they use it to advertise and shape our opinions and tastes to want what they are pushing.  It’s a rough cycle, but we had pretty much list in the 80s when Coke got us all to buy watches with their advertising on it.  Then we were buying all kinds of stuff with advertising on it and the world went insane.  In some ways we have never recovered.

My Grandpa didn’t say much, but he said that rock and roll was idol worship and in his day no one would pay some one to wear something to advertise for them.  We were brainwashed and thought he was crazy.  I don’t know when I started turning into my Grandpa, but we need to take full advantage of this internet being open to all of us while we can.  It won’t always be like this.

A few extreme examples of how the IdIoTTwins have ruined fun things in my life lately:  I was using MoviePass to see movies for cheap.  I got my husband a card and my niece.  Then the company was in mass chaos and  now it isn’t a good deal at all.  They completely changed how it works  I’m on a very tight, fixed budget.  That movie card was a blessing.  Now it is useless.  I went to a matinee and paid for it.  After the previews, as the movie was starting three people came in and sat beside me who reeked of smoke.  I could barely see because my vision was so blurry.  My throat started closing up.  I made it to the bathroom.  Took some Benadryl.  Then went home.  The game I like to play, they added a special effect where blood pours down from the sky and random people do that to me.  I have had hysterical, trauma nightmares of blood raining on me since my sister died violently, and they know it.  They murdered her right in front of me.

And I can’t prove it, but Techno Crime Fighters could be a victim of this.  They came into a lot of money from a major donor.  It might have been Katherine’s ICHATOR.  But a lot of money came in.  Then chaos.  Then hysterical, cruel, horrifying blow up.  That happens to people around me all the time.  I really got a lot of strength to fight on from Ramola D and the ladies.  Of course they are going to attack her.

There was another TI group I was listening to that suddenly came into a lot of money to get things done that they had been wanting to do a long time.  And then they had some major problems.  I think they pulled through, though.  That’s rare.  Unfortunately, that probably means something really mean is coming for them later.

But I am basically a recluse like Barbara Hartwell is saying she is.  If Barbara is listening to and talking to these same people…I can’t imagine all the horrible things that are planned for them.  I try to bounce around.  I like one person for a little while.   Then another.   Then another.  Then they are never sure who I really like.  These are truly evil people.  We have to do what we can to keep ourselves and others safe.

Thank you for your time and for listening.  Be sure and share your story somewhere too.







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