Sombodies’ Daughter Follow Up

Ramola D did another interview with Cassandra from the UK.  Cassandra and her mother are putting up with hellish treatment from actual criminals and police who are acting like criminals.  This is actually one of the most shocking targeted individual interviews I have heard.  One of the doors to their apartment has been broken.  Cassandra is physically attacked.  The police come over and mock Cassandra and her mom instead of helping….

Since I have been gang stalked I have gained over 50 pounds.  I had gotten older and heavier.  Stress had added some pounds.  But when I started being chronically physically threatened by gangs of people walking up on me in a threatening manner or just one or two big people leaning over me, I started gaining weight.  I felt safer if I weighted too much for someone to pick me up.  In Cassandra’s account she tells of being picked up and thrown.  I weigh too much for that.  Also my weight tells men that I’m not interested and they can go screw themselves.  But the thing that mainly keeps me from being manhandled like this poor girl was is that I really do have trauma and I will freak out on people.  I have a reputation for being crazy.  I don’t even try to discourage that.  If someone touches me there will be a scene.  It’s by the grace of God that I haven’t been put in jail.  I stay to myself, though.  And for the most part they intimidate me from a safe distance.

All I could think of throughout this horrific account of harassment and attacks was that is sounded like Cassandra and her mother could be seriously injured.  Also I was worried about her recording device.  She needs more than one recording device.  I will buy one for her if I could figure out how to reach her.  I tried to find an email for Ramola D and coudn’t.  If anyone can help Cassandra, one of the things they should do is make sure she has several recording devices and laptop/tablet/smartphone type devices.  What she is describing needs to be recorded clearly and blasted across the internet to the entire world.  Those criminal police should be afraid to walk down the street.  How dare they take advantage of a position of power like that?!

The world has just gone crazy.  Yesterday I went down to my sister’s grave.  I put a little plaque on a bench my husband and I got to sit near her grave.  I also put a plaque on it for my mom, who died recently.  Then I went down the road to the Pizza Hut, where my sister had worked during part of her college years.  It used to be a run down dump.  Now every vehicle there was new.  The building was completely remodeled inside and out.  New businesses to do with automobiles was put up around it.  I understand that places like that are where they switch out the color car they are driving, or have the car assigned to them worked on.  When I say “them” I mean the community watch or whatever group is getting the local money to patrol for terrorists.  No one can say this is what is happening, but this is whaat is happening.  This is almost all that is happening in these small town areas around here.  There are no jobs.  Where is all this money coming from?  How does everyone have a new car?  Spying on their neighbors, that’s how.  It’s disgusting, parasitic economy.

Just give us jobs.  Just give Americans back their jobs – real jobs they can be proud of.  Give us back jobs we can come together as a community and do while supporting one another instead of tearing each other down.

Ramola D Reports: #79; Cassandra, Part 3 – UK Fusion-Center Let Social Terror

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