Signals, Numerology, Mystery Religions

I didn’t realize it when I got up this morning, but today has been a day about signaling.  I will embed the videos I ended up watching.  I got sick of hearing about devil worshippers and their stupid symbols as a teenager in the 80s.  That seemed to be all anyone was talking about.  In my early teens I actually did try to play a Styx record backwards at a friend’s house.  But by the time I graduated high school I decided that the rock bands were just doing all that stuff to get cheap thrills and quick money.  I got sick of even hearing about it.

Now it is back and apparently more important than ever.  It seems that the criminals in every arena are using it to communicate.  Nothing is real even in the news.  And it’s gotten so stupid that there are places trying to make it against the school rules to even say the word “Christmas”.  The devil worshippers really are a bunch of touchy haters.  I guess that in that way they stay true to their stupidity.  I won’t be nice about signals designed to break down culture.  Saying “Christmas” is a cultural word.  It destroys culture to try to ban it.  Also I will never be nice about people who hurt little children and animals, then brag about it in some staged news stories.  They are cowards and idiots.  They deserve to be shamed.  Unfortunately, they are unable to feel real feelings like the rest of us, but they do notice if their approval rating is down even the slightest bit.

I am going to have to get some books on the topics raised in these interviews.  I guess I know what my reading list will be through the end of the year and possibly beyond.  I hate being imprisoned in a world that seems stupid to me and that I have no interest in.  I don’t care about devil worshippers, numerology, witches, rock n roll, ancient mystery religions and so on.  I have no interest in it.  But these jerks are shoving it in my face every day, so I have to learn about it.  All of life is like being forced to watch and listen to the most ignorant, insensitive, ridiculous idiots who have ever infested the planet.  I hate those twins so much.  I wish they would die or get killed.  People die every day.  Why should they be any different?










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