UFOs: Follow the Money

Probably everyone has heard the phrase, “follow the money”.  In general it means that if nothing makes sense, check all the money flow in the situation and you will find the truth….  Or the closest thing to the truth.  I just found someone, who clearly a lot of people already know about, named Catherine Austin Fitts.  She is a financial expert, who held a government post.  Having dipped my toes into government funding on a small scale, I realized how corrupt it has to be.  You cannot follow the money.  It is absolutely set up like a shell game where you keep guessing which cup the shell is under.  In the end you realize it wasn’t under any of the cups.  The person already palmed it and is just playing out this ruse for his amusement and to get more of your money.

What this lady has discovered is the massive military complex where all the  money is going.  In the hidden bases and top secret national security information, where the money has gone, is hidden.  She doesn’t say that there are or are not space aliens, clones, or put forth any theory at all.  All she is saying is that all the money is disappearing into those programs.  Whoever runs all of that behind the scenes is running the world.  That’s something I can understand and agree with.

She talks of some scary and sad stuff as well.  She said that she could never figure out how she could protect a child, so she never had one.  According to Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts the whole world is being set up for slavery.  Even now we are being enslaved by debt.  With our presence on computers becoming as important or even more important than our real lives, the steps to slavery get steadily closer.  If there could be transparency about what the shadow government is doing, and we were given the power of informed decisions over our lives, we would not be enslaved.  However, that is not what is happening.  We are barely able to manage everything we have to do each day and the trap is silently closing around us.

I unfortunately can see what she is saying.  I wanted children more than almost anything at one time.  Since I never had kids, though, at this point I am relieved.  What a horrible place to be born into.  On the other hand if everyone quit having kids everytime life on earth was horrendous, none of us would be here.  I certainly am glad my sister had children, and they are choosing to have children.  But I fully understand where this lady is coming from, as well.

In the video I am embedding in this blog she also talks about people who want to survive the “reset”.  I guess some people think they will live in the mountains until all of humanity implodes and then life on earth is supposed to self-correct.  Then they will be part of humanity again.   ???  I don’t even know what to say to that.  ??? Seriously.  Nothing.

That seems insane to me.  I think we have to fight while it is today, and we still have some fight in us.  There are a million ways to fight.  Maybe you should go live in the mountains.  But life is not going to destroy itself and self correct.  I think some people are putting too much faith in evolution and the old idea that the strong will survive.  The strong are the sharks.  So if you want to live in a world of sharks, then let the world “self-correct”.  If you are anything other than a shark, get with some others any way you can and fight for life.  Fight to have a safe and free place where the sharks are controlled.  Sharks belong in the ocean, in a ecosystem where they cannot free feed on every living creature in the ocean and on land.  This analogy works because this is how out of hand things have become.  We have got to get the sharks back in their places.  Otherwise, they are just readying you to be a late night snack.

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