“Smeared” by HG Tudor

I finished the book, “Smeared” today.  It’s hard to get past the condescending writing style to accept the message.  I feel the editors must have hated the condescending style also, because there are grammatical errors and spelling errors throughout.  The guy comes across as a creepy imbecile, but the message is still relatively clear.  Cut your losses and run.  That is the message.

Also, if you can bring real legal action against the jerk, then do it.  That will actually cause the jerk pain.  Also it shuts up other people, the audience, as he refers to them. They can get in trouble involving themselves in a legal matter.

But, as I have sadly experienced throughout life, there’s hardly anything you can do. If you trust someone deeply, and they are just playing a show to a captive audience, then you can’t force him to be different.  Unfortunately the whole thing is custom created for you and yours as an audience.  In the end you could lose friends and family, and your livelihood.  Sometimes people even lose their children.  That’s the kind of high stakes these monsters are playing for.  If possible they want your soul.  That’s how horrible they are.  You can’t make a shark into a dolphin and you can’t change these predatory humans into real people.

As for targeted individuals, I half-heartedly refer this book to them.  You can’t cut your loses and run from the global crime cartel.  You may have to cut your loses and start over somewhere different, but the protocol follows you.  They will observe and then flip live the targeting of your entire life.  There is no chance that everyone in your life is not part of it.  Even if someone doesn’t want to be part of stalking you, they have to because all kinds of weird national security laws are being thrown at them and their family.  Other than that, there are real threats to the person and family.  If you are targeted there is no way out.

Since we have no way out, we have to speak up.  We have to do something, even if it is small.  We have to simply make a stand for freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom for the individual to be a real unique individual.  I’m trying with my little blog and my tee-shirts.  I will do more as time passes.  I am still learning the words and phrases.  I definitely feel like I have stepped through the looking glass.  It’s very scary on the other side.  It will take me a little while to find my space here on the other side.

But, back to commenting on the book.  If you want to know the moving parts and pieces behind being the target of a smear campaign, this is a good book.  It delivered in the technical elements.  It came to me as a shock and I have been living through this my entire life.  I had caught on to most of it, but could not quite put it all together into a working machine.  In that way this book helped a lot.

What I took away from it, though, is staggering.  Basically, what this guy is saying, is that he spends every second of his life in character, playing to an audience.  He just wants the applause.  That’s it.  That’s all the shallow jackass is living for.  Seriously?  What the hell….  Who values being applauded over people’s families, their lives and livelihoods, above their mental and emotional health?  Who misleads whole groups of people just to come out as a good-old-boy at the end?  Who values it above having a real relationship with someone?

This is someone who lives in make-believe land.  They are truly insane.  Trying to reason with this kind of mind would be the same as walking into the worst part of the worst mental ward in the world and telling the inhabitants to just act normal and pretend you care about other people.  Some may be able to do it, but you would never really get through to any of them.  These people are predators, murderers of everything in life except the tiny bit of life to keep you going.  They need to be institutionalized, heavily medicated, and kept under 24/7 survellience.

In this book Tudor constantly says that he projects how he is into the lies told about the person.  That way the lies have details and seem real.  They are real, but not about the person being lied about.  Well, in that same irony, he is stalking people.  And Others are stalking people, but they are the ones that should be locked away and stalked all the time by monitoring them 24/7.  Wouldn’t that be delicious poetic justice?!

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