Big Money and Begich

I find it interesting that there is an interview on Ramona D’s YouTube channel with Dr. Nick Begich.  I worked under his little brother Mark Begich when he was mayor of Anchorage, Alaska.  Almost every single thing Nick Begich is saying in this interview is the exact opposite of what Mark Begich was like.  Mark thought he was a badass.  He thought he was just going to get a little information and go as fast as he could with no one questioning him.  That’s about as opposite as an elected position for government as is possible.  Nothing happens fast.  Everyone and their dog has a comment.

But I did notice in this interview with Nick Begich he talks about his politically connected family.  He says that an election to run for senate cost 41 million dollars and most of that did not come from Alaskans.  No.  It came from British Patroleum, BP, no doubt.  They practically own Alaska.  No state tax and the dividend paid out to residents each year is brought to the state by big oil money.  This to my way of thinking is a way of saying that the family politics was paid for by big oil interest.  And Mark Begich acts like some big oil money executive and not like an elected official.  He made it to senate, but couldn’t get re-elected.  Ted Stevenson, who held the senate seat before Mark Begich had been in there since the 50s or 60s.  He had been in it forever, it seemed.

But while Mark Begich was mayor of Anchorage, he made sweeping cuts to personnel without any good information.  It was clear he was doing what someone told him to do because no matter how reasonable a person was in trying to explain how something functions and how it couldn’t function with the cuts, it got cut anyway. A lot of people I know lost their jobs for no real reason.  And in spending cuts, that administration decided to spend about 2 million dollars on software for ordering stuff that was supposed to be like Amazon.  It was supposed to cut “maverick spending”.  It was a nightmare ordering even pens.  Finally it became clear that most of the “maverick spending” was needed.  There are a lot more jobs in government than just admin jobs.  Engineers, public nurses, chief medical officer, parks and rec, police, fire, many big money projects involving buying specialty parts and hiring specialists….  It just went on and on.  Eventually they had to take off all the restrictions put in to stop people from spending too much.  It went back to the way it had been except through this 2 million dollar program.  Then when Begich was gone they immediately scrapped that program completely.  It was a fiasco.

I had no idea I was a targeted individual at the time.  I didn’t know everyone in Alasaka had access to my computers, phones, and everything…I mean my PERSONAL property, not work computers, phones and such.  The building they had us working in was an old hospital from the 60s.  It still had the morgue in the basement, the body part sink in a creepy closet, and even still had patient lights over the offices.  They didn’t work, but they were there.  Being in admin I had the fun of going into that basement with the morgue, body part sink, and other creepy stuff to organize our supplies.  I went by myself 99% of the time I had to be down there.  It was a Twilight Zone experience.

I was writing emails to a lady who had recently retired from there and was very creative.  I told her I had a myster story idea to make that health department building a creepy site of a murder.  I said I should have the director or the mayor be the killer in the end.  It really did strike me as funny.  It’s interesting that I was always being told I should have a sense of humor about being abused there, but when I really tried to lighten up the whole creepy scenario of my life, I was met with covert stalking, threats, and abuse.  I cannot even explain how awful things got for me after I wrote that email.  It was about as long as how I just explained it in this paragraph.  You would think I had really already written a book like that and was trying to get it published.  I really was joking.  You can’t write books that close to real life places and people, even public buildings and officials like that, because you can be sued.  I would never really write a book like that and try to fight city hall and department of health.  But since everyone could read that email, then it was like I had written it and people had seen it.  What I got from a few smuggled signals was that the people in general thought is was a wonderful idea.

But that’s when the pressure was turned up so high on my targeting that I started to seriously lose my mind.  I was shocked, tortured, stalked, threatened.  Nothing I did could work out.  I was always getting blamed for things I had nothing to do with.  Sleep deprivation until I didn’t know if I was asleep or awake.  Terrors.  Uncontrollable crying.  Waves of fury I had never experienced before.  Could not keep one thought in my head for more than a minute.  Constantly sick with a cold/flu.  Smelled smoke all the time.  And as I digressed, they added more pressure.  If I asked for help, everyone I would talk to would tell me they didn’t understand what I was talking about and they didn’t know how to help me.  Even health care professionals.  They started highlighting and deleting what I was writing as I was writing on my own laptop.  They moved paragraphs around.  They butchered anything I tried to write or say.

This Nick Begich guy in this interview has some profound and true things to say about free speech.  It is too ironic that it is coming from him.  His brother and the director or the health department at the time were horrible to me.  I can’t prove it, but I am sure they turned up the heat on the targeting.

Today, I suddenly got the exact same signals from back then.  So it’s like “Mark Begich is watching.  Watch where you step.”  I’m not doing anything wrong.  I am not even saying anything bad about the guy.  I think he was a horrible mayor and senator.  I have a right to think and express that.  I have real examples of his failure. It’s not just “emotional litter” as Nick Begich refers to emotional writing.

And when I wrote all the stuff I wrote back then….  Well, first of all, no one knows what I wrote back then because they changed it all, even as I was writing in my own private laptop on a Word document, not a blog or something like that.  They got rid of what I was writing back then.  And secondly, it was insanely emotional.  I had PTSD and they knew it.  They spread the lie that I didn’t really have it.  They said only people who went to war could get it.  But they knew I really had PTSD and I still have it.  I’m sure they are trying to trigger it with these identical signals to “watch where you step” and other threats.  And PTSD writing is going to be emotional.  This Nick Begich in this interview says to compose yourself.  Well, that’s what they told me then.  They told me to compose myself as they abused me and pushed every trigger they knew I had.  It’s impossible.

This isn’t an intellectual, theoretical debate.  They kept trying to get me to act that way back then.  They wanted to force me to act like my grief over losing my sister wasn’t “that” bad and be philisophical about it.  The same IdIoTTWins were behind the scenes as the ones who told me that if I accidentally brush up against them, then they would break my knee caps.  These identical idiot thugs are telling me to be civilized and composed.  And I guess that Mark Begich is one of their “yes” men.  I don’t know.  I only know the patterns.  I find it very coincidental that Ramona D, who I have been watching faithfully, suddenly has Mark Begich’s brother on her show and ends the Techno Crime Fighters show she was doing with three other women.  It’s too coincidental.  It’s the same IdIoTTwins and their big money.  That’s what this has to be.

I am suffocating from these IdIoTTwins.  I don’t just brush up against you Terry and Kerry.  I’m kicking your ass or dying trying.  You, Kerry, are a little coward moving around the board behind the scenes.  You go back and forth from Terry to whoever is against him.  You get the information and then always end up going back to your twin.  You are a gutless, pathetic, coward ganging up with your brother to hurt women and children, to hurt the innocent, to hurt he talented and creative.  You are the lowest of the scum.  There is someone behind the scenes who moves back and forth and spreads info from one camp to another.  It has to be you, Kerry.  It has to be you.  I am calling you out, you coward.  I call you out.  You’re not going to hide behind your brother, mother, dad, cousins, friends, followers, people you have conned, the cult you and terry have going.  You are not hiding from me, you assassin.  You are the knee breaker no one ever expects until it is too late.  If I ever to write a book again, you will be the killer, and you will be killed.

But overall this video is excellent.  I actually agree with what Dr. Nick Begich is saying about freedoms.  I don’t understand the science enough to give an opinion.  I thoroughly enjoyed the video.  It’s just that later in the day after I watched it, I started getting the same kinds of threats I was getting in Alaska when I worked under his brother’s administration.  It is most likely all the IdIoTTwins behind the scenes causing the problems.  To myself I always say, “If it’s stupid, it is the IdIoTTwins.”











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