Another Sweet Girl and Her Mom as Targeted Individuals

Tonight is the eve of my sister’s death day.  She died at 10 am on 8/2/06.  I believe she was ritually sacrificed by these horrible twins, who have forced me through an abusive “reveal”.  They first showed they owned me like a slave.  Then they tried to force me to blindly follow them.  Thankfully, there was someone else behind the scenes who sent me signals showing that I can fight.  I have a right to fight back, and I can.  It’s not easy, but they will not settle with keeping me isolated and quiet.  They want total submission, like a robot.  They want me to give up my free will.  It’s the most dangerous and evil thing I have ever had to face.

They hated my sister and me because we were as free as we could be.  We were best friends and basically war-buddies because we fought so many battles together.  She got very agressive cancer.  No one knows why.  It was mysterious.  And she died isolated, stigmatized, terrorized, slandered, targeted, and without any pain management.  She screamed and talked incoherently for days and her husband just sat there like a robot.  He is exactly what these twins want.

The twins love the number 2.  I do not think it is a coincidence that she died on the 2nd day of the month.  I think 8 stands for their own infinite power.  I also think it means “on duty”.  6 means busy.  There are basically two 8s in the date.  6 and 2 equal 8.  8 is the number of the month.  “88”.  They work that into my personalized stalking any way they can.  “88” can mean infinite.  It also has to do with some slang about racism, but I don’t really understand it. They put all kinds of racism tags on me all the time.  They are both extreme racists, so they project it on me.  Apparently that’s what obsessed psychopaths do.  They try to create versions of themselves every where in their own honor.  It’s like humanity is just a side of a building for psychopathic thugs to tag with graffiti.  It’s not even interesting graffiti, either.  It’s completely redundant and stupid.

Tonight, in honor of the love and friendship between me and my sister, I am going to do something the two of us would have done together.  I am going to do a gesture of good will for someone while I am hurting so badly I feel I have died already.  There’s not much I can do for these targeted people but re-post their information in order to create one more place where it can be found on the internet.

I posted one before that was called “Somebodies’ Daughter”.  The girl in those videos was amazingly kind.  That’s how my sister was.  Now I am going to post videos from another sweet daughter.  This lady is taking care of her mother, and they are both targeted.  It makes me want to get a gun and kill some parasitic idiots, i.e. The IdIoTTWins.  But these people are sweet, even when under absurd attacks.  My sister was able to be that way.  It was something I admired in her.  So in the honor of the sacrifice made of Christy for those devil worshipping evil twins, I am posting interviews of Cassandra, a targeted individual in the UK.  These interviews are on YouTube, the Ramona D channel.  Her interviews are numbers 57 and 77.  How is that for some dual signaling?  2 interviews.  77, two identical numbers, supposedly lucky.

I can’t believe my life is being torn apart by devil worshipping numerologist….


Thank you all for your time and consideration.

































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