Psychopath: The New Norm

Hello Everyone.  This blog is going to be short and sweet because I am being heavily attacked.  Dizzyness, blurry vision, nausea, faint feeling; loads of fun.  I jotted down a few lines of ideas about a blog for today.  Apparently the watchers were able to see it and didn’t like it.  This is what they didn’t like:

I’m trying to catch up with Ramola D’s channel.  So far she has one of the best alternative channels for Targeted Individuals.  I want to get a foundation of the language and norms of the community.  I listened to her latest interview with Dr. Eric Karlstrom.  He is a natural teacher.  He was a teacher at university level as a profession, but I think we have all suffered through classes where the teacher wasn’t a teacher at all.  I don’t know what their calling was, but it sure wasn’t teaching.  I think most people know what I mean.  Well this guy, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, is a natural for teaching.  I am sure if he never had a formal lesson in teaching, he would still naturally teach everyone around him anything he learned.

Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D. Said on the broadcast that these voice-to-skull technologies and the like are being reported as putting a lot of pornographic images in people’s minds.  There are reports of people having graphic images of homosexual sex, child pornography, and beastiality  It came up that if they can place the images, then maybe they can scan your brain and say you are a criminal for what you are thinking; and you are thinking the garbage they put in your mind.  I agree with them on that.  I think that is a horrible scenario that could easily be true in the near future.

But, I have interacted with some of the very high up people in this.  What they did to me was start an abrasive and defensive conversation with me about priests raping little boys.  When I didn’t want to talk about it, they said, “But you have thought of it….  It doesn’t seem that strange to you.  You know you have thought of it?”  Well, I had not really thought of it.  I had flashes of images in my mind, mostly when I was falling asleep.  Sometimes, though, I would realize I had been zoning out and gross images had been in my mind.  I told them that I didn’t think of that stuff, because I never sat down and tried to think through a scenario like that.  They pounced on me.  They were emphatic, “You are lying.  I am sure you have thought about it.”  It was bizarre.

Then they started down this line of thinking.  “You are not a bad person are you?”  I said I was not a bad person.  They followed with, “But you have thought about this stuff, and priests are supposed to be good.  They have done this stuff.  It was done in Ancient Rome.”  And try to lead me down some thought experiment, philosophy nonsense.

Also they would say that ask if I was homophobic.  I would answer that I am not homophobic.  They would keep leading me down the rabbit hole.  “So you think two guys doing this” and they would physically move their hands and bodies to act out sex between guys, “is alright.”  I would answer that it was their business and I didn’t want to know about it.  I don’t want to watch anyone having any kind of sex.  I don’t like the idea of peeping Toms.  Then they would act like that was equivalent to men having sex with boys.  It was a nightmare.

I couldn’t even have a normal conversation with those IdIoTTWins.  So, I say all of this to make this point, the narcissistic psychopaths want to be considered cool.  They want to be the benchmark for society.  They don’t want to hide the disgusting stuff they do, like it is bad.  They argue that it is good and we are all just repressed by the ridiculous religions of the world.  They say they are free to do anything they want to do.  And why shouldn’t they get to do what they want, if we get to do what we want.

Well, because we don’t want to molest children, murder and rape, steal, and lie.  As a society we dont want that.  They want to change society where the disgusting stuff they do is just considered normal.  They are going to get the ball rolling by forcing us to see this disgusting stuff and trying to force us to “confess” that we have perverted thoughts.

When you have thoughts that make you want to throw up, you can be sure that’s not at all how you think.  We are fighting for our minds and our freedom.  It’s shocking.  But keep fighting the good fight and don’t give these bastards and bitches an inch.  They will rape you and take everything away from you.  No lienency.

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